February 17


Pieces Really Coming Together?


The last few weeks are so exciting for the Guides and Staff that is painful to write a post, incredibly painful.



We’re committed to, as facilitators, to “no influence” with the members.

I was talking to a member the other day,  a member who obviously is digging deep and the “no influence” thing came up.   He said, “you are influencing us,” to which I agreed… we exert every kind of influence we can to get members to “engage” in the exercises but stay away from the material.

It’s talking to people, kindred spirits, (like all remaining members at this point), who are paying the price, going the extra mile and seeing the pieces coming together.  That was evident in the conversation but I already knew that from his post… he, like some many, is taking The Hero’s Journey.

And that causes pain for me.


You know how,  sometimes you see the perfect gift for someone, (don’t we all wish that happened more often), and you buy it.   Maybe their birthday is two weeks away or Christmas is 10 days away.   And IT’S KILLING YOU!

We know members like Anna, Josette, over 200 really,  are breaking through, becoming teachers to the staff and Guides… and you want to share something you’ve discovered as badly as you want to give that perfect gift… early.

All choices are simple once we find our truth

So I sitting thinking, as usual, thinking about that universal feeling… I burst into laughter because I realize what I’m really doing is contriving a way in my mind to violate our primary objective – no influence – and, of course, justify it.

So I laugh harder at myself because let’s face it… we are funniest when we take ourselves most seriously.

Coming out of this 30-ish minute sit, laughing and being grateful for the temptation and what it is teaching me… I wander over to my desk and – BAM!  I get this email from another member stretching herself (who shall remain nameless) … and who recently gifted me in the healing process.

Oh, yeah, she had “quit” the MKE, for a week.  And now has roared back with amazing vitality.   She found the hero within.  Anyway, in the email is a video clip.   Made me cry.  Good tears.  The short video speaks to the soul…

Of greatness…

Of compassion…

Of understanding…

Of overcoming…

Most people won’t see it, really see the connection to the simple idea that we are all connected, harmony… even with enemies… She saw it and I know Greg will too… and it satisfied me,  surrounded me with peace of mind.   The universe, eh?   Coming through big time.   It’s not what I wanted to share with Greg and so many others… it’s better than anything like that…

A most remarkable kid, understanding point 5 of the blueprint builder (a 5 point document we write out by hand and read daily) without ever having read it.   This kid gets that we are not only all connected but becomes, intuitively, a channel of service… and…


Emerson’s Law, give more get more… shows right up

Giving without expectation… using the simple idea of the greater good to eliminate a justified prejudice… all on point 5 of the blueprint builder.

Mahalo Gerhard and all the members… fuggetabouwtit!

You’ll see countless examples of the things you’ve worked hard to learn and master… letting us all know, if we just let go and live the principles, without expectation of reciprocity… it will surpass anything we could possibly imagine…

Let me know what you see down below in the comments… and let me know if you know it’s already in you, OK?


mark j

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience







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Mark is considered a Trainer’s Trainer. Students from 50 states and workshops conducted as far away as Thailand and Germany fostered 54 consecutive sell-outs worldwide in less the 2 years.

Mark’s passion is helping people understand the wealth they seek already lies within them. More importantly all the directions to access and harness this power are freely available.

  • His story made me cry with the reality of fulfilling my purpose for real!

  • Pamela Loucks says:

    When there is a DESIRE to make a difference MIRACLES happen!

  • Lou Ann Pecorelli says:

    Great example of turning a negative situation into a positive outcome. Amazing persistence, focus with his thought process, until he accomplished a bigger result not just with the outcome of saving the sheep, but for his future life. Leaving his comfort zone for bigger achievements for him and others and in the process allowing the lions to live in a different aspect than killing the sheep. Ripple effect of many miracles!

  • Jo Ann Spearmon says:

    Awesome. He stayed opened to the possibilities of overcoming the problems facing his family and his community. Once he got his invention to work, he shared it with others.

  • Val Olson says:

    I recognize: Persisence. Specialized Knowledge. Taking Initiative. Discipline. Well-Organized. Imagination. Pleasing Personality. Enthusiasm. Courage. Decisiveness. Kindness. Seeing God in Others. Yes, I see these in me as well.

  • Young man being an observer and noticing what might work, determined to find a solution that solved the issue and saved the cattle. Then …. sharing the love and the knowledge by serving others.

  • He realized we are all connected the land, the animals and us humans and he dug deep(taking apart his mom radio to learn about electronics) to find a way to live together without conflict, a win win solution that gave him his dream, to fly in a plane. His legacy to his community and the world will be huge!

  • Dare to dream, seeing a problem as a way to find a solution and that solution turning into a service to others! Amazing young man. ….choices are simple once we find our truth!

  • Charlene S says:

    Fantastic Ted Talk….and loved his story and what he was able to do.

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