December 10


Master Key ~ Week 11 ~ Persistence = Manifestation


The effect of setting up authentic DMPs based on our PPNs is obvious at this point to the members.

People simply are noticing change in us, everywhere….mostly before we even notice it ourselves.

Very Cool 🙂

So we could say that your DMP is the battleship ….or the plant… matter…..and members of this Master Mind know I am referring to 2 specific chapters.

Whether we are growing it… see it…..or we see is and are breaking it down to what we need to do daily is critical and really just a difference in thinking style.

Does it matter?

No, not really.  All that matters, whether we ‘battleship’ it and reduce it…..or we start with an acorn and end with a forrest……doesn’t matter as long as we do 2 simple things.

1. How we see it does not matter…..that we see it does.

2. Action


While a held vision will create the methods…….we can’t be like the guy in a cold room with a wood stove who says to the stove…..”give me some heat and I’ll toss in some wood.”

We unconsciously create the methods…..the ‘wood’ if you will….and, after Week 11’s Class …..we know we’ve got to take action……think of the methods as the ‘wood’….we’ve got to keep tossing ‘wood’ into the stove to continue to have heat.

We’ve got to keep taking ‘persistent’ action to manifest our DMP.

How do we do that on a daily basis?

Easy…..more on this during class 12…..but here’s a video to explain exactly what I do, to this day.

This method has made our dreams come true…..and the cool thing, it works for everybody.


It is a specific method to gain the ‘insurmountable’ advantage Og talks about in Scroll 3.

Would having an insurmountable advantage over your previous, [and dying blueprint], make a difference?


The moment we realize taking care of our own needs ….. as long as they are compliance with the Universal Mind….our life changes so much, it’s almost incomprehensible.

The reality is our just beginning to manifest our objectives creates a ripple effect that is bigger than we can think.

The thrill of getting it done….deciding what we want and taking both consistent and persistent action …is dwarfed by the positive effect it has on others.

The prize of moving to Kauai with the Fabulous Davene…..has been eclipsed by seeing all 4 kids upping their ambition level and seeing them…..effortlessly, overcome obstacles….has virtually eliminated the type of bigger fears all parents share….about their life, safety and….the big one….will life be too harsh on my babies?……we hate seeing obstacles knock them down and hurt them.

These fears around our kids gets replaced by confidence for those lucky who know what you now know about persistence and set the example.

Let’s face it, after the rebellion period to create separation, our kids end up doing what we do, not what we say.

I thought you’d like to meet my 24-year-old to illustrate this point….and being able to witness this journey….her journey to manifesting her DMP….replaced those fears I had for her, like all the kids….with peace of mind.


She knows the 4 tiny habits …..and she has them


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  • You can stop wondering… it is quite obvious you helped by NOT enabling her and giving her the money to make the move.

    You can see in her (sun-glass covered) eyes 🙂 that she is VERY Proud of herself and her dad.

    I see she is ecstatic and over joyed that she accomplished these on her own…

    Have an AWESOME Decade!
    Tony Profit

  • thanks kathy…..sometimes i wonder if i helped or held her back…. 🙂

  • Aileen Johnson says:

    Great comment Kathy.

  • Aileen Johnson says:

    Doesn’t Mark and his daughter look great in that picture. Mark and Davene have a lot to be proud of to have raised such a beautiful daughter. She is a real go getter.

  • Great scenery! Congrats to you and Davene as it’s evident your daughter, Chelsea, has

    learned by example as you’ve shown her the pathway to success. No doubt at all that

    she’ll reach her goals.


  • Wow, You must be so proud of your daughter. Not only does she sound whole, perfect, strong,powerful,loving, harmonious and happy, but she is beautiful! I have to also comment on you! You look great! Jealous of the tan and it looks like the px90 (?) is working!
    Okay, have my methods all lined up. They’ve been lined up for way too long. Always knew that the fire wouldn’t start by itself. Action Nancy! Take some Action!!!
    You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned taking care of our own needs. One of the biggest thing this course, sorry, workshop, has done for me is to make me look deep inside myself and realize that the power to achieve anything I want in life is and always has been inside of me. Yet I never put myself first. It’s kind of a “mother” thing. But thinking about ME and my needs keep me up at night. That’s why I’m typing this at 1 am in the morning!

  • Aileen Johnson says:

    Mark I am keeping my eyes on the Goal that I have established that is to finish this course and build my business and help my team build their businesses.(Also I will be coming to HI)
    I can see why you are so proud of Chlesa she has accomplished a lot and has a lot to look forward to.

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