October 18


Master Key Week 4: I Gotta change for things to change… but… Is Change Possible?


Everyone still in the course by week 3 claims to LOVE the MKMMA course……love, love …..love it!

emails…..calls……handwritten notes……

This week, Webcast 4……everyone quit.

Well, not everyone…..but most everyone quit.

How is that possible?  How could they LOVE it and then quit?


Well, there are really 2 types of folks who quit.

One type that quit just figures this stuff is too far out there…….like, it’s too bizarre.  I understand how they feel.

Freaked me out too.   Was I really and truly the creator of my own reality and had I really developed a chemical dependency in my cells ……and was I doing things subconsciously to create situations to re-confirm my identity?  That same identity in fact that I said I wanted to change so badly that I joined an MLM again when I swore I would not?

YIKES…..much easier for some of us to classify this as to freaky and walk away…..I get that.

The second group of people who quit …..quit in a different way.  They quit doing this course 80% of the way.

They get from these 2 videos below and the classes that anything less than what Wooden and other AUTHENTIC achievers preach……100% …..100% of the time is the pathway to change.


Reading the Greatest Salesman 1 or 2 times…..they quit that and do it 3x a day.

The read out lound……LOUDLY…..things like the Blueprint Builder….with VIGOR and VITALITY.

They do the chore index card…..exactly they way it is laid out…..they quit doing it once in a while and read it with the same excitement as if they hit a lottery…..

They quit judging whether or not they need to do this part…..or that part……

The quit 2 things really…….

  1. Quit the debating team about each exercise we ask them to do and simply do it 100%
  2. Quit doing the exercises half-heartedly and self-consciously.

As they say in Texas Hold’em……this group of quitters move ALL IN.


Is it possible?



You bet.



Feel hard?



We crave identity….a sense of  “I”…….who am “I”?

Our cells want their fix…..cells want those peptides, [self pity, victim, anger, fear, resentment, poor me, things like this never work for me, failing, etc.]  that they are used to.

By having and holding a vision for a different reality for ourselves we can create a new blueprint.

But……always a but right?

But the average person like myself is usually not able to hold a thought for more than 6 to 10 seconds.

That is the work part and we have a bunch of really cool ways to constantly feed your new Definiteness of Purpose into our minds all day long with little or no effort.


For all you quitters who’ve decided to move “All In” …..fasten your seat belt, we are in for the ride of a life time…..and a few little tricks to get the that attention on your intention expanded.




mark j

world’s laziest networker

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Mark J

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Mark is considered a Trainer’s Trainer. Students from 50 states and workshops conducted as far away as Thailand and Germany fostered 54 consecutive sell-outs worldwide in less the 2 years.

Mark’s passion is helping people understand the wealth they seek already lies within them. More importantly all the directions to access and harness this power are freely available.

  • These videos show that we can reprogram our minds by constantly putting what we want our minds to dwell on by repeating over and over the way we want to be, what we must get done, what bad habits which are addictive we can eliminate. Wow!!! This I want to do. This I will do. I am all in.

    Thank you Mark and Davene and may God bless you for helping all of us on our journey.

  • Tony Profit says:

    Awesome post. Awesome classes! Are you in? I AM!

  • Ron Wilkinson says:

    WOW! I have never heard the science of this explained like this before. That was awesome!

  • Psalm 139? Bingo!!

    Couple that will Phil: 4:13 …..and Psalm 23 [I will fear no evil] and fire those thoughts together and wow…..

    mark j

  • Date night? 🙂

    A romantic comedy with peptides? come on Vikki…..get just a little more creative 🙂

    mark j

  • WOW scienific proof about our brains and how we can re program them! I will be using more of mine from now on. I now have the tools from you and Davene to do it, thanks. Glad I didn’t need any proof. My hubby will enjoy looking at these videos. Sounds like a good video to watch on our date night!! 😀

    Thanks again Mark and Davene

  • thanks for monitoring the class…..

    it picks up speed quickly now that the foundation has been laid….

    keep the faith, enjoy Orlando

    your friend and fan
    mark j

  • Dale…..the stuff you are doing is extrodinary

    I knew you’d love the science

    hope you viewed the updated version..very cool

    thank for all you are doing

    mark j

  • greg…….this is great ……..create a day second to none


    mark j

  • thanks for stopping by

    love what you say about ‘gives change a whole new meaning’

    mark j

  • After watching these 2 videos, I kept thinking about Psalm 139….especially vs. 14 “I praise you because I am fearfully & wonderfully made”. The intricate design of the human mind is so very powerful – puts a whole new light & dimension on the Power of our Heavenly Father, God Almighty, to have created in each of us this thing we call the mind.

    Diane Norris MK

  • Love the title, love the video, love the hair, love the shoes, love everything. Love You

  • Great useful information……..really enjoyed the whole movie…..What The Bleep……N~

  • Awesome Mark! I love the science, it makes this so much easier to accept for me.

    Attention on intention…”I can be what I will to be”

  • Wow the thought of creating my day….awesome. Like most things it comes down to making it a priority. Am I going to make the sacrifice to make it a reality!

    Thank you.

  • This is great stuff! I absolutely LOVE it! Can’t be just 99% in. Must be ALL IN!

  • what an outstanding conformation of the system we are in the process learning, I thought I knew what was going on, this let’s me know that I don’t, and clearly explains why we repeat the same mistakes over and over, gives change a whole new meaning, thanks again for all you and Devene do
    LARRY L. Lada

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