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Applied Silence is Louder Than You Think – Week 22A ~ Marea Adjeuwon

WOAH!!!  What a racket!!!

Column of Music

Did you ever notice when you’re trying to be quiet on the outside that all the voices inside your head start screaming all at once?  It’s like all the ideas you’ve been having are so excited that you are finally making time to hear what they have been trying to tell you.

It’s like a live band playing every instrument at once and disguising the melody and trampling over the rhythm.  It’s just noise.  A cacophony.  A ruckus.  A distraction to the silence you seek in your mind.

Turn Down the Volume Please

Girl covering her earsThe only way to get to the quiet place you seek in a moment of silence (like the 40 hour mental stay-cation of silence I just took) is to let each conversation play itself out one at a time.  Yet, feel free to put your hands over your ears if the topic is negative or simply downright not anything you want to allow into your head.

You can still be choosy!  Say, “Shhhh!!!”

What Was That You Said?

Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere – a voice you have never heard before starts booming like a speaker in such clarity all you can do is stop and listen.  It comes as a shock, and you sit there with awe and wonder at the beauty of it all.  Not for nothing, but it kind of feels like standing in the prison yard of Shawshank Redemptionwhen the opera starts playing over the loud speaker.  After being trapped in the day-to-day activities of life,applied silence brought the most beautiful sound ever.

Me, my voice, my authentic self, my true dharma, my definite major purpose in life.  It was inner peace and full clarity on the path I have chosen and the direction I continue to go.  It was like me telling myself that I am doing the right thing.  Guilt-free permission to go full steam ahead.  Sweet.

What I Learned…

Oh so very much more happened in those seemingly short 40 hours of silence and seclusion.  It was glorious.  At one point, I was pondering the definition of dharma, and I sought out a dictionary (hard copy book since I went unplugged from digital media) to get the true meaning.  While dictionaries are written in English, the meanings don’t always seem to mesh easily.  My translation is as follows:

We move heaven (universal mind) and earth (our conduct) to achieve that which matters to us the most (essential function) for our life’s existence. – Marea’s translation of dharma – 3/8/2014

So, if my thoughts control my actions toward the manifestation of my bliss, then clearly it is done before it is begun.  Hence, there is no point wondering what’s going to happen next or how will everything turn out.  I was all smiles at the glory of feeling the weight lifted from my shoulders knowing my mind and body will get me there!!!

I had a 10 year plan when I graduated college, and this exercise of silence gave me a moment to review and realize that absolutely everything that I spouted on and on about as a wide-eyed 21 year old did come true.  By correlation, then obviously my adventure on this hero’s journey to my definite major purpose is expected to reach the same level of completion and experience, right?

What Now?

It’s like the Field of Dreams – “Build it, and they will come.”  Build today your vision of tomorrow, and your tomorrow will manifest into your today.  Live every moment, and make it count!  Be silent every now and again to realign yourself inside and out.  Love it!


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