January 16


Master Key System Week 16; Hugging A Vision


I’m manifesting, right this second.   A vision I have held for years, 300,000 hugs from the heart …all given without a sense of obigation nor agenda…all 300,000 based in kindness.

The 2015 session has altered that vision for me, dramatically.  They have moved the idea of the 2104 members vision of moving past the original goal of 3000 members to 30,000 members for a “wouldn’t that be cool and powerful” to a clear mental picture.

OK, that’s not all of the vision.   To have 30,000 people all go out into the world on the same day and hug 100 people each may seem impossible to non Master Key members but I’m certain the 400 current members are wondering why I’m not aiming at 3,000,000 as a minimum.  Imagine 3,000,000 hugs and loving kindness being the baseline?

And that’s a good question, after all, you may be thinking….if all 3000 did 350+ hugs, my target for today,  in a day we’d be at 1,050,000 hugs.   Let’s kick that around at the MKMMA LIVE! Retreat – because, really, we need these to be from-the-heart hugs….we need to be aiming at the objective, hugging with the heart, a random and unexpected kindness ….not a race or obligation.

Kindness is the key to the hug…knowing, more today than ever, technology is separating us, not drawing us closer together….and, no matter how cool technology is, how slick, how wonderful some it is ….I can state, unoquivically, it will, no matter how much you love it….it will never love you back nor hug you.

Be kind to yourself and let go of what you don’t need

Kindness is the key to creating, without ourselves…the possibility that we can think for ourselves….the fear used to control the masses has done something more harmful than strip the average person from his ability to think….we’ve forgotten how to be kind to ourselves….by giviing that all week, seeing it everywhere and in everyone….it grows within us.    And the kindest thing that we can do, ever, becomes possible.

The kindest thing we can do?   Be kind to our future self…because once we are, we can hear again.   Hear our heart’s desire and act on it….once we do, the gifts we have become both apparent and active….and simply by giving it away, without expectation of reciprocity, we are being kind to all….and, you know the rest…..Emerson’s Law of Compensation does what it does….and it keeps coming back.

Is kindness the Master Key?   No….but I gotta tell you that for most members it is the beginning….the pathway, if you will….to “letting go of what we no longer need and claiming what we do require”

So the hug thing….it’s not about the number of hugs, it’s about the kindness of hugging from the heart, pushing out Scroll II, the love, in that split second.  Am I wrong?   Am I right? Fun to mastermind then find the 3000 and then watch them NOT watch me when I go do my hugs but be out there doing it to….and you’re here at the beginning…

Hugging is a special kindness and the benefits to others as well as the hugger are well documented.  To be able to do this for others, friends I haven’t met yet, [the actual definition of a “stranger” BTW] and to do it to honor you, each and every member simply has me bursting with bliss.   While I’m out doing this, hugging hundreds of people it will come back to me in “healthy” ways…and since “true health” is one of my primary needs, how cool is that.   Facts on hugging are;

  1. Stimulates Oxytocin 
  2. Reduces worry AND heart rate
  3. Increases dopamine flow
  4. Serotonin flow increase
  5. Ramps up immune system and a whole lot more


In 2103 the 170-ish created and/or identified 3000 random acts of kindess, [RAKs],and shared it in our community….so I went out and did 200 hugs…

Last  year, staying with the above reasoning….I decided to give you that same number as last year for RAKs, trying to make certain that we stayed focused on kindness and not numbers.    Is it time to up the ante?  Do people know it’s not about 3000…that’s just a beginning.   Could I have done better?

The 2014 session blew the doors off that number, they really did.   How to inspire the principle and creativity, not a competition was something I wrestled with.  We did not really want people “doing” kindnesses but rather “being kindness” and feeling connected to a true harmonious masterminding effort than winning.   Well, duh, maybe I should have not wasted my thought time on that concern and just trusted the members to understand, trusted they would not have come this far in the course without understanding their thoughts and actions are based on the greater good.  Silly boy!   Maybe I should just ask the members!  Even sillier boy 🙂

You tell me…with your actions and commenting below….did I make a mistake in trying to help others see RAKs and setting the number of 5000 to low?  Could we do more without losing the point…we want to be kindness, not counters…

In any case….we’ve got a ways to go as a mastermind so I can do what I love in the vision…go hug a lot of peeps and inspire others to do the same thing….One thing I think we must do in the future so we all “feel” both the mastermind principle and kindess…is the amount of kindness we see and do should increase daily…yes?

