November 12


Week 7 ~ The Mental Diet & Laws of the Mind


As soon as you have a negative thought, held for more than 7 seconds…..we gotta start over…..and keep starting over until we get 7 days put together, back-to-back, with a single negative thought.

A tall order?  No……just kidding…..Yes.

Massive payoff? Yes…yes..YES

Abandoning negative thoughts for 7 days, all negative thought seems easy when we first hear it.  We really believe ourselves to be positive people.  After all, we’re sure we picked the correct company to work with…..we have a dream…..and all we want to do is help other people dream and teach them what to do so they can have their dream.

We get that by helping others get what they want and need…..we’ll get a lot more than what we want and need.

We are so damn nice 🙂

Negative thoughts…….naw, not us.

Yeah, I know….we think…..I may have a negative thought here or there…..but this is going to be a piece of cake.


So we all woke up Monday morning thinking this was going to be easy….after all…..we are in the dream-selling, helping others business…..we’re postive.  Most of us forgot we were even supposed to do it….it’s so easy….and it’s easy to forget easy things….

That was about, say, 7:00 AM.  By 9:00, those who are ‘observers’ of our own behavior had restarted the mental diet 10 – 20 times.

Is this really me?  Am I negative?  I’m not negative….OK, I had a negative thought in the coffee shop…..and 5 or 6 in the car….then I got a call from my spouse and stuff went wrong with the washer & dryer ….but I am not being negative….I am not negative…..these are just ‘normal’ reactions to life.

The facts are….they are negative thoughts…..all of them.  So, because we know the only way to change the blue-print, create a new reality … honest observation and modification.

Does this make me negative?  As a person?

See, that is a negative thought….the trick is to be a non-judgemental observer and modify our thought through practice.

Stimulus-Response is how most people look at life…..coming off Newton’s Law that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

While it is true in physics… is not true in the mind…….the world of matter and the world of mind….that is the laws that govern them….are opposite.

Master Key students who are emerging as Master….know that in the mind … is …..




The videos introducing the class and the material in the class make it clear that the subconscious makes the decisions…..unless we create a new reality, we default to the old, ingrained response.

Those who Master themselves with the Master Keys and the exercises…..create a different vision.  By holding the vision, peppering the subconscious with it through our childlike [not childish] exercise….we create a demand….which in turn finds the supply.

Stone & Hill’s formula require a Definite of Purpose & Positive Mental Attitude……so as bury this new reality into the frontal lobe….one of the demands becomes a PMA…..and the supply of a PMA is available if we access.  We cannot ……decide to not be negative…..we need to ‘fast’…..and since the Laws of the mind prohibit dismissing a thought…..we must not think about ‘not being negative’ but instead being positive.

By using the Law of Substitution …..thinking of something else……when a negative thought comes into your mind.  Think about God….think about your dreams…..think about a pleasant moment with your kids, your husband…….your wife….


It is not possible to hold 2 thoughts at the same time….while thoughts move at a blinding speed the truth is we cannot hold 2 thoughts at the same moment.

So if we substitute a good thought ….mind control…..the negative thought atrohies……..Don’t try to dismiss the negative thought or feel negative about having a negative thought…..Substitute a great thought instead….

Mental effort defeats itself… don’t press…but use the Law of Relaxation, which we learned in chapters 3 & 4…..negative impluse shows up, Relax the mind, like you do every time you sit….Law of Relaxation and move to a pleasant thought…..Law of Substitution.


It is not Stimulus-Response for Master Key Masters like us… is Stimulus-CHOICE-Rresponse

If we are observer’s of our behavior, we can ‘see it coming’, a negative thought…..and CHOOSE to Relax and Substitute.

Davene Laughing at Polihale ~ My Substitution

I couldn’t think about other things… the ones I suggested, God, memory with kids…..but what I could think of was Davene laughing after getting spun around and somersaulted by a wave at Polihale ….and feel the joy of it all……everytime a negative thought tried to enter, I would go to the beach and in my mind re-experience that elegant moment…..and it became a habit and the diet went better everyday.

