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Master Key System Week 22 – Shhhhhh!

Quiet? Quite Challening

Got a spectacular text last year from one of our members, Craig Quartemain, who asked a very simple question while simultaneously making a statement. “…how are you?   Man, I got to ask you what in the world happens in these final weeks ?  This is CRAZY!!!!!”  [yes, Craig’s CAPS and yes, his 5 exclamation marks]

Craig Q

I can’t say all members feel that way but I am sure hoping that they do.   They prize for making the kind of effort Craig has made for the first 5 months of the challenging Master Key Mastermind Alliance course is really what we hope for…the thrill of self discovery.  [Next session begins September, 24, 2015 BTW] Once a member opens up to this adventure, the real adventure in life, everything else that the world shoves down our throat…marketed to make you feel inferior if you don’t “have” or are not doing them…like

  1. Superficial goals of companies that serve their hidden agendas
  2.  Cars
  3. Clothes
  4. Make-up
  5. Facebook
  6. “being normal”
  7. Video games
  8. Apps
  9. Smartphones
  10. I could go on forever….so could you, once you “know”

Anyway, once a member embarks on discovering their essence, once they begin to treasure their own divinity, all that other crap is boring by comparison.   Like so many of the 2015-2016 session, Craig paid the price by meeting the only requirements…honesty and effort…and…he’s reaping the rewards…..he’s on a “trip”, dwrafing anything Timothy Leary could conjure up 🙂 His text made me smile.   I can’t say I know how it is for him but I do know, for me, it simply “blew my mind.”   Craig, like so many, has become a “live wire.”  He’s gone on, because he did the work BEFORE to stay on track.


No longer fooled by the meaningless idea that something external can make our life better, the earnest members discover the world within, on a deep level.   This, if we give ourselves permission, let’s us connect to the Universal, the vital force behind everything and it puts a charge into us…once we realize we are a channel for infinite power and are, ourselves, pure potentiality, it is a shock.

The brutal disappointment at discovering the devious and nefarious ways the “system” strips of our indivduality and imagination is quickly dismissed by the kaleidoscope of adventure found within.   As we move away from the world’s ideas and understand our true nature is to be of service…that real life force, the source of all good, simply flows through us…..we transfrom into …live wires, vital, vitalized and bringing light, peace and understanding simply by our presence.

It’s an adventure into the unknown

It truly is a “trip” and Craig’s on it….like so many.   Grass is greener, permanatly …the sky is bluer, we see good in everyone, everywhere….no longer fooled by the conditioning of the “machine” trying to impose it’s values…and their hidden agenda;  doing anything necessary to get us NOT to think for ourselves and driving us to be “normal” and mired in the momentum of mediocrity

And…breaking away from 20, 30, 40 years of conditioning can feel…is…overwhelming. So I texted him back… “Yo, we’re just warming up” That was Friday, the 26th.

I knew after Sunday’s webcast, on the first, he’d be challenged, yet again, with the toughest challenge to date…THE EXERCISE.

The Exercise?

A vow of silence.  And Craig, like all of us, was challenged but, like so many, had made a decision weeks ago to take the REAL HERO’S JOURNEY … so he was saying “yes” to things that did not “feel” comfortable…seeing that grist feeling as a call to, not a retreat from, adventure.

Real silence. The simple idea of silence, real silence, for a few days or more is someting most people instantly recoil from.  If you have not done it, I’m sure you got some encouragement on the webcast from members this past Sunday too.

Plan!  If the window for 3 or 4 days was not there, do NOT let this gift to yourself get shuffled into life’s list of “when I have time”…because the operative word is gift… really.  GIFT YOURSELF!

Members have been through so much challenge with us that they consider and, usually, try to do it….sort of. You can’t do it half way.   People like Craig won’t, he’s hooked on the high of life.   [aside: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water – think the music from Jaws].

  • No cells
  • No texting
  • No drivel novels
  • No TV
  • No music
  • No nuthin’ that is a distraction.
Silence is the passport back to the future of unlimited wonder

It will get loud….louder and then REALLY LOUD in the head…but, because members are so cool at being able to control the only thing we truly have control over, thought…they will quiet the mind. It is in this spot…this dazzling place BETWEEN thoughts that the authenic connection is made…to ourselves, to the Universal….some call this the “gap” …that space between thoughts.

And, it’s when we come out of the “gap” that the wisdom, the Shaman within, enlightens us….further separating us from the mundane momentum of mediocrity. I know, sort of,  what members will discover…and know, on some level their wonder.

They will wonder why they initially fought off doing this…making excuses, like I did, all ego based.  They’ll laugh at their feeble reasons as to why they “just can’t set aside 3 full days” ….just like I did..somehow believing that the world is going to stop revolving without me, LOL.

The discovery, coming out of this silence..what I, sort of, know each will discover….their unique gifts, their pathway to bliss and the beginning of the full transformation into the marvelous, service driven, dynamic, “live wire” that has been waiting, patiently  for years for each of us….this unique, gifted, marvelous, loving fearless victor…is not found in the “noise” of the world…but within.

The passport to the live wire within?   Shhhhhhh!

believe mark januszewski

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience


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