August 25


Success Begins In The Mind, Change to Win


No, I’m not talking about this post.   I’m talking about the two “big” questions that most people go to great lenghts to avoid.   To avoid the two biggies, we fill our lives with distractions and devices.

1.  What is your purpose?

2. What do you want?

Purpose.   Big word.

Most people have a vague [big mistake I made for years] “goal” list.   If you look closely it is really a list of what we DO NOT WANT … not what we truly desire.

We WANT to get rid of our debt?

We WANT to get rid of the old car?

We WANT to make enough money on a business we started so we can walk from our job?

Debate is over, success begins within

These are not wants!   These are really “don’t wants” … success can never be built on absence and several hundred people discovered true purpose in the 2014 Master Key Mastermind Alliance.

Getting rid of that old car, clearing out debt…hey, those are good things to “accomplish” but fall far, far short of real achievement.   I mean, really, do we want the legacy of our life to be….”Harry was a good guy, he paid off is credit card debt and got a nicer, newer car”?

There are the big questions in life and filling our lives with distractions, mini-dramas and pointless deadlines becomes a habit…it’s a bad habit.   Really bad habit because it becomes a way of life and, let’s be honest here…our lives are over in the blink of an eye.  I know first hand of what I write here…I had that habit.

Failure is not fatal, failue to change may be”  John Wooden

Change takes effort, consistent and challenging work.   Most people, and I’m like most people so I’m including myself here….most people do not have a clue about the world within and how to make changes within [I sure didn’t…hell, I did not know about the world within, not a clue].


Here is a BIG CLUE…especially for Americans.    You have been “exploited and spoiled” around speed and convience.   Change takes effort, hard mental labor.  The payoff is bigger than you could ever imagine…really huge.   Take some time and really see these completely different people, different backgrounds, different influences growing up…all succeeding in their lives with very little, if any, effort today.

Isn’t that a contradiction?   Hard work and effortless?

No.   It is very hard work [probably lost half the readers there 🙂 ] to break old habits and replace them with new ones…but once you “get” the Master Key Experience, each change you desire becomes easier and easier.   The fuel to drive the effort in the beginning comes from discovering your true purpose in your life and knowing what you really want…the two big questions answered lead to an endless supply of energy.

So take a moment and imagine…and take your time and read through the posts below….you’ll find 14,000 more posts if you get “hooked” on people just like you and I who had the courage to commit and finish….see, once you discover the world within like Lorelei, George and Stephen have…not only does your idea of success expand dramatically, it manifests faster than you expect….

So abandon the “instant gratification gene” and take a few minutes to just read about people like yourself who made a tiny shift..from thinking becoming successful was external and found the world within

Here’s George, Pheonix…owns a now successful traditional biz and now succeeding in a

George makes it happen

home-based biz…with first child on the way

My Master Key Experience

“To help people help themselves be self directed, powerful hero’s in their own life that think for themselves without being influenced.”

I wanted to do better, in my business, in my life, in everywhere.  I met some Master Keys students and asked “what is it all about?” Their answers were unbelievable that the changes and the manifestations of their dreams were coming true, and so I took the Master Keys class.  It was all about the way we think and our daily habits.

Shortly after the class started I was finding myself thinking or at least speaking differently, more positively, better thoughts, it was a mental diet I started, and that changed a lot of attitudes not only my own, but the attitudes of others around me got better.

Then events I never imagined started to happen.  The Master Key class we had daily exercises and one day I was writing down a list of 3 people I needed to talk to, some I had not spoke to in over a year.  The next morning those 3 people contacted me within a 2 hour time period, I was amazed but not convinced you could think of something and it would happen.  But, there were more events, with other people, it just kept happening.  I was thinking “can this be for real?”  I started to believe!

I started to discover better traits in myself, my family, and in my business, everything just seemed better!  I AM LOVE!  The class allowed me to see life and the universe from an “observer” where I could see everything around me as it was created in love to continue to grow.  Think about it, plants grow, they drop seeds and continue to flourish.  The human cycle is the same.

Ever wonder how a dog knows if they should bark at someone or if they should wag their tail?  I learned about the human “Solar Plexus

I discovered so much the first class, and I am excited to discover even more this second time.  Class is a scholarship and you can get on the list for early notification, do it now because space is limited.

Peace and Love, George Pauli

Lorelei Sunshine is from New Zealand [I think I said Australia in video, whoops] who currently lives on Kauai, owns a successful biz here and is expanding her life and income

Lorelei Brightens Everything

from home…

My Master Key Experience

 ‘Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts’

I start with this quote from Og Mandino, he is one of my teachers at this time…As I look around me and be the Silent Observer of all that is to do with people I notice how many are controlled by their thoughts, what this means is that people are REACTing to one another instead of REPONDing…Take a look for yourself…

Since leaving my Far North Sanctuary in Australia 8 years ago and moving to this My Summer Island Kauai I stayed within myself, even though when I first arrived I was being bombarded with un-welcome thoughts and actions from people I did not even know…I then began to notice these subtle changes…I was beginning to every now and again REACT to situations…

My WARRIOR Women within would BLAST out and




she would defend the Peaceful Warrior with everything she had…

This only happened when I found myself wandering from my spiritual of I AM…

I had come from a place of Peace and Quiet contemplation, I had my own Healing Retreat right on the Beach Front in a place named by a Star-Born, with free weekly healing and meditation sessions, full moon meditations with toning out on the point, and daily, weekly OR monthly catered retreats of meditation and study in all modalities of healing.

