October 16


Week 1 Master Key System: It Never Ends


It never ceases to amaze me.   Charles Haanel author keeps adding new material to the Master Key System…..which would not be unusal except he “crossed over” in 1949.

How Could I Have Missed That For 17 Years?

How can this be?

I mean I read from the Master Key System all the time…..virtually daily between sessions.   I read, I sit, as suggested….every day.   Most of the time for 20 to 40 minutes ….two or three times a day.

So when did Haanel, from the grave, slip in the phrase “nothing can exist without mind” …..there is no life without mind.

While elated to make the discovery the nagging question is still, “How can this be?”

We are not talking about the second read through here.  Or the fifth of the fifteenth.   It’s a lot of reads, sits….

How can this be?


I like Streisand, acknowledge her talent but she never really crosses my mind. But there she was, BAM!

People Need People

Now I’m sitting, trying to have my mind blank…..and Streisand keeps forcing her way in…..and she’s singing.   Billy Joel once in a while….Van Morrison too…..from time to time.

But Streisand?

When I’m clearing my mind?

So I tune in, surrendering to the idea that all the answers are within us.   My “subby” trying to tell me something?

So I let her rip……and she’s singing “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.”


All of a sudden an energy swells within me, I mean a surge of warmth, power and peace.

I weep for a few minutes….and the energy rises, lifting me into that rare incredible lightness of being.

We need each other……we are all connected and in today’s world, the pace, tech-no distractions, so much information swirling around ….it’s not easy to connect.  Until we realize that we must rise above these conditions and remember who we really are and what we are hear for.  To connect.

Funny how the stuff that is supposed to make us more connected has had the opposite effect…..

Anyway, back to Steisand…..it is this session of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance that has raised my awareness….taking the session, the reading, drills, index card exercises with the members has connected me, like authentic masterminds do, to that addtional mind.   Grateful.  Teary eyed again.


As a team our hope is pretty straight forward…..to help other’s help themselves find their authentic self.

See, we cannot really ‘connect’ with others until we find our true self…..and we know, like we know water is wet, what will happen to all the finishers of the 2013 Master Key Mastermind Alliance…..they discover their true self….and make rich connections to themselves and others while simultaneously finding their personal bliss and Dharma.

It’s electrifying…..we know this is a done deal, it happens to all finishers…..



So after the Steisand, energy, weeping and lightness of being experience…..I start back tracking …..how did that message get to me?  What set it in motion?

I realized that I had a conversation with Fran Patoskie just prior to that session.   And in that conversation we talked about Unversial Mind….Fitness [she’s my coach and helping me help myself get results], God, dancing….construction …..the Master Keys…..all as peers.   There’s an old saying…..when both people are students and teachers in the same conversation and ego is missing, remarkable things happen.

The vitality …. “nothing can exist without mind”…..was kicked up a notch and trigger an amazing experience because that ‘third mind’ was present.

When Did Haanel Slip That In?

So my question…..”How can that be?” about Haanel adding stuff….was answered.  That ‘mini-moment’ let me know that I’m surrounded by over 200 minds that will help me stretch my potential to the limit…..and I am grateful…..knowing there are hundreds like Fran who we will witness find their authentic self, their power and share their light.

And as seek and find the light of truth…..to light their own paths …..they will unconsciously light the path for others…..like Fran has done for me already.

OMGosh! It’s only week one….and the chances to grow?  It never ends…..when we have people in our lives intent on improving themselves with action.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker



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  • BAM!

    In truth there is no other world…..spot on

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • You integrate and illustrate the essence of the phrase ‘the world within’ with great elegance. And in truth, there is no other world. It’s your impeccable generosity that grants you access to the multi-layered meanings in Haanel. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

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