October 11


Master Key Experience Week 3; Juggling My Way “Back to The Future”


When putting the Master Key Mastermind Alliance together we masterminded often about how to improve the experience.  I knew that the conversation….after platforms, workbooks configurations and looking at previous surverys from former members we examined would eventually come down to first hand experience.

Time, Cards, DMP, Dharma….I Felt Like a Juggler

“You know how you are,” quipped The Fabulous Davene, “you’ll keep adding ideas without having a real measure of what it really will take time-wise.”

I start “but…”  Interruption.   Appropriate interuption.

“You can’t add things in, all those things, that you’ve been doing for a while.”


“STOP!” she yells.  “I know, I know.  ‘Yes they can‘ is what you are going to say and we both know you are right but I don’t think you remember what it’s like in the very beginning.”

“The content?” I ask sheepishly, hoping to distract her.  No luck.

“Yes my darling, [sarcastically].  Some exercises are great.  Tell you what.  You do it with them, everything, then ask them later if they feel they could have handled more right out of the starting gate.”

And, I do remember.  OK, I didn’t remember but a 10 minute sit reminded me, clearly, how I felt.   Like a juggler.  Check that, like someone learning to juggle.

I know that learning new ideas is one thing but learning new ideas, exercises, sits, index cards, Og… that turn around weekly, especially with result driven, measuring people…..everything we’ve been conditioned to believe…..is, well, a juggling act.

What I know is that practice makes perfect habits…..the trick is practicing the correct things.  And we’ve all been conditioned to practice, pretty much, the wrong things when it comes to thinking.

I thought it was really interesting that on most early calls the members struggle with letting go of both the ideas of results and plans.   The pied-piping architects of mind control, [govenments, schools, advertisersetc.],  for decades have told us we must have a plan….not really a good or bad thing……but a plan for our life?  At 18?

And, of course, we’re kids who want to be grown-ups.  So we ‘buy in’ and spend years ‘practicing’ and ‘prefecting’ this habit of not thinking for ourselves.

We’re believing, of course, if we follow this plan, work till 65, buy a house, have kids….we are ‘normal’.  We never question IF that ‘normal’ is good… or if we even want to be it  And we end up competing is a game that, be what it may be, is, at it’s very core a contrivence that encourages and reinforces us NOT thinking for ourselves.

Thinking for ourselves disrupts things but it sure beats letting others do it


Then came, for me, as I was juggling the idea of hanging on to ‘some’ stuff my mind was loyal to, while learning new stuff; a blessed week 3 and Van Morrison.

Really, why was I hanging on to so hard?

What thoughts, [you know, competing, results, action, goals, don’t quit etc.], was I defending so much despite knowing my life, the one I had, was really not what I wanted.  It sure as helll was not what I had hoped for… and I’m not talking about money or stuff here.  I’m just talking about being happy.   Thoreau’s message that ‘most people live lives of quiet desperation‘ was becoming truer by the day.  His idea had passed into a “now”, it was a reality for me.   I was living that quiet desperation.

Where was the adventure?

Where was the optomism?

Where was the swagger?

Where had the willingness to take a risk gone?

So I’m listening to Van Morrison’s “And It Stoned Me” …..and a line pops out…..’we saw the man from across the road with the sunshine in his eyes

On a cassette tape. [Dating myself here, right?]

….the sunshine in his eyes

I rewind it.




I start speeding home, something I never did and still don’t.  Speed never appealed to me, at least with cars anyway.  Speed of thought?  BIG FAN.   Cars?  Nope.

I crack open the lesson I am on, Lesson 3 and … BAM!   There it is!


I weep.  I did a lot of weeping, liberating weeping.  The discoveries just, well, “stoned me,”  as Morrison’s song beautifully and hauntingly resonates.   OK, I still do a lot of weeping.  It feels good to be overwhelmed with awareness… a simple  ‘clue’ could drive me to my knees….anyway…..I crack open lesson 3…..and the Master Teacher’s words are piercing my soul is a glorius way…..”You are the light of the world.’

3:5 The Solar Plexus has been likened to the sun of the body, because it is a central point of distribution for the energy which the body is constantly generating. This energy is very real energy, and this sun is a very real sun, and the energy is being distributed by very real nerves to all parts of the body, and is thrown off in an atmosphere which envelopes the body.

3:13 It is evident, therefore, that all we have to do is let our light shine; the more energy we can radiate, the more rapidly shall we be enabled to transmute undesirable conditions into sources of pleasure and profit. The important question, then, is how to let this light shine; how to generate this energy?

Van Morrison jumps back into brain… “the man with the sunshine in his eyes

The release from fear is not to be missed emotionally

BAM!  Weeping.   All the reading of the cards, the shapes…..the masterminding, trying to be sure about my PPNS…..finally pays off in one glorious moment…of truth.

I know.  I realize, for me, that day…..Van Morrison’s single line I kept listening to over and over was the “call to action” from within.  What if, I think, the sunshine was pouring out of my eyes!

