January 12


Master Key System Week 16; Movement In Full Motion Now


Somehow talking about winners instantly makes our minds move to “winner and loser” mode.  Aand there it is, that conditioning we all are trying to break away from.

As members and Guides alike hit week 15, everything changes.   All the drills, all the hammering away to do the drills by the facilitators…and we do them …but… EXCITEMENT vanishes.  The “aha” moments come, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly…but, they come.  We “settle in” knowing we will finish what we started.   It’s not enough.

The heartfelf emails begin showing up, like they do after “NARC” week…more and more often.   The staff is no longer seen as repetitive, long winded and too detailed.   The “applications” of the basics we drilled on for months start paying more and more dividends and the simple “tricks” – once the basics are mastered – members are no longer judging the pace, number of tasks or receptions…in a nutshell, it’s now fun.

Members still with us have paid the price and are harvesting now

Weekly we build more and more pratical applications off the basics … that conversion from deep thought to useful, easy applications of the knowledge and results from change begin pouring in as fast as a member wants them to.

The emails of gratitude are great and we take the time to remind those who express thanks or wonder or bliss that we did nothing, you did the work, you’ve earned this.   With the comfort of routine and and quiet confidence that you can handle what we dish out can come a slight waning of enthusiasm … Ut-Oh?

Naw, don’t fret.   We KNOW we need feeling to charge thoughts so they become beliefs.   While we worked hard to push, pull, tug, encourage and drag [whatever it took] you into “charging” what you do with feelings, something wonderful happens about this time.   That encouragement begins to swell up from a different source.

More.  Infinitely more.

Always the case, there is even more…as we all begin to feel the release from the bondage of our “conditioned self” and begin to think for ourselves, find our authentic self and experience freedom…the idea of service gets louder.

Once we touch this magnificent spot, thinking for ourselves and feel the joy that comes with that freedom, we want others to find this bliss…the ability to make change….the honor of keeping promises.


Success is service.  Those who “get it” …get the Master Key…know that the only way to keep it is to keep giving it away.   All of a sudden getting this into 3000 people’s hands and minds seems like too small a number….even the 2019 goal of 30,000 doesn’t seem big enough.    They are no longer “words” on a “statement of cause” … after all, finding ourselves is the greatest adventure on the planet and giving to those we love, know and care about…suddenly…when members understand, through hard work….this is a movement that can make a difference because it’s making a difference in them….we want everyone to have this “experience”.

Once we hit this spot, within,  our feelings, the wonder around us, the color of the grass…EVERYTHING … explodes.   We’ve tapped the truth of being and the endless resivour of deeply textured feelings, excitement and energy gushes out from within…it’s almost overwhelming.  Go to it…and bewildering as it is, GO TO IT.

The “source” is gushing fourth through you as soon we let it, as soon as we fully comprehend that “success is service.”

See, the sessions did not get any easier….nor the material…..what happens is that the winners, the folks like you who simply did the work, well, got better.  It was dedication and no one loses here….yes, 300+ are gone but they are all invited back, simply not ready to absorb the truth and responsibility the Law of Growth carries….well, that’s not really true.

The ones who lose are the ones we do not find….the wonderful, kindred spirits mired in lives of quiet desperation…looking for hope.    And this is my pain…I know what this has done for us and 1000s of others….so how do we find them?   How do we help 30,000 and more rescue their dazzling spirit?  Break through the cement?   How do we lead others to their own rich experience, to the great adventure?

Welcome to my world, welcome to the movement.   Simply by being you and leveraging the resources.  Be you, just be you.   We’ve always believed this should be an experience of attraction, not promotion.

… oh, yeah, there is a 2 part plan.

1. Dig deeper and get all you can out of your unlimited potential                                                       2. Embrace the movement

Let your light shine and live your truth with gusto.

keep giving to keep growing


mark j

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience


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Mark J

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Mark is considered a Trainer’s Trainer. Students from 50 states and workshops conducted as far away as Thailand and Germany fostered 54 consecutive sell-outs worldwide in less the 2 years.

Mark’s passion is helping people understand the wealth they seek already lies within them. More importantly all the directions to access and harness this power are freely available.

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