March 30


Master Key Mastermind Alliance Week 11 Reflections – Guest Blogger Patricia Tamowski

Wow, it is week 11 already. It’s actually a little scary because week 13 is in only two weeks, and is the halfway point in our 26 week MKMMA course.

So I am going to talk about THE GOOD: charting my progress in the last 11 weeks, then THE IN-PROGRESS: charting those things I am still working on, some still with resistance and then THE NOW/FUTURE with some musings about today and the future.

THE GOOD – Too many to count, but here are the highlights:

  • Mood: I am in a good mood almost all the time. I feel good, I sing, I feel happy, productive, I am helping people, I know where I’m going and can see the progress getting there (I had my goals before but would get discouraged wondering if I would ever make it, seemingly making no progress for long periods of time.) The DMP, the readings, the tasks and the sits DO make a huge difference.
  • Productivity: Wow, I get SO much more done each day. In only eleven weeks we have made more progress on our film than in the previous year. I have begun writing two books, both with amazing co-authors so this will happen. We are finally getting married in two weeks, which we have been meaning to do for years.
  • Distraction and negativity: My YouTube addiction seems to have disappeared, so has my desire to watch any news. The negativity is actually jarring to my system now. I now have an idea how this negativity is influencing the vibration of humanity as a whole. Wow! And how we can turn it around, one person at a time, with consistent positive creative thoughts.
  • Hope and Certainty: Probably the biggest difference is hope, and the certainty that I will accomplish my goals, that we as a couple will accomplish our goals. Before there was doubt. Now there is absolute certainty. Haanel has helped a whole lot with this.


  • The 3x daily readings: I often get all three in but often it is only two and sometimes only one.  The best I have done is 7 days in a row of everything on my list. This is improving, I am continuing to work on strategies, and I know I will master this.
  • Productivity: Although I have improved a lot, I still have a ways to go. I have been spending gobs of time on books and films, yet would like to work on my network marketing business each day–this is my financial future. This is my next area of improvement.
  • Environment and organization: Overall our apartment is better organized, we have pictures hung on the walls, hooks installed, repairs done and stays neat and orderly on a consistent basis (my DMP says “our home and home-office, neat and effortlessly maintained”. I am still having a challenge with the home-office side, specifically paperwork, which has been an issue since my early 20’s. I am making progress and am revising my strategy until I get one that consistently works. I see with absolute certainty that “home-office, neat and effortlessly maintained”.
  • The social media: I have made tremendous progress on this, I did not have twitter, blogging or Facebook before the course and now have all three.  Much progress is still to be made in this area.

THE NOW/FUTURE (since the future is now):

  • So with the half-way mark to the course approaching I would like to move all of the IN-PROGRESS areas to the GOOD areas in the upcoming weeks.
  • It feels so good to be whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. It feels so good to be in control of my life. It feels good to know with absolute certainty that my dreams will come and are coming true.
  • It feels so good to know that my positivity is affecting others positively, who in turn can affect others, who in turn can affect others…and change the planet.

For more info on Patricia and to read her blogs CLICK HERE


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