December 19


Master Key Week 13 – The Truth is Everywhere


Once you know the truth, really, it’s not only everywhere, it becomes impossible to miss and seeing it makes me feel good…about me.

Master Key members are working hard, that’s no joke.   Over 200 people have already packed it in, a touch over 300 remain standing, scraping, learning and growing.  Pretty normal, because learning how to change is hard work, really hard work.   Most people what the rewards of an education but going back to school, post graduate school, is a shock…bravo to the adjusters.

These magnificent members, that’s no hyperbole by the way, are challenged daily but they “get it.”   Get what?   Unlike those who don’t have the time daily to dedicate themselves to

Succes is service

learning the Master Key, this remarkable group has figured out that if they want a different outcome, they’ll need to learn how to create change within…breaking mental habits that are 10, 20….40 or more years old.  To do it they must learn and help others.

The “get” that this process, breaking mental habits that made their future predictable…and unsatisfactory, and replacing it with new habit, no matter how difficult, is worth it…because not only will they create a new reality, one of their own choosing, the payoff is even bigger.   They’ll have trained their brain to effortlessly create change in the future.   It’s a two-for-one hit.

A couple weeks ago one of the members let me know that the 4 tiny habits that develop the larger habit of persistance was “anti-climatic” …persistence, which most people do not know, is not a characteristic or something you have or don’t have.   It’s actually a habit comprised of 4 tiny habits the members have developed and re-inforced for weeks.


Anti-climatic?   Good grief.   The 25 year study of Napoleon Hill was based on this one thing and people that develop this incredible habit can, let me quote Hill here, “write their own ticket.”   Hill goes on to point out life will yield whatever we want with this habit, wealth in any one of the 13 riches of life…..or all of them.

Can anyone imagine having the ability to write their own ticket who did not have it before, having the habit that is the single difference between happiness, fulfillment and wealth plus piece of mind…and failure?   Well, these members have it and I won’t gush on about how hard they’ve worked…they have all earned it…and, like myself, they can see how everything is not only connected that brings abundance where ever we would like it…they can see the truth and how these things connect in everything that is flourishing…it’s almost surreal once you understand the truth and apply it.

Jerry MaGuire

Years back a wonderful movie, Jerry MaGuire was released….and everyone, well most everyone loved the story, loved Jerry and the performance of Cuba Gooding won him an Academy Award….but what’s really interesting is in 45 seconds or so of screen time, everyone really loved Jerry’s mentor, Dickie Fox.    How could this be?

From this great movie, once “show me the money” got burned out in our daily laungage the majority of the quotes, 5 tiny cameos by the Dickie Fox character, is what most people remember and quote today when that flick comes up in conversation.


Well, for people who understand the “truth” of being, of universal law…Dickie Fox is the man, plain and simple.  He’s DA MAN!

While the movie overall was about enthics and principles …it was really the Fox character who carried the bigger truth…the key to success in anything…the same thing these surviors of our challenging, once a year course, carries.   Dickie Fox quotes survive because the truth has a “ring” to it that is irresistible.

See how many pure truths you can pick up….how many connections you can link together  that spell out authentic success…something that is earned in the mind first.  You see, once you “know” the truth, you see it everywhere that good things are happening for others. How someone can call developing the habits that produce a mindset like this is beyond me but, hey, we keep working and love them all….loving them all is part of the “secret to success”   Long time readers of either of our blogs know we don’t believe there are any “secrets” but success sure plays in the minds of the masses as a “secret”…I guess people just think it can’t be this simple…..




If you don’t love everybody, you can’t sell anybody.

Our members learned this in both the “blueprint builder” and Scroll II of Mandino’s masterpiece, The Greatest Salesman in the World.

I wake up and say….this is one of the 4 tiny habits, a positive mental attitude from within.

Tomorrow’s another day….roll with it…..winning and losing are both impostors and have nothing to do with character.  Scroll III

I love my life, I love my wife and I wish you…..Dickie knows a rising tide raises all ships and the celebrating the success of others builds a success consciousness….Haanel, Law of Growth

Personal relationships….praising others and improving himself to be better at them…Scroll I

If this is empty….Scroll II, the last paragraph, eh?

So….members, for those stopping by….let them know how many nuggets you heard from Dickie that validate the same truth we’ve been working on together for nearly 3 months now…I know you see the truth everywhere….in these simple 48 seconds, BAM!

Share below the truths you see and how they play out for you….I’d love to know what you see that I don’t or see what I see but have found some cool ways to put these truths into your new reality…to forge a completely different outcome

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

Master Key Master Mind Alliance 

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Mark J

About the author

Mark is considered a Trainer’s Trainer. Students from 50 states and workshops conducted as far away as Thailand and Germany fostered 54 consecutive sell-outs worldwide in less the 2 years.

Mark’s passion is helping people understand the wealth they seek already lies within them. More importantly all the directions to access and harness this power are freely available.

  • Hmmmm, 66 year old habits I might add. Thanks to you and your team Mark J. You are all adding to my life.

  • Mark…Its a wonderful clip taking us to the World of the Love. Let me bring a few words of Og Mandino “If I have no other qualities I can succeed with love alone”. I think Dixie Fox keeps on his mind “The Love” the greatest weapon in the World, helping to build personal relations, business, health and many more. Yes the magic word is the love in the heart.

  • With love I see now I win at whatever I set my mind to; as I keep “mine eye” on the prize (DMP) it’s an already done deal…. I see it… feel it… I’m emotionally connected with all five senses to my burning desire to succeed. I’m successful!

    In unity the alliance willingly joins my purpose, enhances value to follow through with my written plan of action (WPOA).

    The biggest breakthrough is the closed mind to all negative influences, ideas, people even the ones we love.

    Merry Christmas to everyone in the MKMMA and Go90Grow community!

    Love shines on the hero’s journey!

  • Rick Mahoney says:

    Truth is knowledge of things as they are, as they were, and as they will be. It is simple, it is unchanging , it is eternal and all principles flow from it. You can deny it, but do so at your own peril. Find it, follow it and live well.
    The MKMMA course is in harmony with eternal, unchanging, unwavering truthful principles. I am loving it, but you still go too fast for my feeble mind to absorb and keep up.
    Nevertheless I love you. Thanks for all you are all doing.
    I think you may get a chuckle from my Wk 13 blog
    Scarborough, Maine

  • Keith McCauley says:

    I love this film clip, it is kinda like taking all of the greatest components of the absolute truth and spilling them into a 45 second infomercial. Being in service to others with love in your heart keeps your boat afloat, and rowing with absolute enthusiasm and excitement just for the opportunity to be able do so will raise all ships.

    With patience, practice and persistence every thing you desire will be yours so long as your heart and your head are in tune with each other. I love Michael Jordans attitude,
    ” I have failed over and over in my life and that is why I succeed” Have the courage to take the shot.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, Peace Mac

  • Thanks Mark for today.

    When I watched Mr Fox It was seeing the scrolls opened up
    1. Success is a state of Mind
    2. I greet them with love
    3. I may meet failure but I persist…..It’s my life!
    Appreciate the love you share.

  • Christel Waltman says:

    Hit the Nail on the head without fail! Gotta know the truth first then you believe and receive it !!!

  • lydia johnson says:

    Like always you knock it outta da park, Mark!

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