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Master Key Week 14; Looking Back

Just when we don’t feel like we are making progress… members send us emails and start to notice their progress.   Whoops.   We ask the members to “trust” but as we manifest changes in our own lives we unconsciously expect more speed and faster results.

Ever been in those shoes?  Wondering why your 3-minute egg isn’t done already and forgetting that you only dropped it in 30 seconds ago?

Keep your sense of humor folks when it comes to change.   Had a couple of moments like that over the past week so I followed my own suggestion and decided to “look back” at something … cut this  video and heading in 2011


Well don’t you know that between that video and April of 2015 there we more twists, turns, wins, losses and restarting than you could imagine.   And, in 2015 we had a retreat, our first one, right on that property.   And we took members to a luau [the winning team] right on that lawn, right on that spot, matter of fact.

And it, that retreat looked nothing like I thought it would… it was far better.   The members who joined our staff, the members themselves via emails and surveys…the Mastermind Alliance made it better … just as Haanel points out in so many ways and so many times.  The perfect plan I held in my head just keep getting better and better.  But…

But… it sure did not feel that way from the time I shot that video until April of 2015.  We did not do a session the following year.

I held the vision and went to the Sheraton often.   That, “where is the progress” feeling tried to keep getting in… that “who are you kidding” idea kept trying to root in my mind.

2011 … 2012… no online MasterKeyExperience.   tick-tock, tick-tock.

Kept going to Sheraton.

Doubt…law of substitution…doubt…law of substitution, on and on.

Trust, harmony… doubt, pain, fear.

Decision.   Made a decision.  That decision is that I was understanding harmony within but letting desire be the measure instead of the act.  And there it was, all that time…right in lesson 14 of the Master Key System.

14 and Harmony

We’re really good at organzied planning for the course…..really good at it.

I’d love to tell you we planned this break, Week 14 and New Year’s ~ but it just is one of those things, it just worked out that way.

I love it when that happens, when things fall into place effortlessly, don’t you?

In 14 we read [section 29], If you wish harmonious conditions in your life, you must develop an harmonious mental attitude.

Is there, really, anyone who does not want, at the core of all resolutions people make, harmonious conditions?

I mean, really, isn’t that why people make promises, resolutions if you will, on New Year’s Day?

Think about it.

We all pick things, until know the Master Key & Law of Growth stuff, that we think will make us better, easier to deal with, life better…..so what?  Why?  Harmony.

In the end, it is at the core, harmony and happiness [which can’t come without harmony], every resolution is designed, knowingly or not, to bring harmony.

Ever hear of someone making a resolution so it will make relationships or life worse?

Resolutions to create disharmony, fights, pain and suffering? 🙂

My attitude about creating an environment so unique, so powerful that we’d be stating a FACT when we said, #NothingLikeIt…and other’s would say it too and it would be true.  An emperical fact, not an opinion.

Let me have made this mistake for you.   While having the vision, the intention is imperative we must detach from the result and pay attention to the moment, the tasks of today that will move us to the intention.

What we pay attention to becomes our intention.   Detaching from the outcome keeps us open, rich in the flow of ideas…and that, not evaluating, impatiently, results.

And…it happened.   Yes, the retreat happened but that is not what I mean by “it happened.”  What happened?

Harmony within.

And progress began.    Measurable progress.

If we are looking at the intention but not paying attention we start measuring results to determine progress.  And, if we are not paying attention, in the moment, we miss the ideas, plans and people that will effortless propel us towards the intention.

Intention morning and night… and a few times during the day to refuel our desire and concentration.   This, attention to the next right thing with reminders all day long, [shapes, movie trailer, recording], is the only place we need to measure ourselves.   Improving our attention to the tasks subby will unconsciously direct us to coupled with a mastermind alliance that keeps one on track with plan and purpose is what manifests intention.


Here is another, short, blast from the past….

So what happened?

We had the retreat and we’ve written over $150,000 in checks to members and partners who contributed to the #MasterKeyExperience movement…but that is not important.  What is important is the understanding of an the insurmountable adavantages those paying the price daily have created…that we created for ourselves.    They all point to harmony within.

Insurmountable Advantage?

You know, you get it …….95% do not know.

One simply cannot give power to things they do not want to get what they want.

200,000,000 [yup, two hundred MILLION] ….or more….resolutions were made on January 1st that have no chance.

