January 18


Week 17 Master Key System, Honor, Hugs & Symbols?


How do we measure?

The bigger question, for most people, is ….

Why do we measure?

Non-Master Key students….or any other authentic self development course where facilitators do not influence the thoughts of members, [good luck finding that 🙂 ], are forever trapped in measuring to compare.   That’s sad…and really the point of Haanel’s Lesson Seventeen.

People, trapped in a culture that measure …how you measure up…who you are behind …who you are ahead of…have a map to the exact same destination.   Never enough. Never, ever enough.   We’ll shatter that nonsense in week 18 but for now, let’s send all the love we can muster to those trapped in constantly measure….status, achievement level,

It’s kindness that creates…competition breaks down…decide

income…because, somehow, they just don’t get it is a dead-end road.   The need some love and if they feel it, it may ignite some hope…and they may find their path, not someone else’s path.

You see, other people’s path or our perception of them leads to “symbols” and those “symbols” lead to the illusion of power.   Master Key members know their is only one power a person has…control over only one thing.  Thought.

Once someone understands this, practices and masters it they automatically algin themselves with Universal Law or Mind or God…call it what you will.   And now the acqusition of a home, car, promotion is confirmation of power…it comes from within.

So how and why do Master Key members or students like myself measure?

9 words…move us from “comparing” to “creating” and that is minor distinction with massive ramifications.   We’ll all figure out what those are…but if we start with these 9 words, everything changes.   We are not measuring ourselves to see how much power we have ….or have not.   We are measuring to improve ourselves…to celebrate those who came before us and blazed the trail…

The 9 words?

What did I do right?

What can I improve?

Last year, during this past week, we asked the members to spot or do 2 acts of kindness a day…and kindly go the extra mile and acknowledge others efforts and kindnesses. Through Friday, last year, they hit 3292 RAKs [random acts of kindness including the kind act of noting other’s kind gestures]…and we tossed that out to this years group, promising I’d go out and give a hug for each member…if they met that challenge.

So last year the group …what did they do right?  3292 RAKs an a whole lot more…they touched and were touched by the live’s and kindness of other.

What can we do better?  Give more kindness….Emerson’s Law takes over, give more, get more so that not only is the act itself it’s own reward…the Universe showers it back…and so it did….just in the members area alone….new connections, mastermind princple understood….a vitality many had never known….including me.

Here is the significant difference between understanding, which these members do and the world’s reasons for measuring.

The 2013 session was rooting for all of us….feeling like part of a legacy.  That group made the world a little bit better….and this group built on it.  The 2104 members don’t feel like they “beat” last year’s members..they honored them.  The don’t feel like they have power over them or they are better…they are one.  They never lost site of the real objective…being kind.

How do I know?

When they hit 3300 an moved past the kindnesses of last year…..the dug in deeper…upping the kindness daily…every day there were more.  It was not about beating someone and winning…the real winners, they GOT IT….the real winners were those who simply, like the previous session, wanted to make the world a kinder place.

And…I promised if they make it kinder [what can I improve] 2 things would happen…they’d begin to realize their own incredible power and the worlds they live in would be sweeter.

So I get my promise of hugging 300+ peeps, one for each member, connecting all of us with a measure of love the competitive, combative world does not understand….YET!  World, we are coming….with kindness….these hugs are for you and those who paved the way


keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience



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Mark J

About the author

Mark is considered a Trainer’s Trainer. Students from 50 states and workshops conducted as far away as Thailand and Germany fostered 54 consecutive sell-outs worldwide in less the 2 years.

Mark’s passion is helping people understand the wealth they seek already lies within them. More importantly all the directions to access and harness this power are freely available.

  • Andrew Fenwick says:

    Great Mark

    The kindness search n do was a great activity to open everyones eyes to what is already out there and what they can do to create more kindness. If we seek to do the maximum service all the things people chase will be waiting in a line for us to choose them.

  • Giant “air hugs” from down under to you Mark for this awesome week of kindness!!! Thanks for sharing your hugs and uniting us with kindness 🙂 Mahalo!

  • jackiegam says:

    Giving Kindnesses leaves a wonderful feeling that persists. Who is counting against last years total?! Comparing the numbers does not really matter in the scope of things.

  • Interesting… In this case… it never was about “beating last years numbers.” It was about giving loving energy “kindness” and recognizing it in others. It felt wonderful and was just easy to do when given a little focus. What came back was beyond words. That was the goal, the feeling beyond words.

  • Kanwaljit { Kim } says:

    The Webinar was excellent this week, last week was the Kindness week, it took of so fast , it just went to the next level. Mark J you’re an inspiration to the people. I am so grateful to be a part of your vision to transform the planet .

  • It is really interesting to watch the people and see those who get it and go for it versus those who unfortunately for them don’t get it and don’t get the jolt of energy and unconditional love. The whole experience of MKMMA is growing on me. Thank you to all of you being you.

  • Mark, I commend you and the Fabulous Davene for having the insight to develop this marvelous program! This week has been a wonderful experience that has changed our world. Each week provides the direction to take us closer to our hearts desire. Your kindness is beyond measure! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

  • Linda Wilson says:

    Every week I feel so empowered and fired up about what I am learning and every week I move further and further into the place I have longer to get to … my world within. Last week focusing on Kindness just kicked it up to a whole new level. I am so grateful to be a part of your vision to transform the planet in such a loving caring, brilliant sacred way.
    Fostering independance and belief in our greatness …I just dont know how to explain it but growing and learning this way sets my spirit free. My most heartfelt thank you to you and the whole team.

  • Tonight’s webinar made me reflect on all of the ” self improvement” courses I took and NOW I know I am changing myself. I can hardly wait for my reading tomorrow morning.
    Acts of kindness is a way of life for me !

  • I cry reading this! I was saddened this week to learn that 87% of all people go through the day, never experiencing kindness. These peeps are totally screwing up that statistic, and I know they will continue to screw it up as over 300 people have established a habit of kindness!! BAM!! For all you do, this hug’s for you!! The world is being transformed!! WOOOO HOOOO!!

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