November 7


Master Key Week 6, Christmas Came Early


The point of the Master Key Experience?

Well, we don’t decide that for people, for the members…that’s the cool part.   Members figure that out for themselves.

What are we doing?   What’s the real point of what the Certified Guides and the Staff are really doing?   Really hoping for?


Thoughts that fire together wire together

To help people learn to help themselves and think for themselves.   And, candidly, it begins to happen for some around the 4th – 8th weeks…..then it really begins.

For some of us, like me, it didn’t come until later but it really doesn’t matter when people
“get it” and start thinking for themselves.

What do I mean, “then it really begins?”

Self consciousness vanishes and people start expressing themselves, unleashing the creative edge….and, which is GREAT, share it with others.

And….that usually begins timidly around Christmas or the first week of the New Year.   Not this year, this remarkable session o 2014….Christmas is early…..people are “creating” instead of copying….so blown away… remarkable.

We’ve already got poet and a singer….

The Singer?  Celeste Johnson


The Poet?  Dan Fenton

Twas the day after yesterday

As “Todays” always come

I’ve given my best

Though my best lacks for some.

The tasks that provide

The Income, my due.

Wears my body to exhaustion.

What will I do?

I shall find “Pick-me-ups”

As I go through my day.

My Blueprint Builder, My DMP and Greatest Salesman

Read aloud and affirmations I say.

Do It Now

I can be what I will to be

Brings a smile to my face

A lightness to my heart

I am free!

I’m in a new race

I have a new start.

The world looks and says, “How?”

I respond with a twinkle in my eye.

If I say it with my lips,

I am sure you might cry.

So I say it in my heart and I make it true…..

I quietly say, “I love you.”

So, when you are down….

Whether a clown or had the crown,

Pick yourself up and say,

“I improve my today!”

Perhaps people don’t believe me…maybe they don’t understand…maybe I’m just lucky but none of all that matters.   Seeing people having fun, thinking for themselves and

Is there a greater gift than sharing?

finding and sharing their gifts….never gets old..

….in 15+ years of doing the Master Key Experience….it not only never gets old that people allow us into their lives, sharing their dreams, it become more and more appreciated each year.   Such an honor…..and, such a thrill to see people express themselves and share it with other.

keep giving to keep growing


mark j


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