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Master Key System Week 12; A Final Surrender?


The word “final” is so… so, um… final.   I can remember starting so many diets only to go sideways within a couple days and, after shoveling in some sugar, throwing the last few bites away and saying, “that’s the final time I have sugar, starting now.”

And we mean it.   Only to restart over and over.   So it never really was final and nothing ever is until the deep relief, not anger, swells up in the gut… and we know, we just know we are done with something… we are no longer stating a preference, we’ve made a decision.

OK, I mean it this time

You know what I mean?   That relationship that we swear is over, one final statement only to find ourselves in a “push-pull-athon” for a couple weeks or months.

All this time, up to week 12, I still has a tiny reservation.   I mean the diet thing is a perfect example… I knew focusing on food and weight was only going to draw it back into my life.   I knew I needed to replace, as Og talks about in Scroll I, that unhealthy habit with a healthy one and focus on it, the new habit… knowing, if I kept holding that and applying the Law of Dual Thought to it… the Law of Growth would take over and, presto, new habit.

The first sentence of 12 led to complete and unconditional surrender.   I mean, really, who likes to admit defeat.   And BAM!   There it is!   Conditioning.  Why do we feel surrender is a defeat?   No matter, we do… at least most people do.


1. There is no purpose in life that cannot be best accomplished through a scientific understanding of the creative power of thought.

2. This power to think is common to all. Man is, because he thinks. Man’s power to think is infinite, consequently his creative power is unlimited.

I put the book down to really let what was going on internally run it’s route… it was more than mental, it was physical… that swelling in the gut where you know, you just know something is over.   And it was over.   Relief, some fear… but really, mostly, relief.

And that day… the true adventure began…and I knew, really knew, even things that did not work out actually were good things, even though I might know how they were good… the setbacks and speed bumps and pseudo failures were all moving me to my purpose.

What was over? Finally?

Was surrender the magic lamp?

I stopped denying that we are creative… that all the conditions in my life I had created by consciously or unconsciously holding those thoughts… that the Law of Growth was not some cute idea… the surrender, from sentence one, came in the phrase, “creative power of thought.”   When I coupled that with “Man is because he thinks,” my eyes well-up with tears… I did not know, at first, what I was really feeling.

So I put the book down and let is simmer… not trying to control it… just letting it do it’s thing.   A matrix of feelings, mostly old blueprint stuff tried to take over.   I gave it no resistance, just let is slosh around.

See, I realized that I was feeling something, maybe for the first time in my life, maybe not but I was feeling something I could not, instantly, define.   I was uncertain.  It is in uncertainty that we find wisdom… if… if we don’t reach for something comfortable, something familiar.   I knew, really knew, that all that fear based stuff I was feeling was simply an imposter… trying to impose on my discovery…

So I sat… still

And I sat.

And sat.


My eyes welled up again.   I had identified the feeling.


I was free of the bondage of self… free falling in uncertainty yet, for the first time, knowing it was only going to be OK, it was going to be amazing.   I knew, really knew that new vistas would be open.

If we surrender to the idea that we are creative… without judgment of our past..and that we always have been creative….and that we always will be creating our day, our life by the thoughts we hold…all I had to do was one simple thing.   Create something I wanted and not give another thought to what I did not want.

Surrender to the “truth of being”  is beautiful, not a weakness.

And so amazed as I sat there in the mid 90s that I knew, some how, that sharing the Master Key with others was what I wanted to do.   And I let my imagination run… and run it did.


I could see new technologies… somehow… people around the world would be able to mastermind with other kindred spirits who just weren’t buying “average” and were done with the world’s ideas for them… people who truly understood that they had been conditioned to be copies of copies and desired adventure, scary if it had to be, over imitation.

OK… I’ll start one person at a time… [and I did]                                                                                               I’ll go back to school to learn to teach better..[and I did]                                                                                      and then I’ll share it with groups in my home..[and I did]

Surrender birthed a rich flow of ideas

And I started thinking about getting it world wide… and I looked at my computer and thought, “Someone will invent something… the methods will show up… I’ve just got to hold the intention”   And I have held that intention and people have invented stuff.

And I remember thinking once people can attend from all over the world… we could have a retreat to mastermind together… to meet each other… and it could be in an exotic place.

All that washed over me in a matter of seconds… and now, here in 2017, in an exotic place, Kauai, we are having our our fifth annual retreat … I remember thinking people will come from all 4 corners of the world… and make connections with others that help them with their lives… and that is exactly what happened in 2015.   And it’s taken on a life of it’s own with the priceless guides like Luc Griffet hosting the Master Key Experience LIVE in France in 2020.   We’re stoked to be bringing the team there [insider info, taking a 21 day cruise from Houston to get there 🙂 ]… And the four corners?  Yup.  Beautiful self-directed thinkers have traveled from The Pacific Rim, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South Africa.

Yeah, go figure, a guy like me seeing surrender as a victory… week 12… always a soft spot for that one, that wonderful moment in the mid-90s sitting at my kitchen table on Plum Island and letting the feeling… LETTING... the feeling… just be there until I understood it.  Sweet surrender finally meant something to me.

Freedom from the bondage of self… check out the retreat … if you love adventure, you’ll simply love what we have planned to celebrate that great day I surrendered.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

It’s an adventure


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  • Honored at how you are using technology that I an thousands of others made possible. You are bringing principles we employed to the average person. Stoked to be part of what I dreamed, but did not know how to launch. Lead on.

  • Kathy Kim says:

    Final surrender…that is what I need…to be free from fear… sooooo good!

  • Wow incredible how good you can discribe what went on in your head. Your post is so to the nail with what I am feeling exactly in week 12 .. Thank you for your energy and passion.

  • Bob Jugan says:

    Thanks for the passion and commitment, Mark!

  • You are a wordsmith, I go on the ride everytime I read your blog, let the feelings you educe wash over me. Thank you

  • Pamela Loucks says:

    “The Master Key Experience” The importance of the Laws of the Mind!

  • Melissa Oliver says:

    It’s beautiful to be apart of your vision and to be immensely blessed by what you have created. Thank you!

  • Lynnetta Ruble says:

    I tear up when I think of Liberty that represents Freedom. Great work!

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