February 11


Week 18 Master Key System ~ Break or Breaking Point


We were swamped this week.

Gotta love the effects of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance and the leadership in develops



More calls.

Long discussions.

The Fabulous Davene and I needed a couple days to figure this out, over expresso, of course.

Again, you are not going crazy…..it only feels that way.


Our big thing was trying to figure out why it was so intensified this week……the heart to hearts…..questioning the material…….feeling great and awful……knowing how powerful yet bummed about personal performance.

Why so much this week?

Thank goodness the bride is ‘feelings’ driven ……she got me to understand people were ‘feeling’ things, stuff……..big stuff in some cases.

Most of the time this kind of stuff would come up sometime between weeks 7 to 11……

Why is it so much later.

Cute aside:  We thought we were just doing a better job…..when these ‘feelings’…..rough spots…….and questioning of the course and or us…….

Then……bang……..lot’s of folks calling and asking for help.

We’ve figured it out.

Most of the students we’ve had in the past had a relationship with us …….and the trust level coming in was much higher……..since they trusted early or right off the bat…….the committed faster……and came face to face with the hero’s journey sooner.

That scary and awesome fork in they road, you road.


Go for what?

In week 22 we hope you’ll learn something about miracles that will blow your socks off…….but you can’t get it if you are not moving past the known to the unknown, the self discovery works correctly folks, not backwards.

What does that mean?

It means that you don’t get the power over self, the gift of mastery over the fact you’re nature’s greatest miracle and ……THEN …….take the hero’s journey……..it means you take the journey, you decide to take the hero’s journey by taking it……and……as you go through these trials and tests……power over self, courage…….mastery over your old blueprint and the ability to create and KEEP a new one happens…..

The Fabulous Davene spoke of Atonement …….and you can see it here………but she also changed the word, without changing the letters…….to


Pretty cool, eh?

This At-one-ment……..in this context……brings you back to the known as this powerful, inspiring, amazing force…..


See, realizing we are all connected and all that great stuff in is the material and we can get it on an ‘intellectual level’ but ……as Davene like to say [yeah, she’s quoting], “Knowledge does not apply itself.”

And that means?

We’ve got to change our minds.  What is really interesting about changing your mind, my mind…….is that it takes one-one-billionth of a volt.

That is it!

The ‘stuff’ folks are going through is the breaking point for most people……it’s that point when the choice is clear; there is no longer anyplace to hide……and we either run back to the known and betrate ourselves, the class or the material.

But as Huxley said, ‘the truth does not cease to be the truth just because I deny it.’

You are nature’s greatest miracle…..and you are a hero……..like it or not

You just have to change your mind……a tiny bit.

I want you to understand the power of this so here is a little clip from the core of week 22 ……

I suggest watching it twice, it’s short.

It is about the pay-off and about hitting a moment of perfection……and unleashing the power……….

Here is a taste of something 95% or more will never ‘get’ and you do…..

Here is what is going to happen……..on the hero’s journey


mark jaunszewski

world’s laziest networker


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  • Lisa Anderson says:

    Why does it feel as if you’re writing to me directly??….weird how that is sometimes. I didn’t write or call you, thought about it…instead I found myself drifting backwards in the last week or so and wondered WHY after all this time. Now I understand…Thanks for this post!

  • Nancy DelRossi says:

    No place to hide once you begin to find the real you. Half way into this course I told you that every where I turned, there I was! It was not necessarily the “new” me, but the real me. Like the video says, we get all wrapped up in what’s going on in the outside world and forget who we are. We don’t think of ourselves enough. This course is a great wake up call to the power you have and what life has to offer.

  • Nancy DelRossi says:

    The most powerful journey I’ve ever been on. For all the people out there who want things to change in their lives, I suggest you look into this course. It will change your life.

  • O. Darlene Wood says:

    Mark & Davene,
    I think you’re doing a great job in teaching.
    Just takes time for us to get it all and apply it,
    Agape’ O. Darlene Wood

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