December 31


Master Key Week 12 ~ Out of Kindergarten, On Middle School :::>College Next Month?


OK, I get that you get it…..we started with things that brought us back to when we were really open-minded… we’d be, well, more open-minded.

Shapes, cutting things out, coloring…..for those who don’t understand what we are doing… can seem kinda childlike.

The point needs to be made, again, that institutions stole from us…..and we’ve all been looking for something, as Billy Joel writes….something taken out of our soul, something we’d never lose…..something somebody stole.

Some meant to steal from us…..most did not.

The amazing fear-based thinking of people with decision-making power or responsibility led to this theft…..and our great gift …..that inspires others…..our ability to ‘be aware of wonder’… diluted to the point, for most of us….if not all of us….to the point where we were reacting to life instead of creating it.


You’ve made it this far because you’ve decided to ‘reclaim’ the spirit of adventure…..of discovery…..of wonder……and are, like the Fabulous Davene, chuckling at the critics who label us a ‘cult’….the same book-burning small minds….who fire barbs at of prejudice, fearing what they do not understand……and you fire back love, Scroll 2 🙂

It is when we get to this point….that we know that we know that we know…that we know….that we have ‘discovered’ a way to reclaim the gifts we were given…..mind, spirit….soul, if you will…..and declare our indviduality….and our ability to think and create instead of conform….that we have graduated.

And, you have.


It’s not easy…..knowing Master Key System combined with the exercises and effort will yield a life second to none.

I’ve sat on my couch at 3:00 AM, just like you…..and wondered why I did not do my best with these simple tasks…..wondered why I don’t read my DMP with a BIG, EXCITED VOICE….

We know it works……and in your heart you know it too.

Why do we ‘skip’ things……why do we not ‘throw our heart’ over the bar that has been set by our old blueprint.

Sure, we can say, “I don’t need to do this….I am a self-starter“……but at 3:oo AM….or whatever time you have that little twinge about not being faithful to ‘a few minutes is a small price to pay’…..our responsibility kicks us in the butt…..and we know we are just kidding ourselves….and we question ourselves.



But a different kind…..the kind that comes when we pay the price to acquire knowledge, which you have.

It may be painful…when we get off track for a day …..but it’s really a beautiful thing.



Once a mind is stretched by a new idea… can never regain its orginal shape.

So, celebrate…..those moments when we rationalize not doing the simple things that ‘are but a small price to pay’ [Scroll 1]…..because it means you have done the work and stretched your mind.

Ah…the field of infinite possibilities and pure potentialities….

We don’t know what we don’t know until we know it…..and, now, you know it….this amazing power within you is available 24-7…..and……there is no getting away from it.

Kindergarten is over….middle school……and Janury 2, for those who follow the suggestions….right into college.


If you look at the rate of speed we are now covering material and the intricate crisscrossing of exercises and concepts……and that you understand them, which you do… should notice something very interesting….compared to the “Sunday Sessions” of October…..the speed is 4x faster AND you get it……

For those who have recommitted to the exercises or never lost focus…..January will produce, effortlessly and instantly, the changes you would like to see in your personality and character.

Resolutions, for reasons most people do not understand, do not work.  You know why they don’t…peptides, blueprints, neuro-nets, associative memory…..and these 3 weeks in Middle School with the ‘flash cards’ will set you up to leverage The Law of Growth……and make any changes you want.

This type of advanced stuff… the payoff, [like the 4 little habits whose fruit was authentic persistence], and having the ability to leverage these things to instantly eliminate short-comings so our faith, family and financial journeys go how we want them to….is mind-blowing to those who do not understand….

Imagine being able to identify an area you want to improve in and modify your behavior so dramatically and rapidly that….people who have known you for decades don’t recognize this new, powerful, dynamic spirit…..or as Og says in Scroll 1…..they don’t know you for you are a new person with a new life.

Quite a jump from kindergarten to Post Graduate in 3 weeks.

They’ll think you’re a genius…..and you’ll know that is not the case at all.

They’ll be stunned and look on you with admiration…..but you’ll know the truth…

The truth you’ve heard…..John Wooden quoting Grantland Rice

From an interview with Wooden….”………..but let me summarize it by quoting the last two lines of “How to Be a Champion” by Grantland Rice: “Most of it is practice / The rest of it is work.” I was a good practice coach, perhaps among the best. Championships are won in practice. Success starts with work.”

We know you’re doing the work…..the middle school flash card exercise?

You’re gonna love the payoff.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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