You cannot quit smoking by thinking about…….???…..oh, my…..you know what is coming next! The resolution makers, even if they read it, would never get it.  They have not paid the price you have paid ~ real effort to learn how the mechanism works::::> Law of Growth.

Can one quit smoking but thinking about quitting?

Not for long AND, my gosh, the pain while growing the desire.

Do you know this is a foreign language to most people?

This is your insurmountable advantage.

Not over others, of course, over yourself.

We no longer make this mistake ~ we know the Law of Growth and what it needs to be linked to.

Advantage 2? Not only do you know to end your day on a success,, Scroll 3.

Advantage 3? A Master Mind Alliance.


You started 2015 and a new life on September 27th.

Most people, who had a good idea on how to improve, WAITED till today [January 1st]……not you.

You took action, daily and made a different choice.

You’ve begun a “make-over” that will last 13 weeks and work…

You’ve learned and practiced the Law of Growth

You’ve sat

You’ve studied

You’ve read, looked for shapes, flashed cards…

You’ve already “got it” and now you’ve got the benefit of my experience…knowing while intention is critical you’ve also trained your brain to pay attention.   And the moment of hesitation between an idea that will advance your DMP and taking action has vanished.



mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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Mark is considered a Trainer’s Trainer. Students from 50 states and workshops conducted as far away as Thailand and Germany fostered 54 consecutive sell-outs worldwide in less the 2 years.

Mark’s passion is helping people understand the wealth they seek already lies within them. More importantly all the directions to access and harness this power are freely available.

  • I love your clarification on intention — so true, if I let go and let God find what fits better for me, and I keep my intention on serving life, on making the world a better place, on giving, I get so much more than I ever dreamed possible — including this class. What a precious gift! Thank you so much!

  • Boy, I am so happy I’m in this class. I am feeling the shift in little pieces. Yeah me!!! Hawaii looks so beautiful. I loved it there. It’s been a long time 28 years ago on our honeymoon. I so know why you love it so much. Can’t wait to come back and I will be back to visit that beautiful island. Hope to have a cup of coffee with both you and Davene. You are such an inspiration. Thank you .

  • I feel grateful for this message of hope and another profound, hard won insight from Mark into achieving harmony in my life. You truly exemplify give more, get more. Each day that passes gives me a little more confidence that I can do what I have learned. MKMMA is helping me live personal authenticity. Thanks for your guidance along this part of my Hero’s Journey. Each week, I takes a deep breath and cross the threshold again. So glad for new weeks, re-focusing desire and intention on specific actions. It is a spiritual experience when inspiration comes, and I actually recognize it and then act. it increases my faith and gratitude.

  • Mark, I am glad to hear you struggle as we do. I am Proud when you persist and Learn and show us that. I get ahold of your ideas and go back and dig for the complete understanding. I learn and add this to the tool set you are showing us how to make for ourselves. I am a Technician to begin with, so I like “Tools”, any word could be used by others. The key here is your heart is laid out on this page and many more pages. I appreciate that the most. I can see it, feel it, learn from it, Love more because of it. If it gets any better than that, pick up the phone and call me right then.

  • Paul Falkowski says:

    Mark, Powerful blog!!
    This keeps playing in my mind after reading your words today.

    You get what you focus on. Good or Bad
    You can replace any thought or idea with a positive one (Natures law)
    I have the choice (Free Will) to allow, deny or change what enters my consciousness
    Constant repetition and being in the state of positivity daily (what u work on grows)
    Perseverance through action, I am what I WILL to be with feeling!!
    All develops my calm state of mind, which is open to live and learn (mastermind)
    Keep moving forward and look at where you have come & what are you grateful for (refocus)

  • Robert Gardner says:

    Thank you so much for giving us the ammunition it tales to change ourselves. It would not been possible for me without you and your team. I’m sending the quite smoking info to a friend of mine back in Kansas. Thanks for sharing and caring…!

  • “Hook or by crook”, compass or clock, time after time, Bob, you appear at the perfect time to make the perfect comment; so in reference to Mark’s post here, you’ve made it exceptionally easy to make mine — for my comment is thine.

  • Robert D Watkins says:

    Mark, as always the context your build around your posts further cement a before and after imagery that helps me persist. Yes, I too am watching that egg boil hoping the laws may have been written conservatively. Now I realize with full clarity, they (the laws) have been written using the compass and not the clock! Thank you!!

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