Make your Life Story a Best Seller!

You’re commencing on a grand adventure, not alone, but surrounded by fellow visionaries, all united by a common purpose. With your MKE Lifetime Membership, this vision becomes your reality. 

complete your hero's journey

Master the Art of Constant Growth and Transformation

Remember,  you are the Hero of Your Own Story, armed with new skills gained through the Master Key Experience. This is your moment to shine, to elevate
your journey to realms you know are not only possible, but achievable and eventually effortless. 

Every day presents a new opportunity to craft and hone new habits that forge change, growth, and achievement.  Lifetime Membership gives you all the tools, mentorship and support you’ll need as you continue to sculpt your future. 

Don’t leave revealing your true self up to chance. Let it be a testament to your resolve and dedication to your own Hero’s Journey.

The world needs your unique gifts!

What's Included - Quick Look

MKE Premium Lifetime Membership

  • You get lifetime access to the MKE member’s area - all content, videos, resources and replays, as well as masterminding in the community… for life
  • Receive a flexible refresher and retake options for the MKE course every year... for life
  • You also get… FREE affiliateship for the Master Key Experience, so you can earn income on every upcoming launch… for life
  • PLUS you get the option to participate in our Certified Guides program—only available to Lifetime Members
  • Receive an invitation to our exclusive MKE Continuation Program - study Haanel’s 4 lost chapters & finish Og’s scrolls with us this summer… one webcast per month, easing you into self-directed thinking
  • MEGA BONUS: You also get 2 of our best-selling courses, based on Wallace Wattles’  “The Science of Getting Rich” and Chopra’s “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”... $1,592.00 value, FREE for Lifetime Members.  Learn the Certain Way funding for your DMP goals

Now for the Details...

Benefits & Exclusive Privileges of your MKE Lifetime Membership

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1.  Lifetime Access to MKE Member’s Area - Never Miss a Thing!

You’ll get permanent access to everything - the weekly videos, Haanel lessons, workbooks, webinar replays, outlines, special resources and supplemental essays.  This includes all additions as we continue to enhance the course in the future.

2.  Master Key Experience Exclusive Continuation Program

Complete your study of Haanel, Og and much more!  As a Lifetime Member, you are invited to join us in a special study of Haanel’s 4 lost chapters this summer as you also apply Og’s final 4 scrolls as directed.  The pace is perfect - one webcast and one scroll per month, easing you into self-directed thinking.

3.  Free Retake & Refresher Options for the MKE Every Year

Strengthen and build upon your Master Key foundation in the way that works best for you!  Audit the course for FREE anytime, as a self-directed student.  Whether you want to attend every webcast, fully apply the weekly progressions and take your foundation to a whole new level… or just drop in occasionally to stay connected… you can tailor it to your preferred level of engagement.

Want to go “All In” and recommit to the Master Keys with renewed energy, keener insight and a foundation of new habits?  This is what Jason Houser does every year and it’s why he’s a master manifester.  

All Lifetime Members are welcome to retake the course with a Certified Guide or Master Guide and receive hands-on mentoring.  Any time  you choose this option you will be required to pay it forward (all 5 times), along with the rest of the class.

4.  MEGA BONUS - Exclusive Offer for Lifetime Members!

Two of Our Most Popular “Pop-up” Courses: Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich [$597.00] and Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success [$995.00] Total value $1592.00 FREE to Lifetime Members]

These pop-up courses are highly interactive mastermind sessions between peers… “30/30 format”… 20-30 minute summary with staff, 30-40 minute masterminding with your peers.

Learn how to apply “The Certain Way” to generate wealth and prosperity as we take a deep dive into Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich. You’ll join Mark, Davene, and Lori, along with other dedicated Lifetime Members, in April, May and June as we break down each chapter together and apply it directly in our lives. You’ll come away with a clear, concise written plan to fund your DMP smart goals… and you’ll know how to apply the Certain Way to any worthy endeavor throughout your life. 

We begin Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success once Og ends. These powerful sessions with Day and her staff take you on a deeper study of the Laws of Success and are perfectly coupled with Wattles to help you zero in on your success plan. Webcasts will run on consecutive weeks in August after you’ve completed Haanel’s 4 Lost Chapters.

5.  THREE-PART - Mini Series 

You also receive 3-part mini-series on "As A Man Thinketh" – you'll love that it supports what you've been studying and applying. Mark reads this daily [very short book] and claims it vitalized all his studies. 

6.  FREE Affiliate status for the Master Key Experience

As a Lifetime Member you get the right to earn income on all upcoming launches of the Master Key Experience… every year, for life. We’re excited to pay you for promoting the course and we’ll provide everything you
need to succeed. 

You’ll receive your own affiliate link in September and, just by forwarding a few simple emails (which we write for you), you can join hundreds of other Lifetime Members who have earned hundreds or even thousands of dollars from their referrals who join the course.

We’ve paid out over $250,000 in commissions to affiliates. Stay tuned for an informational webinar this summer where you’ll learn all about how it works and see the fabulous income potential available to you as a
MKE affiliate.

7.  EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Elite Mastermind & Private Coaching 

Want to REALLY go “All In” on your Hero’s Journey? As a Lifetime Member you have the option to participate in a private, small group mastermind with Mark and Lori on their best-selling book, The 7 Laws of The Mind and also receive 1:1 coaching with Mark. You’ll be hiring Mark as your personal mentor, to mastermind, refine, and keep you on track with YOUR plan and YOUR purpose.

Mark only takes 3-4 new private coaching clients each summer [typically only offered at the Kauai Live Event]. This year he is opening 3 additional slots for Lifetime Members. Interested?  Contact Mark.

8.  EXCLUSIVE OFFER #2 - MKE Certified Guide Program 

As a Lifetime Member, you get the unique option of applying to become a Certified Guide. The Certified Guide eligibility is available ONLY to Lifetime Members; scholars who are continuing with us.

What they say...

Brad Van Lanen

Personal Growth

Coaching sessions were invaluable!

The opportunity to mastermind with Mark J has been incredible. The advice, action steps and insight shared as it related to my DMP has been invaluable both personally and professionally.  Mark J’s focus on helping others is 2nd to none. Choosing to invest in myself via the Wallace Wattles Elite Mastermind has taken both my self-discovery and self-directed thinking to a whole new level.

Elena Perez
Elena Perez

Network Marketing

Mark's style was empowering!

Mark J is one of the best mentors and coaches I have ever worked with. His approach, techniques, and principles are, the best you can find. From Mark’s mentorship, I learned daily habits still with me. I became a better communicator, business owner, guide, and mentor to my team. I highly recommend working with Mark 1-on-1 and applying everything he teaches daily.

Claes Wallenberg

Health Professional

Shorten the learning curve for faster results!

Working with Mark J individually and in mastermind groups brought me the fastest, most rewarding development imaginable. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to shorten their learning curve, boost their business and live a happier life of achievement!

Important Notice

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