March 30


Master Key Mastermind Alliance Week 9 “Failure is not part of the human destiny.” – Guest Blogger Ryf Van Rij


I would be lying if I said MKMMA has not been challenging. The truth is I am also learning and growing.

I heard this great response at a press release yesterday given by Bishop Tutu regarding Nelson Mandela’s passing and his 27 long years spent in South African prison. Bishop Desmond Tutu is a black South African social rights activist and retired Anglican bishop who rose to worldwide fame during the 1980’s as an opponent of apartheid. Like Mandela he also received a Nobel Peace Prize.

MADIBA-300x225What he said was that the 27 years Mandela spent in jail was not a waste! He said that Mandela had gone to jail as an angry young man. Those 27 years were what he needed to think and become the forgiving, compassionate, gracious, inclusive and magnificent leader he was when he emerged!


At times I get frustrated at the apparent slow pace of my journey as I move towards a life of Liberty, Autonomy, Purpose and Service. I question why I’m not reaching more people with my TDWH blog. I question why I am not yet financially independent and self sufficient. I question why I continue to experience relationship challenges and why my weight and health seems to fluctuate.

We never know how many steps are necessary for us to reach our goals. And the prize comes while walking those steps and at the journeys end.

Success could be just around the bend as we journey. If we don’t take the next step regardless as to how we currently may feel we may never realize how close the prize is. All those steps that at times overwhelm us and make us feel hopeless are a completely necessary part of our unfolding journey towards magnificence.

When we are feeling hopeless and overwhelmed the best thing we can do is just take one small step in the same direction. One step at a time is manageable and not overwhelming. We just need to do the next right thing. By doing the next right thing we continue to build the castle of our dreams one block at a time and when the time is right our small daily efforts will bear fruit.

Each failure increases our chance for success at our next attempt. The 20 gallon drum of failure needs to full up before the bucket of success can be filled. We need to fail often to have just one success. We can ride out the storm.

We would be better off eliminating words such as cant, impossible, never, give up and hopeless.

We need to ignore the current distractions and keep our eye on the prize.

Failure is not part of human destiny.

If we persist long enough we will ultimately win.


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