To cut a LOOOOOng story Short I was having a hard time controlling my thoughts…

I put it OUT THERE to the Universe like I always do when I’m wanting assistance…

While being online, I clicked a link which took me to some video with this guy talking about the hero within, he mentioned Joseph Campbell (who’s book The Power of Myth is a stable on my bookshelf and has been since it was released in the early 90’s) so this got my attention, I LOVED this guys enthusiasm and JUST the REALness of him and he swore lots!

I played a series of three video’s…before I knew it I was tuning into these webinars and with everyone I watched the confirmation I was seeking was being spoken out of this guys mouth…I ended up applying for a FREE Scholarship to do a course called the MasterKeys, the guy’s name is Mark Januszwwski and with his wife Davene and a team of MasterMinds I began my Journey to REAWAKEN my Hero within…

The PRO’s…

1. IT’s a FREE Scholarship…

2. There is ONE on ONE HELP from trained and certified guides WHO GET IT! They get where you are, where you are coming from and where it is you want to go!

3. The Weekly Webinar and the Progressive Learning will take you to places EFFORTlessly before you know it you are manifesting YOUR Dreams!

OK so the thing is Mark J his Fabulous Wife Davene with their three beautiful girls Dayna, Chelsea,  Jackie and Granddaughter Soul LIVE here on OUR Summer Island of Kauai…This is Manifesting right here right now ON ISLAND!

So there has to be CON’s Right?

If you can find any PLEASE let me know…EVERYthing I was told was going to happen HAPPENED No Bull-Shite JUST the plain Truth

 After MAKING the DECISION to make the Master Key Experience part of my Life for 28 weeks+ The lessons that Re-Awakened memories, that put me back on track to being TRUE to ME and Listening, REALLY Listening to MY heart MY dreams…WELL lets say I AM Grateful TRUELY Grateful…Mahalo   I Encourage YOU ALL to dig deep within and MAKE the DECISION to CHANGE Your Life…

GO check out this Interview with my Mentor MarkJ Hosted by Richard Bliss Brook, then if this is something you would like to take a look at this Master Keys Course there will be FREE Scholarships Awarded in September OPT in HERE to receive EARLYBird notifications…

Dreams Do Come True…


This one if from Stephen Serna…retired from government job, now quickly building a very successful home-based business

My Master Key Experience 

Have you ever had one of those days when you have had to stop and ask yourself..

What am I doing???

What is life all about???

Why is everyday so difficult and boring???

Stephen found purpose and focus

Well that was me everyday, now don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for everything that I had, but it was not enough and I’m not talking about money or material things…there was something missing. A BIG SOMETHING!!!  I joined some of those self-help programs and I had a warm fuzzy feeling for a short time, but nothing changed, I was getting nowhere.  I was studying an exceptional business training program called Go90Grow and through that program I was introduced to The Master Key Experience.

This course promised that with a six month commitment on my part, that it would take me on a journey of Self-Discovery…Well not only did the program keep that promise but I was also taught how to keep all of my promises (a rarity these days).

This Course taught me that everything starts with your thoughts…So it all starts in the world within before it manifests in the world without.  I also learned that I am a miracle and once I realized that, I can now see and receive all of the miracles that surround me everyday.  This is just the tip of the iceberg and this has been a wonderful life changing experience for me.

In the past year I have left a very stressful and mind numbing job and I am now building my own business, helping others in the process, I am working on starting a worship band so as to bring Joy, Happiness, Hope, Love and Peace to others, I have learned the true meaning of kindness, I have discovered the gifts within me and I am sharing them with the world as well as the importance of keeping myself healthy (both in mind and body) and I have learned that it is OK to be a Self Directed Thinker, it is OK not to buy into everything that authority and society throws at you, I am breaking off all of that cement that society has plastered on me through the years…I am truly my own boss and for the first time I am a happy camper.

The reason that I am sharing this with you today is that I am spreading the word of this phenomenal experience so that you all can experience the joy and freedom that I have come to know.

If you would like to learn more, please listen to this recording, it is an interview with the great Mark J.  by the awesome Richard Bliss Brooke.

In any case, take the 7 day mental diet and get on the early notification list

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me, Have a great day….

I bid you Peace and Blessings,


Want more?   I’ve dropped several more links below of very cool peeps who are now succeeding …people who learned to think for themselves

to your success in the world within
mark januszewski
Master Key Experience


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  • Erik Bakewell says:

    I continue to get so much from Mark and the whole team, I can’t wait to start giving back and continuing to grow more / better. Very exciting!

  • Jay and Natalie Z says:

    We are so EXCITED about MKMMA – knowing about the world within and beginning to scratch the surface of what we can be and do keeps us up at night! Thank you all.

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    Thanks for all you do Mark. You are truly a blessing to the world.

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    Damned Straight I’m in! Looking forward to it!

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    Mark, I printed the Think and Grow Rich Action Guide from your previous email.
    I love it. Actually read the book 2x.
    I would love to commit to the Master Mind in September.

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    I would like to sign up for the next course. thanks

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    Please put me on the early list for the Master Key Experience . Richard Brooke speaks very highly of you both. Thanks. Bill Gates

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    This is really good stuff. I have been reading everything you send to me.
    I would like to get in on the 6 month master Key Experience. Please put me on the notification list for it.

    Thanks so much Mark,

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    Dear Mark and fabulous Davene
    I was first introduced to you guys back in 2011: Since then, I have strongly advertised Go90grow to dozens of people and I have partially used some of the knowledge contained on your site, but I didn’t dare to start MKMMA.
    Now, I cannot wait any longer: i am looking forward to be on your 28 weeks course this next session in September.
    Thank you Mark and Davene for Who you are and What you do.
    Warmest regards Jean Pierre

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