The Best Way to Master the Principles is to Teach Them!

We’re looking for people JUST like you who’ve completed the course and have a desire to be more deeply involved with our MKE movement.    Be sure to watch the entire video >>

Accelerate your own Hero’s Journey

You'll gain advanced skills as you coach and mentor other hopeful, reluctant heroes through the Master Key Experience.

We are expanding and will need great minds to help us handle the growth.  If you’re looking for a bigger role in the company, this is the starting point.  All of our Corporate staff members have come from our Certified Guide ranks.  In short… you are a partner, not an employee.

Intern Guides for the Master Key Experience 2024

Enjoy Priceless Benefits and Special Privileges

1. Earn Income as a Guide & Affiliate

You get up to 40% affiliate commission on your personal referrals to the MKE. That’s 40% on all PIF’s and no limit on what you can earn. You also get 10% of the total revenue that comes in during the MKE course — all pay-it-forward contributions, as well as Continuation.

2.  Hands-on Support & Mentorship

In addition to your Guide training program, you’ll receive 1:1 mentorship & support from a Master Guide and MKE Staff member all year, so you feel empowered and confident working with your members.

3.  Enjoy VIP Status

You also receive the VIP status at Master Key Live Events, including an additional day of celebration, learning, and a 1:1 mastermind session with Mark, Lori or Davene.

4.  Advanced Color Code Training

You get in-depth training in Color Code Personality Sciences, beginning with a comprehensive full workshop to establish a solid foundation in Color Code skills. You’ll also receive several personalized workshops on Zoom with Day and Jen to help you practice and apply Color Code in all areas of your life. [$279.00 value]

5.  Create your own Mini-Courses

Got an idea for a course you’d like to create and sell? Not sure how to develop it? Bring your talent and expertise to people inside the MKE community. You get creative control and development of your own mini-courses with our training and support.

6.  Free Bonus Course

Includes a $2000 course we market on exactly how to create, develop and lay out your mini course. 9 simple, proven steps that lead to impactful presentations that convert. We’ll market with you to the MKE community and you’ll get paid.

7.  Personalized Study

You’re invited to participate in a deep dive into Standing Tall and The 7 Laws of The Mind with Mark & Lori. This will be a small group mastermind format, focusing on practical application of the 7 Ancient Verities and 7 Laws of the Mind in your daily life. This study will enhance and augment your Master Key Experience foundation. [$1,000.00 Value]

BONUS: Exclusive option for 1:1 Support and Masterminding with Mark & Lori

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What to expect

The Training:

Your 6-month MKE Guide training kicks off with easy-to-digest sessions throughout the summer, ramping up intensity for September. Your coaching sessions include one to four lively, short webcasts each month designed to enrich all facets of your life, from personal relationships to professional pursuits. 

The Empowerment:

As we approach three weeks before the kickoff of the 2024 session, we sharpen focus, reinforcing our team spirit to expertly guide the 2024 MKE Session. You'll discover this strategic approach ensures you're well-prepared and proficient in guiding new members through the Master Key Experience starting September 29th, 2024.

The Enjoyment:

By spacing out and engaging in interactive trainings, complemented by year-long "master guide" mentorship, you're empowered to immediately implement learned insights into your daily life. This proven formula fosters a high level of confidence through a support system that values mentorship over workload, ensuring a pace both enjoyable and impactful.

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Get your Questions Answered

Hop on the webinar — get all your questions answered. If you like what you hear and it seems like a fit — great!  If it does not seem like a fit?  No worries.  We'll instantly return your "Hold my Spot" payment to you.

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We Believe

You possess a marvelous light

Today you stand at the crossroads of opportunity and growth. MKE's expansion calls for visionary minds — yours included — to sculpt its future. Seize this opportunity to transcend from member participation to helping shape our destiny. Here, you are more than a guide; you are the cornerstone, the partner in our collective journey.  Join us now...

Mark & Davene Januszewski  Co-founders 

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You evolve by lifting others, guiding them to unlock their potential. Together, let's turn hopeful sparks into blazing beacons of achievement! Get started now...