July 30


Success and Happiness…Most People Have It Backwards…Ut-Oh


This isn’t one of those stupid posts about the 7 Steps to Happiness or The 6 Secrets to a Happy Life.  Good grief, do people actually read that nonsense?

And the Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience, which I assume you are here checking out isn’t one of those dumb formulas to “Wealth and Happiness.”

Here are the scientific facts about being happy…

  1. Happy people learn at a much faster rate of speed
  2. Happy people retain far more when they learn
  3. Happy people are always learning, they are observers
  4. Happy sales people experience an uptick of 37% with less effort [and we are ALL selling ALL the time.   Products, kids on why they should buckle down in school and husbands about picking up after themselves 🙂  In other words, we are always selling our ideas
  • How can that be that happiness creates all that?  Simple.  Most people know a little about endorphins…they are hormones that are released and they make us feel good.  Very few people know that when endorphins are released in our system, we not only “feel good” but the learning centers fly open.   Thus, we learn faster, retain more and become far more effective in all our tasks.


We are taught happiness is on the other side of success!


And, of course, just to make it really fun…whenever you experience any success at all what happens?   100% of the time?

“They” [our conditioners] move the goal posts.

Got a good job?  Great!   This is what you’ve got to do to get promoted.

Bust your butt.

Get promoted.

YEAH!  Congrats!

OK, next step it to become manager… then you’ll be happy.

And on and on it goes.

The solution is NOT to buy some book, listen to some CDs or go to some weekend retreat for a few thousand bucks… that’s just someone else’s idea of what will make you successful and then you’ll be happy.

The truth is that the capacity to be happy, the possibility is already within you and it’s always been there.  Someone else’s roadmap is exactly that, there road map.

So the Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience is a “non-solution solution” meaning a

It’s an adventure

chance for you to place yourself in an environment where you are encouraged and supported in learning to think for yourself… a chance to meet the most wonderful spirit and dynamic person… a chance for you to meet you.   And when you do, you’ll know what will make that person happy and how to do it.  Truth be told, that has always been the case.

I’m hosting a google hangout today and you can meet some folks who got scholarships last year, [you can’t “buy” this course, everyone goes through on a “pay-it-forward” scholarship], and have “reversed” that curse of believing once you become successful you’ll be happy.   And, because they are happy… well, you know the rest right?   They’ve become more successful in their lives and by extension, their work or businesses.

So join us if you can…it’s important because the scholarship process begins in mid-September and we want people who want it… and at this point you don’t know enough to know if you should commit to this very rigorous experience, daily.

You can register here….it’s an informal gathering of a few folks who completed this 6 month challenge…there’s nothing for sale …except…me selling you on doing some investigating.  And what better way to find out what it takes to successfully complete the course and what it gives to people who decide to meet the marvelous person they were intended to become.  It will take some real, daily, effort…it will give back as long as you want it to….  see, once you’ve “got” the Master Key, everything, absolutely everything changes …but not changes other’s like gurus, or me or Uncle Ed or the lifetime of programming suggests… these will be the suggestions from your heart…something, like most people, you probably haven’t heard in years… on the hangout you can meet some people who are listening to their heart… and manifesting lives second to none.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

Oh, yeah…make sure you’re on the early notification list here if you haven’t already opted into it …last year we took on 350 new members and those slots filled in 36 hours.

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience




Master Key Master Mind Alliance

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Mark’s passion is helping people understand the wealth they seek already lies within them. More importantly all the directions to access and harness this power are freely available.

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  • 台灣大樂透 says:

    Marvelous website, thanks a lot !!

  • lydia johnson says:

    this is so very true…..people wait for the ‘thing’ before they are happy and then it is sooooo short a happiness buzz anyway and they wait for the next ‘thing’. Crazy! the cycle keeps on going …until a person figures this nonsense out! oh yeah…no more cycles.

  • Mark Moritz says:

    I’m looking forward to the Hangout meeting tonight for a bit more discovery.

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