November 5


Master Key Experience Week 6… Concentration? hmmm


Looking at a photograph for 10 minutes then covering it up and seeing it in my mind.


So excited that the exercises are more engaging.

Haanel tells me thinking of a “purpose” for 10 minutes is hard. My mind will wander.

Tells me I can’t do it.

I like to compete but I notice I’m a little pissed… I can do this.

He was right, all sorts of stuff popped in

Yeah, even Moe, Larry and Curley, The 3 Stooges

So I start thinking about my Definite Major Purpose.

Everything Under The Sun Popped In 😱

And the Red Sox. Then the Cubs. The Patriots…

Back to DMP. Shake it off… just warming up.

A girl I dated in high school, Rita, pops in. Back to DMP.

Debbie… The 3 Stooges?

I clear my mind.

OK… here we go.


Shake it off, come on… you’ve been reading this thing, with excitement, for weeks…

And so it goes.

OK… I am not willing to surrender but I am willing to get better… sounds great.  Got myself convinced now.

The first day with the picture is even worse than the DMP… I admit it.  I’m pissed.

I know under anger is fear.

Is everyone else getting this?   Damn, it’s just a picture… it’s not like trying to hit a golf ball or juggle.

I flash back to the science that most people can’t hold a thought for 6 seconds.

I know I’ve improved… and a thought flashes in as I sit there, bewildered… and I weep.


The word celebrate keeps getting louder.

This is Hero’s Journey stuff… one of the archetypes is “discoverer.”

I celebrate… in my heart… I blare some Billy Joel, limp-sync-ing with a headset on… like I’m at Madison Square Garden.

I look at some baseball cards that bring back warm fuzzy feelings… Billy’s still blaring.

Celebrate!! It opens the pathway to ideas.. anger closes the same pathways

I know feeling good about this discovery will lead to ideas, actions, thoughts I can take to improve… to 7 seconds… to 10 seconds… I know.

Metaphors start rolling in… as soon as I let go of ego and re-read 6.

6-20 The power of attention can be more readily understood by comparing it with a magnifying glass in which the rays of sunlight are focused; they possess no particular strength as long as the glass is moved about and the rays directed from one place to another; but let the glass be held perfectly still and let the rays be focused on one spot for any length of time, the effect will become immediately apparent


My heart begins to race… really race.   The mastermind principle pops into my head… and I call some peeps I know who are educators.

Ask them to meet with me.

Set a demand up in my mind… almost instantly it takes hold.   I’m reading Emerson’s Law of Compensation and it occurs to me that if I can find ways to quicken the length of time we can concentrate that will help others it will help me… it will return.  While uncertainty swirls around me, of this, that the giving will return, I am absolutely certain.

I think in pictures, making not being able to see the snapshot clearly more puzzling… but, I press on.

Word pictures… metaphors.

Compass – BAM!

Shapes – BAM!

They fly fast and furious… tons of them.


I meet with the educators… spell it out for them.   They laugh… it’s a problem they have themselves, with their students… and, well… it leads to lots of meetings with individuals and it becomes clear… I gotta be the guinea pig.   I know it will work…

With some help we define things… then I begin, over a period of years to refine it… but that’s not really important.

My concentration improves without me noticing… because I had, unconsciously, broken from the pack.

Have you “Keyed” something already?

Focus, Like Everything, Improves With Concentrated Focus

In an attempt to make it easier for others, it got easier for me.  Give more, get more.  More weeping.  Good tears, really good ones; gratitude tears.

I’m driving home from a meeting… thinking about concentration and looking for colors and shapes… when my body, on Route 1 in Rowley, MA begins to tremble.

I pull over… now I’m shaking.

Deciding to live by the compass, my DMP, and without realizing it, it had happened.  I actually had “Master Keyed” something.

It was late that night, maybe 11:00 when I pulled over.

I sit there, elated and baffled.  Next time I look at the dashboard it’s almost 2:oo AM.  Had I really sat there for over two and half hours?

I make a mental note of that moment, the one I am sharing with your right now.   This is big because subby doesn’t know ‘size’ and that I ‘keyed’ something matters… not the size of it.  Dazzling.  The world will never look or be the same to me… I am free!  It is glorious, an incredible lightness of being.

