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Leanne & Ashleigh Overlander USA
Maria Lieteau Tamarac, Florida - Class of 2018
Sarah Horne  MKMMA Certified Guide, Utah - USA
Cindy Nadeau Calgary, Alberta Canada - Class of 2018
Theresa Oatman MKMMA Guide - Santa Clara, California
Sue Ellen Nauss Minnetonka, MN Class of 2018
Beth Black Cleveland, Georgia - Class of 2018
Anna Ivanovska New Zealand - Class of 2014
Luc Griffet France Class of 2013
Jen Dilks MKE Master Guide
Raymond Hodges
Deb Waldron
Sandra Owen
Danny Charles Linkert
Patricia Poillucci
Leanne Moore
Jason Houser Entrepreneur
Sean Graham
Jean Schara
Karen Ann Schrieffer
Georgina Gavin
Stacy Montero Morris
Andreas Meyer
Anjila Silva Musican

The MKE is for everyone - young and old. Our youth are our future!

Getting the Master Keys into the hands of our youth will make the future brighter for all of us. I had the pleasure to watch my 18-year-old daughter Ashleigh embrace the concepts and now she is living her dream. At 18 she is a self-directed thinker - not tied down by all the ideas society tells her to do and has set her sights on her dream - nothing is stopping her.

This year she was in Kauai in June, Sweden in July and will begin her year as an au pair in Germany in August. Her dream is to be a nomadic traveler and she is living it.

Nothing fills a parents heart with more joy than to see their children flourish and live their dreams. Thanks to the Master Key Experience, she is living hers.

I highly recommend this course to everyone!

I wasn't quite sure how this course could help me achieve my goals in life. I really wasn't sure what my goals were. I lacked confidence in myself, focus and determination. I was a bike commuter had no car, I was at the mercy of rising rents but I had a desire to get back to singing because it lifts my spirit. So I focused on that.

I took the course and it was not easy for me with my work schedule and I fell behind. A few times. I thought about dropping out with the excuse that this system was not doing anything for me. But my mind said you can't evaluate any course until you have completed it. So I buckled down and decided I would complete the course. Around week 15 or so, things started to click into place and things started changing in my life and for me, these were monumental changes

Today. I have a singing engagement at a local restaurant, I bought a car and I bought a condo...no more rising rent, now more getting drenched in the rain...lol and I know that whatever I set my mind to can be accomplished because I have the confidence in myself to believe that I can do the things I want to do in my life.

I could never have done these things on my own without the confidence, focus, and determination that I received from my alliance with the MKMMA. it gave me the courage to change my life for the better.

Thank you, Mark and Davene and all my tribemates for your support.

Applying these skills changed my life in ways I couldn't imagine!

During and after completing the course I have had amazing opportunities for personal growth and discovery and that growth was soon to be tested. I knew that my life was different when my husband was let go from his job and I didn't want to react or act the way my "old self" would have. What we focus on expands so I applied it! Instead of worrying or fretting I focused on what I wanted in life and believed that good would continue to flow towards me and it did and continues to do so.

Your greatness has affected my life!

I see what I had to do to achieve my greatness and now with a clearer vision, I will strive forward with a happy heart, practicing all of what I have learned every day is a great gift to me. I will practice masterminding with others to increase my understanding I don’t stand alone. It will be my change in my world. Thanks, I except me and love me more with a great vision. Your greatness has affected my life, cheers - sending love.

Uncover how to live a more fulfilling, purposeful life!

My Master Key Experience has been life changing – I’ve learned a tremendous amount of the science of how our brains work; learned to change my subconscious behavior/long-time habits; learned how to more effectively set goals and more importantly – how to change my thinking which changes my results. The Master Key Experience is a six month weekly and daily program that helps us uncover what we really want out of life, our reason for being here and how to live a more fulfilling, purposeful life.

It takes dedication, time and energy to achieve better results in our life but it is well worth the effort to see the positive changes that we can create. In order to get the greatest benefits from the Master Key Experience, expect to spend at least an hour a day on the mental exercises, reading and other assignments. Expect to explain to friends and family why it’s important to you to spend the extra time on your own personal development. As your life changes in more positive ways, family members may want to join you on this incredible journey.

As part of the program, I decided that I wanted to go to Spain and walk part of the Camino de Santiago for a journey of self-discovery. I leave next week and will do some sightseeing on my own before joining up with a small group of people and walking for 10 days. It’s quite a thrill to write down a dream, focus and work toward it for a year and then see it come to fruition!

Thank you for helping me create the life I’ve always wanted!

What an incredible program! The skills I learned and implemented allowed me to improve my life in two essential areas. I was able to double my income during the program (2015-16) and it has continued to grow to this day. I also learned to deal with difficult people in my life by understanding what I truly want and to use the tools to stop negative thought cycling and stay focused on what will move me forward.

The abundance I have experienced this year is immense and continues to grow!

I am so thankful to have this focus back into my life and feel so back to my authentic self again. Our other son gets married in just 2 1/2 weeks, we put my mom's Florida home on the market 3 days before leaving for World Conference and secured a buyer the day we traveled to Miami! It's been a whirlwind but so much to be grateful for!! I will be continuing my 5 daily exercises and will do my best to keep up with the week to week lessons for Master Key Experience and Go90Grow.

I thought 'Miracles' was such a great title for your Webinar!

It is early days and I am probably not supposed to be telling anyone about this, but you have been very kind and instrumental in getting me to rethink and get into a different frame of mind back in December, and frankly, totally melted my heart with your kindness in sharing a message for positive thoughts.