MY MENTAL DIET PILL What I did make a small picture of this day…..put it on an index card [think about all the good stuff going on mentally with index cards…good feeling #1…..] put a shape and goal on it and everytime I sensed a negative may be coming I pulled it out of my shirt pocket and used the law of substitution ……..and thought about that day so often that I could get my mind there in a nano-second……effortlessly


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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Mark J

About the author

Mark is considered a Trainer’s Trainer. Students from 50 states and workshops conducted as far away as Thailand and Germany fostered 54 consecutive sell-outs worldwide in less the 2 years.

Mark’s passion is helping people understand the wealth they seek already lies within them. More importantly all the directions to access and harness this power are freely available.

  • Laurie Basile says:

    Mark, I love it! Thanks for your practical suggestions and your leadership. You and Davene are the best!

  • diane_shinstockMK says:

    I LOVED that! Thanks for the tip. I’m making my card right now. In fact, I have a few similar memories. Nothing more humbling than the ocean to remind you who’s boss!

  • nancy del rossi says:

    love these little tricks to reprogram the mind

  • Aileen Johnson says:

    Willliam I have to be honest I failed. That person that slamed on the brakes at a caution light almost caused me to rear end him. bad negative thought.

  • Aileen Johnson says:

    If we all stop and think about this exercise and are really honest with ourselves it is probably the toughest exercise we have been asked to do in this process.
    Think about your support person, “this is the way I do it.” negative thought why? Your husband or wife “need to shopping for groceries” right now? negative thought. You have ordered a product over the phone and they ask “anything else I can help you with?” Negative thought “You finished the order what else could you do for me”?
    You walk through the room and your husband or wife has the television on. Oh Boy talk about negative thoughts.
    I try my dead level best not to have a negative thought and your idea of the waves rolling Davene up on the shore is a really good one.
    That has happened to me I knew nothing about the ocean and the first time I saw it I thought I am going to ride that wave in Ha Ha it rolled me all the way into the beach. Hair full of sand and a scraped forehead. Everyone laughed at me and I had a good laugh as well. Keep all of the good excercises coming Mark I enjoy them.

  • Steven Squillace says:

    When life bowls us over we have have to come up laughing,
    Great illustration Mark I Love the word picture.

    Thanks Again For The Mental Diet Pill,

    Fuggettaboutit !

    Your Pal,

    Steve Squillace

  • Lynda Brady says:

    Thanks Mark, I thought I was going crazy – I WAS such a nice person! I decided my negative thoughts were just “The Truth” “That guy cut me off” – True – That was a stupid place to put a barricade” – True “My dumb server went down” – True – LOL I’m going to my own Apothecary and make up some pills! And NO Side Effects!

  • Hi Mark & Davene,
    Great post and video. Made it for three days. Back to day 2. Am making a ‘diet-card’= GREAT IDEA. Thanks. I’ll get back as to how it is working. Gini has always loved tropical climate, and the sound of the wind in the video brought many good and peaceful memories. Be Blessed.

  • Thanks Mark for that little piece of wisdom! I drive around all day long in the city and I had made a habit of getting ticked at people that would cut me off in traffic and I’d be ready to fight. Of course, we know all that I was diluting my own power by the way I responded to the situation. I’ve had many opportunities for growth with this one thing alone! I’m putting together another index card right now! Peace!


  • Mark J:

    Wow! Thank you for giving us the “Diet Pill.” It seems that I was in the mode of “not being able to see the forest for the trees,” as the key was right there in Part 2:

    The subconscious mind cannot argue controversially. Hence, if it has accepted wrong suggestions, the sure method of overcoming them is by the use of a strong counter suggestion, frequently repeated, which the mind must accept, thus eventually forming new and healthy habits of thought and life, for the subconscious mind is the seat of Habit.”

    That’s why you are the Master 😉


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