August 9


The Miracle You Are Makes You A Success Now


You are a miracle.   You were designed to bring that mircale into all you encounter and be great.   GREAT!  Deal with it and you win.   Deny it and life is a constant struggle.

Have you ever wondered why most people struggle with:

  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Health
  • Wealth

And, to make matters more frustrating we all know a few people who seem to get things done with a happy knack, don’t struggle even when it appears things aren’t going well, pay

Miracles Don’t Struggle

attention and have a humble confidence that it’s all going to work out…and it does.

Until I discovered that I was not only surrounded by miracles and that I was a miracle myself I must confess that everything was like pushing a ball up a hill with a rope.

Reading and applyiing the Master Key System, written in 1912, changed everything and turned me into “one of those annoying people” who gets things done with ease….but that isn’t the whole story.   It was understanding some basic, simple science that stunned me, broke me out of denial.   To this day I recall exactly where I was sitting and once the intial shock lifted, I read the science again.

Still stunned, I arose from my chair on the little back porch and went to the small reference library I had…to disprove what I had just read.  Didn’t have a computer then and my books just did not have the information I needed.   So I drove to the library.   And read.

Turns out that the science I had read on my back porch was not only true, it was just the tip of the iceberg…I had to face facts.   I was a miracle and surrounded by them…so are you



I said 99.5% a few times in the video.   My bad.   It is 99.95% nothing.   Nothing!

All those atoms are 99.95% nothing and only appear solid because of the incredible rate of speed the electrons are moving at…40,000 miles per second.   And that chair you are sitting in is moving at the same velocity.   Everything is moving, fast…to fast to really comprehend.

Members who commit to the work, and it is work, learn how to get in harmony with the beautifully orchestrated dance that moves at 40,000 miles per second.   Harmony is the key and the clues are, frankly, so obvious that once you “see it” like other members do, the palm will slap the head.   In my case, it was twice. 🙂

So the work part…this is about real work on yourself to drawn out this miracle of your

There is no debate, you are a miracle

birth, of your existence, into everything.   And that improves everything.   What the members really discover, once they climb over the “cultural shock” of being back in a real school environment is how to access this incredible source driving everything and bringing the miracle they are to all situations.

Deal with it … we are arguing for your greatness and with the Master Key System, applied, you can learn to teach yourself how to create change…within yourself.   Once that happens building a big business, fostering intamcy on a deeper level in relationships, being healthier….all dreams, become virtually effortless to you.

Take some time, check out the guides’s blogs or the blog roll or both.   Go back to week one of one or two of the folks and follow them for 26 weeks.    I know that the time you invest there will be far more interesting and rewarding than anything else you can do online or with your cell phone or the TV.   Guaranteed.  Amazing stories, amazing successes.

Over 450 people posted over 12,000 blogs about the experience.   It will help you decide if you want to commit to six months of you working on you…drawing out the dynamic life force within and extending the miracle of your birth into everything you do.  The Master Key Experience is not us telling you what to think or feel, heck, we’ve all had way to much of that in each of our lives…the Master Key Experience is the adventure of a lifetime; you discovering your authentic self and become a miracle in motion 24-7.

You are surround my miracles …take the time to see them and know you are one.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience


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Mark is considered a Trainer’s Trainer. Students from 50 states and workshops conducted as far away as Thailand and Germany fostered 54 consecutive sell-outs worldwide in less the 2 years.

Mark’s passion is helping people understand the wealth they seek already lies within them. More importantly all the directions to access and harness this power are freely available.

  • Wow…I want to be all in. We are all miracles!

  • Totally mind blowing stuff.

  • Committing to this course will give you answers to questions that you may have had your entire life, and you may have asked every one who you thought could give you the answers, only to find who held that knowledge has been closer than you could have ever imagined…Your life will be changed for the better in every aspect. Thanks to the MKMMA Master Mark J, the fab D and the team. Love you guys!!!

  • This segment was VERY inspiring! It’s always valuable to learn the science behind the concepts!

  • Kain Rukario says:

    My partner did the Master Keys course last year, and I’ve seen a huge positive change within him, and within our relationship. Now I’m eagerly looking forward to starting my own Hero’s Journey!

  • Keith McCauley says:

    As if the science were not astonishing enough. This course and the knowledge you will attain through the scholarship program will at times leave you breathless. Without question, this understanding that we are all natures greatest miracle has left me awe struck and forever grateful to be a part of it. Get your own palm slap to the forehead.

    Peace be your journey

  • Virginia Perl says:

    Wow, Mark! This is so exciting! I cannot wait for the Masterkey experience. I’m sending this video out to my friends.

  • I so enjoyed the video message this morning. I am going back to the beginning of the archived videos and go through each one. Realizing I am a miracle I am wanting to live my life to its fullest living this life as the walking testimony that my God is great and I need to discover ever fiber of the Greatness He put in me for His glory in he earth. Thank you for doing the work to help us realize what a walking miracle we are!!!

  • John Laudenslager says:

    Always uplifitng Mark. Always!

  • Ray Laprise says:

    I would like to learn more about MKMMA. Please contact me.

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