August 5


Is The Master Key System Aladdin’s Lamp ?

Let’s end the suspense quickly… yes! The Master Key System is Aladdin’s Lamp… sort of.

There is a reason stories, myths if you will, have survived for 1000s of years.  Stories of “Fairy God Mothers” … like the Genie in the Bottle and Aladdin’s Lamp. It’s because those thing do exist, really.

Since 2010 and before I’ve had the pleasure and honor of witnessing people find The Lamp.  And then create the life of their dreams.

The Master Key System

It never gets old. Matter of fact, each year it becomes more thrilling, uplifting and heart-warming.  And, heartbreaking.

The old expression that “many are called but few are chosen” is one of the more misunderstood sayings in history.

We are all called but there is no “spirit” or “force” that chooses us.  Nope.  The shocker is we are the ones who do the choosing!

Master Key System
Real? You bet. It’s within you… it will take work.

The Master Key System is a 24 lesson document.  The lessons are about 3-4 pages.  It makes sense despite turning your world upside down. And, that means change.  And that creates refusal of the call.  And it has become worse, not better.  People, especially Americans, want instant gratification thrills.  Been lulled by the machine into an existance of “convinience” … many believe, [and count me among them], it is the # 1 fear in America today.

The machine really does not want critical or self directed thinkers.  Nope.  Consumers. It wants non thinking consumers buying things we don’t need with money we do not have.

Wondering how we got here when I started with Aladdin’s Lamp? 😂


This conflict of the your individuality being a threat to the machine and the machine being a threat to your individuality has been going on for centuries.

It is within this conflict that the quest for the Lamp is sparked.  What does that mean?

We either remain unconscious approval seekers [the machine LOVES that] or we embrace our discontent and do something about it… besides buy more stuff we don’t need, have an affair, buy a sports car, drop off the grid, etc.

The journey is understanding you have created the reality you have.  That is the bad news and the good news.  Understanding just the much puts you in the game.  About 2-3 chapters into The Master Key System you’ll understand that is a wonderful discovery or you will take flight.

Why is it wonderful?  Because it proves you are creative!  Emerson was clear, so was Buddha, The Carpentar from Galalie and every other illuminated mind.  “The ancestor of everything is thought.”

That means, ut-oh, massive action is out and changing your thinking is in.  If we want change, contentment, adventure and to penetrate new worlds, we must change the way that we think.

Once we get this, we are both excited and terrified!  We can create a new reality, we are creative.  And as exciting as it is, it is intimidating.  No one left to blame, uggh!


You’ll find the lamp, learn to rub the lamp and learn how to “ask” so wonder and affluence cascades into your life.  But [here comes the heartbreaking part] it takes… work.  The author points this out with one sentence.  “This system will yeild whatever you desire but most are unwilling to do the hard mental labor.”

We offer this as a course, once a year.  It’s coming in September.  No pitch here, relax.  Everyone’s tuition has been paid by previous members who “paid-it-forward” for you.  And 400 others.  So there is a “cap” on the course, [capacity].

Why?  We give you a guide, a live person who will work with you, hands-on, for 26 weeks.  That’s all included.

Because you are reading this, you can grab a spot on the early notification list by opting in on this site.

The Lamp is real… it is already in you.  Positive peer pressure, our 11+ years of experience and weekly meetings will lead you to your Lamp… I can’t wait to see what this years memberships discovers and creates. While over 3000 completers have all said, in various ways, it was the hardest thing they every undertook, they all, as in 100% said it was the best thing they ever did for themselves.



Like proof?


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Mark’s passion is helping people understand the wealth they seek already lies within them. More importantly all the directions to access and harness this power are freely available.

  • Awesome

  • such a powerful concept – “…Why is it wonderful? Because it proves you are creative! Emerson was clear, so was Buddha, The Carpenter from Galalie and every other illuminated mind. “The ancestor of everything is thought.”..”

  • Excellent program that changes your life, business and finances like you would not believe. One of the best you will ever take. Wishing you absolute success.

  • Fabulous blog post, Mark. So true what you said: “While over 3000 completers have all said, in various ways, it was the hardest thing they every undertook, they all, as in 100% said it was the best thing they ever did for themselves.” I want everyone I know and love to have the MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE and am inviting, inviting, inviting. You, Davene, and the team are extraordinary.

  • Can’t wait to start

  • Tracy Dillon says:

    Love you guys! Brilliant!

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