And, over the next month, I slip a little bit… then… I slip a little more… not reading every day… missing a “sit” here and there.

And now, with each session we run… I wonder how many members “miss’ the idea that they’ve already got the Master Key and have used it yet begin to slip in the face of progress.  Just like I did.

The next month was terrible… rationalizing… finding fault with the material… doubting…

What the hell was going on?



Life in general begins to return to what I knew.

I make resolutions. I don’t keep them, not for long anyway…

Then, I hit bottom.

And it is often in despair that we finally come clean and so I suck it up I do come clean with a friend.

My pal Doug from NH likes to say, “stop looking for answers, get different questions.”

We talked a lot over the years about that…

“So,” I ask, “what’s the question?”

“What are you in fear of?”



All resistance is fear.  Both the death of the life of mini-dramas and the responsibility of what to do with this power will show up in different forms of resistance.

Looking for science to prove this won’t work online.

Looking for scientific proof affirmations don’t work [puh-leeze]

Skipping readings

Not throwing our hearts into the index cards

Ditching the metaphors, as if it were too below us…

Cheating on or eliminating the sit…

Knit-picking over a phrase here and there…

The God thing… and pretending somehow our “religious belief’s” are being threatened, [big PUH-LEEZE there, good grief, like God needs defending LOL]

All of it is fear based.  Deal with it; you are powerful beyond measure… you’ve probably ‘keyed’ something already, [those ‘inexplicable things?] and the adventure is there.

Pick the compass in your heart and stick with it because your soul is rooting for you.  It always has been rooting for you, it will always be rooting for you.


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  • Pam Loucks says:

    Thank you for being so transparent! Awareness brings Transformation I say to myself!

  • Nancy Modlin says:

    I’m pushing on because I know I need to …. really struggling, tho, this week. Feeling overwhelmed with getting all the assignments and pieces in place and then doing the different drills 3x/day. I keep feeling like I’m missing something – that the connections are not all there. Have no idea really of what you mean when you say you master-keyed something. I guess I’ll know it when it happens … in the meantime, forging ahead and doing the 5Ps. I am enjoying scroll 2 and having fun with the giving and receiving.

  • Elizabeth Hurley says:

    OMG!!!! Thank you, I REALLY needed to read that. I have been so diligent in this work the first 5 weeks and was amazed as things had already started happening in my life…I mean real, concrete changes. I have been beating myself up for slacking these last two weeks and am having so much trouble getting back on track. I want and need to get honest with myself. Yes, I have a lot going on right now…literally every area of my life is undergoing a change and there are not enough hours in a day to accomplish what needs to get done. I can use this as an excuse all I want but the reality is I need this course. I cannot afford NOT to do this work. I will push through like my life depends on it because the bare bones truth is that it does.

  • Can’t wait to hear about YOUR journey

  • Nice… 100% makes such a difference, eh? Congrats!

  • Honored to be of service… and may peace be your journey too.

  • The heck with the brakes… let’s go for it ~

  • You got that right Rick… right before our eyes

  • I’m more a hard rock guy, listening to a song by ” Tool” and a line jumped out at me.(I was reading week 5). “I KNOW THE PIECES FIT”

  • Rick Boyd says:

    I can relate. Pushing through brings joy. Keep pushing I say and watch your life change before your very eye’s. Blessings to you

  • Wow! This is beautiful! I appreciate you being vulnerable and sharing your experiences with us! This process is ever changing. It does not happen overnight. We just need to keep steady, on pace, stay on track, not question, and just do the work. The methods that you have provide us, will make us ‘ALL’ successful!! I appreciate all that you do!! Peace be your Journey!!

  • Carole-Anne Pedersen says:

    Thank you Mark,
    The journey we are on can be like a roller coaster ride with feelings seeming to control the wheels on each car until we realize there is a handle we can learn to use that is in our internal “brakes”.

  • Nancy Akin says:

    Thank you, Mark. You so described the journey.

  • Kim Colby says:

    Thank you, Mark. I so relate!!!

  • Johanna Riedel says:

    Exactly! I realized fee is my challenge. Thank you for sharing Mark.

  • By George, I believe you “got it” !!

  • I have had a lot of anger lately and realize it comes from fear of my life never changing. Thank God for MKMMA for making me realize this and finding a way to change my life for the better.

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