February 14


Master Key Week 20, Pieces Coming Together?


The last few weeks are so exciting for the Guides and Staff that is painful to write a post, incrediblely painful.




We’re committed to, as facilitators, to “no influence” with the members.   I’m talking to Andrei J the other day,  a member who obviously is digging deep and the “no influence” thing came up.   He said, “you are influencing us,” to which I agreed … we exert every kind of influence we can to get members to “engage” in the exercises, but stay away from the material.

It’s talking to people, kindred spirits like Andrei, who are paying the price, going the extra mile.  That was evident in the conversation but I already knew that from his Week 17HJ post… The Hero’s Journey.  And that causes the pain for me.


You know how,  sometimes you see the prefect gift for someone, [don’t we all wish that happened more often 🙂 ], and you buy it.   Maybe their birthday is two weeks away or Christmas is 10 days away.   And IT’S KILLING YOU!

We know members like Andrei are breaking through, becoming teachers to the staff and Guides…and you want to share something you’ve discovered as badly as you want to give that perfect gift….early.

So I sitting an thinking, as usual, thinking about that universal feeling … I bust into laugher

All choices are simple once we find our truth

because I realize what I’m really doing is contriving a way in my mind to violate our primary objective – no influence – and, of course, justify it.   So I laugh harder at myself because, let’s face it …we are funniest when we take ourselves most seriously.

Coming out of this 30-ish minute sit, laughing and being grateful for the temptation and what is teaching me…I wonder to my desk and – BAM!  I get this email from Gerhard, another member stretching himself who recently gifted me in the healing process [bad injury] …and in the email is a video clip…

Of greatness….

Of compassion…

Of understanding….

Of overcoming….

Most people won’t see it, really see the connection to the simple idea that we are all connected, harmony…even with enemies….Gerhard saw it and I know Andrei will too…and it satisfied me,  surrounded me with peace of mind.   The universe, eh?   Coming through big time.   It’s not what I wanted to share with Andrei and so many others…it’s better than anything like that…

A most remarkable kid, understanding point 5 of the bluepring builder [ a 5 point document we write out by hand and read daily] without ever having read it.   This kid gets that we are not only all connected but becomes, intuitively, a channel of service….and …


Emerson’s Law, give more get more….shows right up

Giving without expectation….using the simple idea of the greater good to eliminate a justified prejudice….all on point 5 of the bluepring builder.

Mahalo Gerhard and all the members….fuggetabouwtit!

You’ll see countless examples of the things you’ve worked hard to learn and master….letting us all know, if we just let go and live the principles, without expectation of reciprocity….it will surpass anything we could possibly imagine…

Let me know what you see down below in the comments….and let me know if you know it’s already in you, OK?


mark j

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience



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Mark J

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Mark is considered a Trainer’s Trainer. Students from 50 states and workshops conducted as far away as Thailand and Germany fostered 54 consecutive sell-outs worldwide in less the 2 years.

Mark’s passion is helping people understand the wealth they seek already lies within them. More importantly all the directions to access and harness this power are freely available.

  • Wow! This boy is an inspiration driven with passion and determination. Makes me think a lot about my own desires. Great video!

  • Michael Barnes says:

    Wow! “I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects!”. He found a way to even benefit the lions!

  • What an amazing story. The epitome of what we are learning in MKMMA. It would be wonderful if this could be shown to 6-9 year olds in schools through th U.S.

  • This boy really hit home for me, because I am born there in East Africa. Amazing how an almost untouched soul is able to create with relative ease. The words he uses are also fabulous.

  • What an inspirational young man who is thinking on his feet. It would be great if we could all be like that.

  • Nature is designed to work in harmony. Each of us has a skill or talent that allows us to contribute to the world and make a difference. This is a perfect example of how imagination can find a solution to the most challenging situation and in this case the lives of both the cows and the lions were saved. This young boy demonstrated persistence, continuous action towards a goal that realized. Well done!

  • Darren Neilson says:

    I love the squeal of joy from the young man when he got a standing ovation. From the mouths of babes.

  • Julia Standish says:

    We all have greatness within us. Thank you for guiding me to uncovering the gold within me.

  • Already within us is greatness waiting to push forth from the birth canal within into life. It’s always been there but to know it, understand and recognize it our internal and external eyes must be wide open. What is just a small dim light becomes a way lit for all humanity. Greatness is in us. All of us.

  • Larry Allen says:

    Brilliance! It is within us all. All over the world. This young man is getting an early start and is being recognized for it. Yes it is in me, too! What a great format created by TED.
    To bring forth and find speakers manifesting for humanity.

  • jenny west says:

    I could watch TED talks all day-love this story. Makes me think we should all be looking at what we were up to when we were too small to worry about tomorrow and how to make a living. What were we into? is there a moment of when each of us took apart our mother’s radio, never knowing it was the beginning of the thread of what vivifies us today?

  • Janine Catalino says:

    Wow, there are so many amazing aspects of this! The overcoming of an old blueprint (lions are evil and the only solution is to kill them). He freely shared his knowledge and invention–giving without expectation of reciprocity. He already has a DMP, and he’s taking steps towards his dream of working with aircrafts–and he already fulfilled his dream of flying in a plane. What an wonderful example of someone living in keeping with their dharma. Just think what he will be able to accomplish in his lifetime. Thank you for an awesome post! As for whether I know that it’s already in me? Hmmm. Yes, but I have some work to do!

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