October 28


Master Key Week 5 ~ Press Releases:Linking, Peptides and Pep Talks


Week 5 is one of those ‘turn weeks’ in the course as The Fabulous Davene likes to say.  Her great post equating give birth to the course is not close….it is spot on.

Now that the ante is upped, you know….we’ve actually put calling possibilities into a plan of action AND asked everyone to share their vision……the old neuro-net is starting to kick in for all of us.

In the beginning we explained our old, familiar behaviors would demand top priority and we learned in week 4 that we actually have a chemical dependency to those feelings of underachieving……and breaking a chemical addiction is not easy.

So, those who are suddenly feeling the ‘I don’t know if I have time for ALL this,” or the “I can’t write a press release like so-and-so” or “What if they ask us to do more stuff like call people about our business and write more stuff about myself I have to put out in public?” ……..or…..or …..or……fill in the blank……it is simply our ‘old identity’ rearing its ugly head and our cells demanding its peptides to confirm a sense of self.


We joined because we wanted change….now that we are on the cusp of it….it is scary but not in any way we’ve ever experienced.

It is light!


We shared you would experience this if you were dilligent….’it is not our darkness we fear but that we are powerful beyond measure.’

Now that we are on the brink of change, we want to turn back to…..drum roll please….we want to turn back to the very thing we wanted to change.

Irony.  I love irony.

Every word and the sequence is there for a reason.

Every pointing out of pot holes at a specfic time in the course is linked to something else…..and something else……and should lead you back to your DMP.

Let’s connect some dots, some of you already have…..but first, a word about The Fabulous Davene’s post and this feeling like childbirth.

Virgin birth does not only appear in the Bible……it was written about in several different cultures long before the Master Teacher arrived.

The birth here is the birth of a new reality for each of us and to make that happen we must birth a new person….scary…..just like the film in week 4 says…”What am I so addicted to that I am not willing to give up so I can have something different?”

Well, that is a big question you can work out the details on but the big thing is this: Change is stressful and under stress people tend to do what they like to do, what they are used to doing BUT most of all, they like to do what is familiar….which is in direct conflict with the change…..and very often what is familiar is what we want to change….YIKES, go figure 🙂


Tell your cells to deal with it….they ain’t getting their fix.

Is it easy or is it hard?

It all depends on you following what is on the index card faithfully.

“I can be what I will to be,” 20x a day.  Right?

How you doing with that?

Out loud?


Get to chanting and tell those cells to take a hike, they are not getting their fix….they are going to have to learn to deal with changing brands to the feeling you have around your vision.

Feelings around vision?

Now you know why so many DMPs went back and forth?  Feelings.  Me on the bully pulpit, remember?

Let’s link…..So now the press release…..this is your ‘I can be what I will to be.’

Chapter 5 of The Master Key asks you to think of pleasant place and the details.

So you’ve been reading, out loud, with feeling the DMP and we ask you to write a press release the same week Haneel wants you in a ‘place.’

Do you see the timing of the material to the exercises.

“I can be what I will to be,” is your new reality…..the completed DMP ….coinciding with imagining a place in week 5…….and if you’ve been reading and reading out loud with excitement simply use the 15-30 minutes to imagine yourself being interviewd…..see it in your mind’s eye and when you are done, write down what you saw.

Screw The River of Dreams and the addiction to the parts of your old self you no longer want…..give birth in your mind to the new reality and know only one thing and one thing alone can stop you…….fear that you are powerful beyond measure.

What? Little old me?

You were made first class by first class …..and can go first class by doing a first class job of helping others…….and here is the BOMBSHELL.


When you recruit, when I recruit….we are….implying we can help other’s have a better life.

If we don’t believe we can have a better life for ourselves……why should they believe we can help them?  Truth?  They should not.  And, they don’t.

Oh, they can’t quite put their finger on it but they know not to join.

Closing, presenting…..all good stuff but the #1 recruiting tool is your vision.


They don’t need to know what it is….but they know if you know where you are going…..

Would you follow someone who does not know where they are going?

The Fabulous Davene loves saying, “no one follows a parked car.”

Get out of park, ramp up the exercises and excitement, do what Haneel says in week 5 and the place you imagine is where you will be when you manifest your DMP….see it and write it down.

See it, write it ….do it…

Quiad told Foxx on the side lines….for the last play of the game……to ‘See it before you do it’

Watch him see it …..then do it…..

You gotta see it before you can do it.


mark j

world’s laziest networker


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Mark J

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Mark is considered a Trainer’s Trainer. Students from 50 states and workshops conducted as far away as Thailand and Germany fostered 54 consecutive sell-outs worldwide in less the 2 years.

Mark’s passion is helping people understand the wealth they seek already lies within them. More importantly all the directions to access and harness this power are freely available.

  • Jim McGregor says:

    You never stop hitting the nail right on the head. You are so exactly right and this post is exactly right for me today.
    Thanks Mark

  • Dale Reynolds says:

    You would be proud of me today telling those peptides to take a hike! I woke up too early, and cleaned my aquariums today. I was very sleepy and my peptides told me to take a nap! But I PROMISED to talk to people, and I did! A local man who is interested in selling products, and 16 people who pressed 1 for more info. Ended up talking from 1:30 to 5 PM!

  • Mark,

    You really make a difference, everything you’ve posted here has been very useful, I tought I was going backwards, but a whispering-voice said ‘You are in the right way… don’t stop’ and then I read this! nothing could be more accurate than reading this.


  • thank you for your kindness…..

    i’ve been back to the drawing board more than once 🙂

    mark j

  • Your timing is amazing….I feel like I keep starting over with my resolve! and I’m not about to quit….you did say it sometimes takes 8 weeks….back to the drawing board!

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