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The Thrill? It Never Gets Old, I Just Get Scared


I’ve been writing blogs for 8 years and often feel a little frustrated.   Hey, I’m no Hemmingway or Dickens, I know that, but there are times I wish I was.  I have an idea or feeling I want to express and I just can’t do it justice.  And that’s OK, I do my best and I keep improving.   Except this week, every year.

The difficulty in coordinating the videos, evaluating scholarship applications, answering countless emails and 15 hour days for 2 weeks, is challenging.  Then, like a bolt out of the blue, it’s over and fatigue, frustration with technology and

A Thrill seeing others thrive
A Thrill seeing others thrive

drilling the guides so we can render unparrelled support is replace with a thrill that never gets old.  Matter of fact, the thrill of meeting new people with the deisre to improve, to grow, to change overwhelms me more each year.  It is right here that I wish I was a better wordsmith.

I become so swamped with gratitude, admiration and anticipation of great people finally coming to realize they are great, golden and magnificent I weep.  The crying this year, trigger by joy, set a new record.  I wish, really, I had the skill to express how it feels to witness and then facilitate an enviroment when hope grows into faith and, with amirable effort, manifest new realities.



So within all this wonder, this marvelous collection of different people from over 20 different countries bringing their trust and hope, why do I get scared?


While the promise of the course is 100% true 100% of the time, most people have not been back in a real classroom environment for years… decades for some of

With Challenge? Change
With Challenge? Change

us.  It is shocks them.   We live in a world of convience.   Learning is challenging and adding to that the responsibility of learning our way around the campus, studying, experiencing new things, coping with technology and actual homework assignments can feel [and that is the KEY word, FEEL], intimidating.

I get scared because I know, in every fiber of my being, the value of muddling through the early stuff, learning to post a blog, writing a first draft of Definite Major Purpose, having deadlines… can discourage people.  We forget why we said “yes” in the first place.   We forget why we watched those 3 videos,   We forget that whatever it was that triggered us deciding to “go for it” and begin to yield to a feeling [there is that KEY word again], that “this is too much.”

See, I know each and every individual is on the precipice of an entirely different reality.  Not a reality that is a copy of someone else’s idea, [parents, schools, companies, goverenments etc.] of how life works but for the first time in our adult lives we become self directed.   The THRILL of knowing those who force their old blueprint to “shut-up” and create new habits is what I love and live for… the fear that the cultural shock of being back in school will discourage some is what I am force to also live with.


Learned a few things over the year so I can fight back.  Wifey, The Fabulous Davene and I love getting surveys in, they help us improve.   So we’re fighting back the fear with things we’ve learned in the surveys over the years.   Way back in 2010 we made a decision that while many things in today’s “new world” are great, one thing that has suffered is customer service.  It began vanishing in the 1970’s.  So sad.

If you were a consumer in the ’60’s you know what I am talking about.  You’d pull into a gas station and two kids would RUN out to your car, in uniforms.  One

1960's support of others' dreams
1960’s support of others’ dreams

would pump the gas while the other would clean your windshield, check your oil and tires.   Then, every time, they’d thank you for your purchase.   What happened to that wonderful appreciation and giving more than expected from merchants?    We decided, back in 2010, that was what we wanted our staff and guides to deliver.   And they do, so do we.

So let’s make you aware of a few things we’ve added to help you REMEMBER that just like anything new, your mind, if you give it a chance, will quickly adjust to this “culture shock” of being back in school, for real… and quickly become comfortable in a culture that will help you help yourself forge a life of possibilities, adventure and effortless manifiestations of your heart’s desire.


To help we’ve set up a reading class, you’ll read faster.   Here is the link for the live webcast and, yes, it will be recorded and repeated in a couple weeks.  It’s all included in your scholarship, no charge.


Really, posting a blog is like writing an email.  Will it be fancy, have links, social

Psst! We've got your back
Psst! Just like email

media buttons and pictures?   We’ll teach you that over the six months in the digital connections course, but don’t worry about that right now.   Just get a post up and here is a 2 minute video, right in the members area to let you see it really is just like writing an email.   It will be fun looking back at your first posts and seeing how much you’ve learned a few months from now.

1960’s SERVICE

This past year we made a decision to lower the “guide-to-member” ratio and we have.  What does that mean?  It means instead of a guide for every 20-25 members, it is now a guide for every 6-8 members.  More personal attention.  The guides have been six months of training and are service driven.   Use the members area and utilize your guide.  Ask question in the members area, [don’t forget to click the drop-down menu on the left of the area you are commenting in to tag is as a question.


Think back to a time when you started something new and felt lost; high school, college, a new job.   Didn’t know where the bathrooms were, when the breaks were, where to eat, what to expect, how to open your locker.   A short time later you were able to help others and comfortable.  The same will happen here if…


We'll overcome any "how" if our "why" is real

While we all have different reasons for engaging in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance, we all have something in common.  Desire.  Could be a desire for more rewarding relationships, desire for better business performance, desire for a career change, desire for a particular purpose… but we all desire something different than we currently have.  So the same thing, becoming comfortable will happen here if… you leverage your desire to subdue the initial inconvience of learning how to manage the course and your current life.  We’ll overcome any “how” if our “why” is authentic and heart driven.  Let your heart’s desire overrule that excuses laden old blueprint.


It is false that children learn faster than adults.  As an education major, I can assure you it is not even close.   Adults learn faster.  The most remarkable mechansim on the planet is sitting between our ears.  That’s the kicker. Give your brain a chance and override the old blueprint.   The old blueprint and years of negative self talk is NO MATCH for the brain, it’s power and ability to adapt.  Make the choice and trust your brain instead of listening to the old blueprint… that voice that says “this is too hard… too much… can’t blog, can’t keep up, don’t have the time…” is NO MATCH for the remarkable you.  However, this is your responsibility and choice as to what you honor… honor the old blueprint or honor the latent potential of your magnificent mechanism.   Simple.

I know what lies beyond the precipice you are currently standing on.  You know the choice I want you to make between the old blueprint and your brain.   Trust the magnificent mechanism and you’ll discover the most amazing person you’ll ever meet.   You 🙂



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