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There’s nothing like it! The Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience is the most powerful self-discovery programs out there. Thousands of members have written over tens of thousands of blogs posts describing in details the adventure and results of this course on their life.


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The Master Key Mastermind Experience is a 26 week course and it’s not for sale.  All the previous members applied for a “pay-it-forward scholarship”, earned it and met weekly requirements to maintain their scholarship.

Each recipient receives hands-on help from a Certified Guide to help them successfully meet the challenges of this rigorous experience.  They’ve all completed the course as well as an additional 8 weeks of intensive training so they can “guide” you through your journey.

We start the last week in September and once we are at at capacity, we shut down that “pay-it-forward scholarship” application process.  To made sure you get a chance to apply let me suggest you hop on the Waiting list

Mahalo for stopping by… in mid September the “pay-it-forward scholarship” application will begin.  In the meantime we’d like to suggest you check out some of the remarkable sagas of our Certified Guides or members.  It’s a really good idea to go back to the week one blog and read through their 26 week trek to self-discovery and happiness.

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  • What?

    One of the best self-discovery courses out there
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    Find your bliss and the courage to live it.
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    Follow thousands lving their dream!
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    $1 US Dollar Scholarship Application Fee

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Experience

Sorry to be alarmist but every year we get people mad at us so we’re telling you now loud and clear.

The course will fill and it will fill fast.  Please don’t miss this chance.  Last enrollment was over in 72 hours.  If there is anything or anyone telling you to take a leap of faith and get into the MKMMA course please do it now or your chance will be gone till next year.

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