The Master Key Mastermind Alliance

The MKMMA is about people like you and me giving an hour a day for self-discovery and improvement to change our lives. Is 'life changing' overstating it?

No, not at all! - Mark Januszewski - MKMMA Creator

A Guided Journey of Self-Discovery and Personal Achievement

What Makes THE Difference with MMKKA?


Not only will you be able to check out what Master Key Mastermind members have to say - you’ll be able to follow MKMM members for 26 weeks. You’ll see for yourself how this course manifests miraculous changes in their lives.


As you consider enrolling in this process, like you may have considered other things… I want you to notice something significantly different… total disclosure, week-by-week, from people just like you. Candid conversations.


Instead of hype, fear of loss manipulations, you'll be able to conduct some revealing research. Most of the time when considering something online, you find only a couple of 30 second testimonials or maybe a couple dozen 1 - 2 sentence quotes.


Instead of a glimpse... We'll offer you full access to every member's weekly journal.  You can easily follow their 26-week journey to becoming self-directed thinkers... and best of all - happier, more productive people.  So you can honestly learn before you commit.



The Master Key System was written in 1912 and actually served as the platform for Napoleon Hill.  He used the Master Key as a basis for the interviews he conducted for over 25 years to formulate that astonishing Think and Grow Rich philosophy and writing.

During his 25 year study Hill met W. Clement Stone and it was Stone who really provided the missing piece for Hill. Stone made Hill rich.

In 1971, I was fresh out of college, and my first job was working for Combined Insurance. I flew to Chicago for training and W. Clement Stone, owner and billionaire, was my trainer.

Stone had written several books at that point, some with Hill, and he gave us all a copy of “Think and Grow Rich”... which led me to the Master Key System.

We’ve used this system and taught it for years. This is no ‘buy this, point, click and get rich’ thing. It requires work, the kind of work that creates change within… and, by extension, change without.


The Master Key Mastermind Experience is a 26 week course and it’s not for sale. All the previous members applied for and earned a “pay-it-forward scholarship”, by meeting weekly requirements to maintain their scholarship.

Each Guide has completed the MKMMA course plus an additional 8 weeks of intensive training so they can “guide” you through your journey. Members love the one-on-one guidance.

We start the last week in September and once we are at capacity, we shut down the “pay-it-forward scholarship” application process.

To make sure you get a chance to apply,  we suggest you hop on the Early Notification list today.  Do it now...

Meet Mark and Davene Januszewski

creators of the Master Key Experience

Although Nationally recognized for riveting power-packed workshops with universal business value for aspiring entrepreneurs - or anyone who wants to improve their life - our bigger passion today lies in two areas.

The root of our phenomenal success is grounded in the idea the subconscious controls our actions. Personally trained by W. Clement Stone, Napoleon Hill’s best friend, Mark's passion is helping people understand the wealth they seek already lies within them.
We believe the only way to keep something is to give it away and that which we share will multiply and that which we hold will diminish.

Our ongoing success is the direct result of folks freely giving to us and the more we give it away, the more it returns.

Meet our Inspiring Team

Lori brings 30 yrs training & coaching experience to the MKE staff and shares our mission to create self-directed thinkers.  She's a Color Code Certified Trainer and founder of Legacy North Consulting, providing workshops & professional development services to organizations.

lori enrico

Minnetonka, MN

Since 2015, Nancy has filled the roles of Certified Guide and Master Guide, working with dozens of members to claim their best life. She also uses her gifts of administration and encouragement to support guides and staff as they work together creating the best experience for members.

nancy ottinger

Lenexa, KS

Day is principal for Better Days LLC, a consulting firm near Kansas City, helping organizations simplify their processes so they can excel. Her work ethic is eclipsed only by her humility and integrity. Day became a Guide and was quickly advanced to MKE staff!

day Boswell

Overland Park, KS

Jen Dilks

Jen is a fun-loving encourager who started her MKE journey in 2016. She then became a Master Key Certified Guide and staff member. Jen is also a Color Code Certified Trainer and Technical Trainer for a Biotech company in Maryland.

Jen Dilks

Fredrick, MD

Why they love Their Master Key Experience...


Discovering Mark, Davene and the Master Key Experience empowered find the courage and self-belief to do what I am doing now. My life changed 100% because of these two amazing people. You will always have a special place in my heart ❤️ Thank You!

Sandra Owen

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Manifestation on another national chart!

Another Master Key Experience #1 manifestation on a National Jazz Chart! The Universal Mind still at work effortlessly carrying out my focused DMP!  Mahalo Mark and The Master Key Experience. The Universal Mind still at work effortlessly carrying out my focused DMP!

John Novello

#1 Billboard Jazz Artist

John Novello

MKE helped me clarify my purpose...

I'm much more focused now on what I want to accomplish and able to avoid distractions. I have a better understanding of myself and others. The color code training has improved ALL of my relationships. MKE has impacted my life enormously. Everyone should experience this course!

Leanne Moore

Network Marketer

Our Special Gift for You

Find out how the next 7 days may change your life... forever!

  • Learn how to shift from a typical negative bias to a positive bias so you can enjoy more harmony and happiness in your life.
  • Discover a simple step by step process that works for everyone to make a simple shift or completely change your life.
  • Understand how responding versus reacting improves any relationship almost instantly.