More weeping and it all comes together is the second part of 3:22 –  What, then, is the most natural way of making the desired impression? Mentally concentrate on the object of your desire; when you are concentrating you are impressing the subconscious

And suddenly all the juggling I had created to try an impress my subconscious mind was not only “worth it” … it was kenetic!

Me?  The light of the world?  That would be the normal response of the guy I had been…..doubt, fear, ego….whatever…..

I know that the Master Teacher spoke of the world often in terms of those around us, the entire planet.

I decide, that day…..I want to be the man with the sunshine in his eyes, that all in my presence feel safe, valued and treasured.

I found my dharma…..it humbles me while simutaneously giving me confidence.

Instant change.  I began to hunger for the work, the work of learning more about this remarkable mechanism between our ears….and how to use it….for manifesting dharma…..and I find my passion in the process….and optomism, willingness to take risks again……

I find my dharma

I am “back to the furture”…..like a 10 year old….vitalized and unconcerned about 4 years from now or 20 years from now.

Simply put, I am in the now….loving the exercises, disorganization vanishes, chores shift to service and I know, really know that I don’t know what is going to happen but that the purpose is pure and good and good things, better and bigger than I can imagine are there….

…..and suddenly, really, I no longer think about moving into the unknown but wake up, “with a vitality I have never known before”… I wake up with certainty that in the uncertainty of the day there will be discovery, adventure and if…..if I pay attention, a chance to serve.

It would be a disservice to you and a disservice by you to compare and measure timelines here.  It just happened to be Week Three for me.  It was about 20 weeks or so for the Fabulous Davene.  It’s not a race, it’s about letting go.  And we let go when our head finally yeilds to the heart and we become willing to give up the life we have for the one we desire.   The “moment” we become self-directed always happens; sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly but I can promise you that it always happens for those who are willing to do the work.  The key seems to be faithfulness to the behaviors asked for … instead of focusing on results.

The oddest thing for me, wonderfully odd I might add, was suddenly the deisre, the demand for instant gratification and convience vanished.   Replaced, astonishingly with patience, internal harmony and, best of all, moving forward in the dynamic of uncertainty.  In English?   Fear was gone.

mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker



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Mark J

About the author

Mark is considered a Trainer’s Trainer. Students from 50 states and workshops conducted as far away as Thailand and Germany fostered 54 consecutive sell-outs worldwide in less the 2 years.

Mark’s passion is helping people understand the wealth they seek already lies within them. More importantly all the directions to access and harness this power are freely available.

  • Jeanne Conca says:

    Thanks for sharing Mark. Love to hear how the process worked for you. I too can feel the gradual opening of my mind to the peptides I have been addicted to. Action is beginning to come more easily. Confidence is returning. Things are changing. Blessed by your purpose to share with so many others. I am thankful to be counted as one of those that has been able to participate with MKMMA!! Life changer indeed.

  • Valerie Flores says:

    Very inspiring.

  • LOVED this!

  • Thank you Mark! Your post comes as an answer for some insights I started to manifest lately. Infinite gratitude for such an amazing “coincidence”.

  • Anthony Siacotos says:

    “The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.”
    – Lily Tomlin

    Thank you, Mark. You have a real knack for providing such specific details that point clearly to the universal experience.

  • LOL, Kick in the pants! Wonderful … and I get them on a regular basis 🙂

  • Yup, we all have our own path and the determining factor is your heart 🙂

  • love your honesty and vulnerability

  • Thank you Fabulous Davene for representing us that feel sooooo overwhelmed!!! Remembering how it was for you when you first began must take tremendous focus and concentration in order to understand how we feel. We can justify the feelings of being overwhelmed by that of the old blueprint, but the fact remains that we are still feeling those feelings and need a way to be able to plow through them or, at the very least, not allow those feelings to take us out of our journey. I catch myself very often going to red pencil myself and fight very hard to let that go and switch focus to the green pencil and focus on what I do do right. It’s the me, that I want to be, that drives me to be better than I am. I’m not giving up… I’ve come too far! I Believe.

  • Sue Bennefeld says:

    Thank you so much for your personal inspiration!

  • Dorcas Wanganga says:

    So relieved to know it kicks in differently for each one of us. Look forward to that awesome moment.

  • -Alejandro G. says:

    Great lines of wisdom, Mark.

    I see your experience during the tough years and how everything took perfect time for you to fully grasp it mentally and physically as the platform from where you teach these principles to us, the hard earned wisdom now transfers easily from you.

    Thanks, man.

    >One Love<


  • Beautifully put! Thank you Mark – the man with the sunshine in his eyes 🙂 I look forward to seeing you and hearing from you every single week! Thanks for sharing how you got here too. I can feel I am letting go and also found a lack of desperate action necessary to achieve my results. As I feel I am truly seeing a life I want for myself, I find myself slowing down – to savour it, craft it, enjoy seeing how it unfolds … Thanks to you and the team xx

  • Tracy Dillon says:

    Brilliant! Thank you for sharing. I, too, got a kick in the pants in Week 3 and I got it. No more excuses. Full speed ahead.

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