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Master Key System Week 7; Tower of Babel?


Everything is easy and everything is hard….

So easy reading the material in Week 7 of the Master Key System.  So easy sitting and doing with my mind the exercises and…so difficult vitalizing the lessons into my life…so freakin’ hard.

The reading is easy now because I’ve bought in, 100%.   The pain of realizing I’ve created my life, the good, the bad and they ugly, has long passed.

Yeah, it was painful to move from taking credit for the good stuff and blaming people, companies, places and things for the bad and ugly stuff but the truth, my truth, is that it wasn’t as painful to do that as I thought.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, it hurt like hell but…there was also an instant rushing in of freedom, hope and faith that was, well…divine.

If I had created all of it….the good, bad and ugly…..then I could create… and I just got so damn excited about it that the pain was more like a stubbing of a toe pain…, it hurts like hell but we also know, don’t we, that it will pass and be forgotten…..even if we break a toe, we KNOW it’s going to heal, and I knew, I just KNEW I could heal the conditions in my life…

The exericises, for me, by week 7 had broken down into 3 groups….

Ones that came easy – YIPPEE!!

Ones that were challenging but I quickly got a handle on…YEAH!

Leading Two Lives?

Ones that I really, really struggled with……YEAH and YIPPEE….because, by the end of the week…..there was marked improvement…..sometimes even a moment of sublime perfection.   Hitting the “sweet-spot” where there was once great struggle, even for a couple seconds… elegant, yes?

But… always a but…..where was the application?

It was like I had two lives……this philosophical “study” and my life.

Sure….there were mental breakthrus…..and tears of relief, joy, regret, sadness but, still, I was nagged by the feeling of seperation.

What I mean is this: knowing a philosophy and speaking about it is all BS if there is not application…..daily, hourly……if I’m not living it then the ideas are just words that show off intellect at a party.  See what I mean?


And in lesson seven…..Haanel hits my square in the face with the solution…..visualization.  It’s time to move that ideal, idealization to a clear mental picture.

I’m an idea man, or so I thought.

Always had an idea to …

  • make it big
  • improve something in my life, in my subculture
  • in the USA
  • in the world!

Great ideas…

In section 13 of lesson seven I read….”Clearness and accuracy are obtained only by repeatedly having the image in mind. Each repeated action renders the image more clear and accurate than the preceding, and in proportion to the clearness and accuracy of the image will the outward manifestation be. You must build it firmly and securely in your mental world, the world within, before it can take form in the world without.”


I know it’s a BAM! because it has the ring of truth for me, but, [there’s that “but” again], my mind keeps jumping from image to image…..hundreds of scenarios, thousands of outcomes…..YIKES!   I read the sentence again

…and again

and again

I quiet my mind……peace for a moment…..100s of images…..back to peace…..and the idea that this is a condition I am creating …pops into my head.  I’m responsible for this…..or am I not?

I ask….for the solution…..

Tower of Babel pops into my head.  I am reminded of the deeper message……

More weeping.  Yeah, yeah, I did a lot of that.  But freedom from the bondage of self is so gratifying… know the struggle is over….to be free in my mind from me overwhelming.

So the Tower of Babel?

Babel means confusion; like all those ideas without visualization and manifestation.

Who Knew I Had Learned The Solution Years and Years Before?

Basically this parable is about denying one source; the source.

The ‘tribe’ came to a plain and decided to build a struture to reach heaven.

This means we, as individuals, believe something EXTERNAL will make us complete, whole….fufilled…’s the River of Dreams stuff……the ‘everyone speaking a different language’……meaning…..confusion of ideas as to what will make us happy …..[and everyone’s got an idea for that, right? Mom, Dad, teachers, insitutions, employers, MLM companies…..everyone has a blueprint for our happiness]

The idea that God had everyone speak a different lauguage is really a metaphor…

..for confusion of thoughts…..that something we do or get or accomplish will lead us to “heaven” …..and while I read this parable  and thought how “absurd” those people were……believing they could ‘reach heaven’ LOL … it turns out that was exactly how I was living my life.

And….then…..tremendous laughter…….I realized all my “brilliant ideas” were simply reformatting everyone else’s blueprint and work….and ideas……so I could reach ‘heaven’… happy.

In other words, hibitual wrong thinking…..that somehow, something I could think of would make happy…..which is self reliance…..and, really, doomed to fail…creating more fear, more refomatting….and as more things don’t work out…..I get more fearful, without realizing it….and ‘jumpp’ from idea to idea……BABEL.

Gales of laugher……and I thought they were dumb for trying to build a tower?  LMAO now…..

Who knew the River of Dreams and the Cement Buddha were just updated versions of the Tower of Babel?

Understanding that it all really happens in part 2 …..”Our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests” and it all runs on Emerson’s Law of Give More, Get More…..service…..all I have to do is walk away from the River of Dreams [Tower of Babel] …..look not to the external by listen to my heart while asking for pure honesty… make certain of my own true interests are from withing……and………that will, really, put me on the threshold……

The Babel stops……visualization begins…..feintly at first……then, daily, it gets clearer…..clearer…..and cleaer

The confusion of tongues in the parable is really a graphic description of the state of mind of those who have yet begun to center their lives on the source and service…….and I am grateful…..


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