August 30


The Real Hero’s Journey

It never really “gets you” until you take the time to slow your mind down.  I’m talking about the Heros’ Journey … and how once it “gets you” there is just nothing else that can close to capturing your attention.

I wondered about this for a long, long time.  Why people don’t take the greatest ride on the planet… an adventure second to none.  Check that, it’s bigger than “second to none”.  It is incomparable … so implying something is “second” or close is really an understatement of biblical proportions.  It is huge.  Impelling.  Kenetic… and, really, going on is pointless.  See, if people “get it” and step into the Hero’s Journey none of the adjectives are necessary and if they don’t “get it” no words can communicate it.

So why do people miss it… refuse the call to “lean into it”?

Is it the word “Hero”?  Have we become so celebrity addicted and sport star impressed that we cannot think of ourselves as Heroes?

False humility?

Has it become so difficult for us to think that we fill our lives with repetitious mini-dramas and deadlines and over-sized to-do-lists… so we don’t have to think?

What many of the illuminated ones believe is that the devil is not in the details but the distractions… impinging on our ability to think.   Thinking is far different than processing.  Most people mistake processing all that needs to be done in a day and a week with thinking.  It is not.

Thinking is difficult so most people judge instead,” Carl Jung

The Hero’s Journey is at the core of every story, play, movies, fable, and scripture … we have been hearing the same story within every story since our parents began reading to us.  The appeal, of course, is the “herald” … the stories we all love to hear, tell, read or share…is really our own voice calling us to the great adventure.  The movement away from a social reactive life and towards our individual greatness… the wonder of what lies within. Emerson wrote,

what lies before you and what lies behind you pales in comparison to what lies within you

And Socrates, Plato, The Buddha, The Carpenter… and on and on over the centuries have all carried the same message.

In the end, the reason we deny the call to our greatness, our true purpose on the planet is ego… and that ego wants nothing to do with fear and yet, ironically, it is fear.  Or as Joseph Campbell calls it “The Dragon”


Next week about 1600 people will hear the call and be offered the tools to “slay” the dragon and take the real Hero’s Journey.   And, some of them will answer the call, take the Hero’s Journey with us in the MasterKeyExperience  and go on to meet the greatest person on the planet.  Their authentic self… Because the course cannot be bought, it’s all done with scholarships and you can grab early notification to ensure a spot.

Ready to work for 6 months, daily, slay the dragon and draw out your greatness?

Yeah, it seems like I am “hearlding” you … but I’m not.  Listen very closely… it could by your heart’s desire.  Maybe you should listen to it 🙂


mark januszewski


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Mark J

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Mark is considered a Trainer’s Trainer. Students from 50 states and workshops conducted as far away as Thailand and Germany fostered 54 consecutive sell-outs worldwide in less the 2 years.

Mark’s passion is helping people understand the wealth they seek already lies within them. More importantly all the directions to access and harness this power are freely available.

  • Ready to slay the dragon

  • It’s incredibly freeing to live life without dragons. No matter how much I’ve worked on myself in my life, one occasionally pops up to remind me I still have some work to do.

  • Teri Martin says:

    Any chance you can set up a phone call (I promise it will be short)?

  • Pat Poillucci says:

    Hi Davene,
    A friend asked me to watch the video and I was in awe of how you can help people and to pay it forward. There is something to say when people help other people that the heart has so much to give

  • I never thought that slaying my dragons would be enjoyable and safe – after the Master Key Experience I can now learn from my beautiful dragons.

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