Think that over, leave me a your thoughts below…..and know, really, I want you to shattered that previous count and grow kindness from within…..so we can do this on a bigger scale….eventually leading to 3,000,000  hugs in 2019….all of us, “taking it to the streets!” [Yes, I’m a 1960’s guy but is there any other way to do this?]


I guess I just love doing this so much… this 2015 session has blown me away, OK, because it’s your masterminding and piling on the RAKs that provides the love ….in each of these hugs….I get to think of you for hours….honoring you….up the ante baby, up it.  While you think that over, this is what the 2013 members inspired..from the beginning of the “hug” day.  I think it’s always interesting, fascinating really, to look back at the “seed” of an idea, 2013’s session came up with the idea… and inspired the first 170+ hugs.   2014’s members upped the ante and this years members have taken this early “seed” and jumped it to light-speed.

By the way, pay very close attention to a wonderful, wise woman.  In one simple sentence, which I ask her to repeat, she sums up Emerson and how, exactly, what the “future self” in each of us will experience.  Stunning.

And…here is what this session triggered. What is very cool is Dayna is hugging with me and BAM the vision of 30,000 people hugging 100 people for 3,000,000 hugs moved a step closer.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience


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  • Eleanor Norton says:

    Give more, get more. I love the idea of hugs and even more I love the idea of a million hugs around the world

  • Bronwen Bowring says:

    Wonderful energy Mark! Bonus with hugs is they bring smiles! Simple and powerful sharing all at once.

    I’m a hugger, love giving them, love receiving too. Sending you an e-hug right this minute. 🙂

  • Ever grateful that I listen LIVE TODAY, as I have been struggling with so many emotions… Self reflecting, I have felt guilty in my marriage for not bringing an income… Only you listen today…I want to know if I have truly lived the HUGGING campaign not knowing that was the study. It was part of my growth. Will I need to retake the course?

  • Lallah Rowe says:

    Love the entire kindness and hugs concept. Makes life much easier and more enjoyable.

    Got a great idea while watching you give hugs. Why limit this to MKMMA members? Why not simply proclaim an international kindness week and an international day of hugs. Post excerpts from the videos with links so that they can be circulated and have the MKMMA members (and any other lists you have) circulate the announcement on all our social media of all sorts. You could easily get several thousand people doing RAKs and giving hugs simultaneously. We could forward petitions to our local and regional jurisdictions to proclaim this as an official day. They would not have to know that they were part of an MMA. They would just promote kindness and hugs and their energy would be right in line with ours.

    How cool is that?

  • Scott Thomposn says:

    I don’t believe that a person can ever make a mistake by setting a positive goal and exceeding that goal. Don’t second guess yourself. Like Mark and Davene said, we want to be kindness, not counters! This is “HUG”e! It continues to GROW by leaps and bounds! There is no other way for it to go! I am soooo ALL in! HUG’S! Having Unlimited Graceful Satisfaction!

  • Aloha Mark, Grrrrreat post – great video – great link to another “Free Hugs” campaign – AWEsome!!! In my work, assisting people to integrate their Fear / Paralysis Reflex, one of the pre-checks is to do a “walking up” exercise – Facilitator to Client and also Client to Facilitator…done with the understanding that anyone can say “stop” or simply put their hand up to request the other person “stop” walking towards them. While walking slowly, the 2 people maintain eye contact – something that’s often very difficult for people with a retained FPReflex. Recently, working with a First Nations woman, in the pre-check she would only let me get about 10 feet from her and when she walked towards me, she got maybe to 9 feet away. At the end of our session, we re-checked the “walking up” post-check and she allowed me to get to about 18 inches from her and she could allow herself to get to within 12 inches of me – and we had a big HUG. And THAT’s why i do the work I do :-)) It’s not always such a huge difference between the pre- and post-checks, yet it doesn’t matter if there’s only a small difference in distance and the Client feels comfortable with the doing the post-checks. The Fear/Paralysis Reflex is a “withdrawal” reflex, so any change towards a movement “towards” someone else is something to be celebrated. I feel so blessed to do my integrating childhood reflex work – and incredibly honoured to work with each person. I’m sure you must feel the same way with your work in the MKMMA. I wish you and the whole MKMMA crew a most wondrous and luminour 2016. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht

  • Nancy Flynn says:

    I love it! I want a hug!

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