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Master Key Week 13 ~ Redecorating & Recommitting


Probably the biggest problem people have in making a change is old furniture.  Old furniture of course representing old habits which are the result of old thoughts.

A word about the word ‘old,’ if I may.

I am not talking about ‘tired’ or out of date stuff.  I just mean the time it’s been in there…..some of the best thoughts I have are over 50 years old.  🙂

Say please and thank you.

Don’t chew with your mouth open.

2 ears and 1 mouth is a clue.

That kind of stuff.  Good stuff.  Old in terms of time – yes…..but manners never go out of style, neither does listening.  Good stuff.

Over the years we also acquire thoughts or ideas about ourselves and business and life that create don’t generate the results we want.  We habitually reach, mentally, for a different result but the ‘old’ furniture predetermines our actions – same result.  Bummer.

The Master Key System has taught us that and we’ve realized, as a group, we need to get the ‘old’ furniture out before we can bring in ‘new’ stuff.

I feel kind sorry for all those people making New Years Resolutions, don’t you?   We know better.


Our thought habits dictates our action habits and our results.

We’ve learned that only a habit can replace a habit from Og Mandino.

Haneel points out that we can’t focus on the old way of thinking to get rid of it and Emmet Fox drives home this point with the grand-daddy of the 7 Laws of the Mind, the Law of Growth.

On this there is no debate, Fox, Og and Haneel are in 100% agreement.

We’ve done the work and set up PTs, [physcological triggers], to leverage this knowledge.   We all know knowledge won’t apply itself.

Pretty simple.

Develop an authentic DMP, leverage the 7 Laws of the Mind & the 7 Ways People learn then set up combinations to keep that vision in the frontal lobe.

Out with the old and in with the new.

Easy, right?


Every get something new, a new hassock to put your feet up on…..a new sofa that is perfect for that new nap?

We are thrilled when it arrives.

It looks great.

It is functional.

We are ecstatic….

Why did I wait so long to get it?

How could I have lived without this?

Everyday we come home….the ‘hit’ from the new item remains exciting……..and maybe we even thought about it while not at home.

Then, a few weeks or so later, we don’t even think about it or notice it any longer.  It’s glitter is gone.

Anyway, most people experience the same thing with the Master Keys and the clever ways they’ve learned to keep consciounsly and subconsciously pull the PTs…….we’re impressed with the material, we’re learning new stuff, we are overcoming challenges of time and material……and we are excited.

And, like furniture or the ‘new car’ smell……it wanes.

That is what happens in real life……and this is just too important to let it slide because we know what is next…..the old blueprint.


Most people, when it comes to bad news – good news – want the bad news first.

The bad news is you can’t keep the old blueprint out.

We simply cannot resolve to ‘not do that’ or ‘not do this’ and expect that to work.

MK students know that is only giving power to the old furniture, the old thoughts-action-habit.


We get rid of the old furniture NOT by trying to get rid of it but ignoring it.  The Law of Substitution really plays in our favor here.

By keeping the new blueprint, the new vision……the new furniture in our minds constantly, the old thoughts simply die.

Very cool.


But what about the glitter of new things fading?


To recommit and keep it fresh and vital, redecorate.

You can do this in one of two ways.


Simply replace the shapes you have around your home, car & office with ‘different’ ones.  It’s like getting a new sofa, it really is.

Let’s say the one on the fridge is missing the text on the blue rectangle.  Move that one to another spot and put the one on the other spot where the one on the fridge was.

Now you’ve got a yellow box blank on the fridge.

I’ve suggested you ‘touch’ the blank shape and verbally fill it in.  Those who’ve followed this suggestion will feel a rejuvenation around these now ‘old and taken for granted’ tools that work.


Print out another set and put it next to the existing one.  Fill in both blanks.

This one is sort of an advanced version and really, when combined with the mind-gym adds a vitality that is powerful.

It looks like this:

What I’ve learned, especially in a ‘break week’ is to take my right hand [little mind-gym action here], lift my left foot and touch, in this order, blue-yellow on one sheet then move on to the next sheet.  Then I reverse the process, using my left hand and right foot.

This tiny movement engages both sides of the brain…..and we all know moving furniture around in a living room can revitalize the feel of the room……

And…..your DMP…….hmmmmmm

So recommit now, not January 1st.  Freshening it up and vitalize it.

The negative thinking inside the old blueprint requires constant attention because, as you know, negative thoughts are lifeless to begin with… focusing on your ‘new -but-now-used-to-furniture’ and moving it around a little bit, it gets revitalized and we get recommitted.

The really cool thing here is you understand all this…..but…..knowledge does not apply itself.

Re-decorate today.


mark januszewski

worlds laziest networker


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  • I like the idea to double up on the blank colors and shapes, I’m printing them up now! Start the new year off with a new look in many ways.

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