Well, my miracle is that my pregnancy test was positive. I have a smile spanning both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. It is early days but I can’t help but feel happy, grateful, proud, thankful and so awesomely tired at the moment... Miracles happen!

With Love and Gratitude.

MKMMA has taught me what I need to achieve my ultimate dream!

As soon as I started the MKMMA program, I discovered the piece of the puzzle that was missing in all the seminars, readings, etc. I did before: a practical way to integrate what I learn, to make it work through all my behaviors in my daily life.

MKMMA also brought me a higher self-confidence, an increased peace of mind and a much greater potential to be in service to others while respecting my own needs and wants.

This course has taught me what I need to achieve my ultimate dream: to become the deliberate creator of my life.

Manifestation on another National Jazz Chart!

Another Master Key Experience #1 manifestation on another National Jazz Chart! The Universal Mind still at work effortlessly carrying out my focused DMP! Mahalo Mark and The Master Key Experience. The Universal Mind still at work effortlessly carrying out my focused DMP!

- Mahalo Mark and The Master Key Experience.

I’ve always been a big Cal Ripken Jr. fan and was fortunate to watch him play many times with the Baltimore Orioles. I was even at the game that he decided to end the streak...no one knew he was going to end it that night... those inexplicable things! Last Friday I was blessed again, along with 2 of my best friends from high school days and still today. Look at the photograph closely - he signed it!!! So grateful!! He actually took a picture of it using his personal cell phone. How cool is that!!! So grateful for these times and with the Master Keys I appreciate it all even more! Hugs - Jen

An eye-opener for revealing my true self - to me!

The Master Key Experience has opened my eyes to the unlimited possibilities which I was born with and now reclaiming.

Discover the power of a mastermind!

Having a true mastermind is singularly the most impactful way to apply all the lessons learned throughout the entire Master Key Experience!

Self-belief and Courage to find my purpose!

Without discovering Mark, Davene and the Master Key Experience I would not have had the courage and self-belief to do what I am doing now. My life changed 100% because of these two amazing people. ❤️ You will always have a special place in my heart ❤️ Thank You!

I am happier and enjoying life more!

The MKE for me has enabled me to be more focused and aware of what is important in my life. Being tuned in to the positive turning off the negative. It is a life challenge, not an instant fix. It takes work, one step at a time, one day at a time, one year at a time. Life is not about me as it is more about being the me I was created to be! Whatever that may be. The search continues!

This course has given me the confidence to trust in myself.

Being lost and feeling alone, I thought there was nothing could change. I kept asking myself “God I am in your hands” just show me the way. It was like a little miracle when I was told to go to MKE. Now, I am learning to be a certified MKE guide and that was one of my dreams. I am understanding Napoleon Hill, Haanel, OG and a few more. I can feel what they are saying and putting their trust in faith. I have done a 360. I am not who I was before. This gal has moved on to a fabulous new life.

The MKE course has helped me gain clarity about my life's purpose.

I'm much more focused now on what I want to accomplish and able to avoid distractions better. Plus I have a better understanding of myself and others. The color code training has improved ALL of my relationships. I could go on and on about how MKE has impacted my life, it's something everyone should experience.

I learned the skills to help others achieve THEIR own wealth & liberty!

My life today is nothing like it was 5 years ago… NOTHING. It is even more than I had thought it would be when I wrote my first DMP. Since starting I have completed over 25 smart goals and all on time with the exception of two. These smart goals have pertained to health, autonomy, wealth and income, personal relationship depth, spiritual growth, and the deepening of amazing habits. Because I put in some much emotion and consistency 5 years ago with these habits I still do them all today with great satisfaction. I have literally helped several people achieve their own financial wealth and liberty. It has been a wild ride for sure.

Access the untapped power already within you!

The Master Key Experience taught me how to think properly and effectively utilize all Nature gave me at birth, and how to find the solution to any question or challenge by using my mind.

The tools you need to positively change your life!

MKE will give you the tools to accomplish whatever dreams you have in life. It started me on the road to a more positive mindset.

The Live Event was an experience of a lifetime!

The course improved the way I interact with people and changed how I think. Main takeaway was how "safe" of an environment it provided, as well as being surrounded with loving people. I am so grateful for the experience. This course's training has transformed my mind into believing 100% that I am in control of my experiences, and it's quite uncanny on what happens to me most of the time.

It tested my Grit, made me get out of my comfort zone!

It has opened up my mind to finding Me! Who I am & what I really want! It was hard at times and took dedication, but brought me happiness & showed me how to go for my purpose & achieve it! Nothing else like it on this planet ! It was an emotional marathon! Have you got the guts to do it? MKE will be a discovery of yourself & your purpose it will scare you, and you will need Grit!

It's been a game changer for both our business life and personal life.

The MKE course has been life changing! Mark and Davene gently lead us through creating new habits, dreaming and implementing a new future of our whole heart! It has strengthened my marriage, opened up discussions of unlimited potential with unwavering ethics. We are blessed to be able to run along with our teams to help unlock their potential. We are so grateful to partake of this program.

My Life is MUCH Better Now!

And it becomes better every day. What fires together, wires together! Do the work and the universal mind will do the rest. Life changer!

Art, Music and Spirituality used as therapies to help overcome trauma!

Two years ago, I wrote on my DMP that I was going to be a volunteer at CIELO center for Latin Americans. This weekend, I was invited to perform at their gala event fundraiser, something I had been working to do for 3 years. My music was well received and they have asked me to return next year. I am completing my studies at Evergreen College, and will be volunteering at CIELO for my community service piece. My goal became clear, after spending the evening there - to use art, music and spirituality as therapies to help overcome trauma.

"Once you make a decision, the universe
conspires to make it happen..."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

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