August 22


Is The Success or Failure Pre-determined?

Is our success or failure predetermined?

There is just no other way to say it…

Yup.  It is.

I know, I know… you want to argue that because if you don’t the idea of “hope” vanishes… and all those promises like that next time “it will be different” or “this time I’m really going to do it” shatter. And who wants to give up that feeling of hope?  Or least hoping there may be hope.

Keep reading, it’s not really bad news.


Winning is a habit, unfortunately so is losing”  Lombardi

What is a habit?  A pattern of behavior; tendency for something done very frequently to become automatic.

Where is the habit formed?  In our minds, in the subconscious.  More bad news… the decision is made in the subconscious about 7 seconds before the conscious mind knows.

See, mind is cause and BOTH actions and results are effects.

It’s not luck

A woman, single mom, who has 2 boys, waiting tables and living out of her tip jar at 34 years old.  She was 19 when she left Cleveland to go to LA and try to get in the movies, on a crew, filming… something.  Was her current fate one BIG DECISION?   Hell no.

It was the day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute, second to second decisions she made [or did not make] over the last 15 years. And all those decisions were a result of the mind habits that have become automatic. 


Once we realize that 100% of everything in our lives was “first a thought” astonishing possibilities open up to us.

So whether the loss has been with health, wealth, relationships or something as simple as building a business that really great news is that a change of thought will change everything… sort of.

What do I mean sort of?

Here’s a big mistaken idea… it takes about 3-4 weeks to establish a new habit.

That’s false.

It takes a minimum of 60 days to establish the habit and then another few weeks to forge the new neuro-pathways to that the new habits [winning habits] become… you guessed it, become automatic.

We just revamped the site in preparation for the once a year MasterKeyExperience.  More good news… not a pitch coming.  You cannot buy this 6-month course that has helped thousands of people alter their internal “blueprint”  [think of it as a metaphor] … find and successfully follow their bliss.  Since it is done with scholarships only, let me suggest you get on the early notification list… The process begins early in September and the session begins on the 23rd.

What is a habit the previous members loved and believed investing time daily in themselves was priceless?


Check out the guides, learn a little about the greatest adventure on the planet… The Hero’s Journey… in this case, your journey towards the greatness lurking with you… held back or help up by, yup, habit.


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