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Pilot Program: Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude 

One of the most successful, inspirational, self-help action books ever has inspired countless thousands to achieve their highest goals and transform their lives.  Don’t get left out!

Something wonderful is going to happen to you, 
but only if you are ready.

Get ready! You can, as Andrew Carnegie observes, begin your new life NOW toward any achievement, any riches, any happiness you desire. Move your DMP from paper to reality!

Connect with a small, dedicated Elite Team of peers to ensure your brightest future as you learn and live the 17 Success Principles.

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What you can look forward to...

Hands on Support

A deep-dive study of Hill and Stone’s renowned book, Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude with a peer group of 4-5 people.

Challenging FOCUS

The focus will be on APPLICATION. Learn how to apply the 17 Success Principles in your own life so you know how to achieve anything you desire!  

Something More

Finally, experience the power of the Mastermind to fulfill your DMP in record time.

two options

Option #1 - Success Through a PMA Pilot Program

pilot program

With a Small Peer Group

Get all this for only $499 $197

  • Exclusive 20-week study & application of the principles and proven wealth-generating techniques in the best-selling book, Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude 
  • Includes PDF book and 30-page companion workbook 
  • 10 LIVE webcasts with Lori, Pammy and Day, including small group breakouts to help you maintain PMA and create permanent change
  • Access to a private Member’s Area with webinar replays, videos, outlines & other valuable resources
  • Hands-on support - participate in an authentic Mastermind Alliance, plus receive interactive support with Day, Lori, Pammy, and the community
  • You’ll train yourself to study, think, plan and execute - R2A2’ing each principle and then take action [just like Mark did to achieve his DMP]
  • Simple techniques to motivate yourself into consistent, effortless action instantly
  • Focus will be on personal application and implementation to help you achieve your DMP & SMART goals
  • Contribute ideas and mastermind on further development of Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

Option #2 - Success Through a PMA with 1-on-1 Coaching


Work privately with a personal mentor dedicated to keep you on track with YOUR purpose and YOUR customized plan for 6 months.

Get all this for only $2595 $797 

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  • You get everything in Option 1

  • You also get 12 Individual Mastermind calls with Day, Pammy or Lori [$2,400 value] 

-2 appointments per month for 6 months
  • You’ll receive 1-on-1 mentoring with Day, Pammy, or Lori – a personal coach dedicated to YOUR purpose and plan 

  • You’ll get help to break down your DMP in detail and to develop a customized plan to achieve your goals

  • You’ll also get strategies to implement the 17 Success Principles in your life and maintain permanent PMA

special bonus:

  • ONE hour personalized Color Code work session to help you refine your Color Code skills 

  • Personal coaching on improving your relationships

  • Guidance and fine-tuning of your DMP and WPOA so they harmonize with your Core Motive

Yes! I Want The Pilot Program PLUS a Private Mentor!

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please Note:
Private coaching for 6 months has

 limited slots available.
Each coach only works with 5 individuals.  First come, first served basis.

Meet your coaches...

Work 1-on-1 with Lori, Day or Pammy! 

All three women are successfully and actively implementing the 17 Principles in their own lives… with a Positive Mental Attitude!

Lori Enrico - SOLD OUT!
Day Boswell
Pammy Schwarz - SOLD OUT!

What’s in the Course

You are the Pilot and Navigator - Set your Compass!


Where the Road to Achievement Begins

  • Week 1 - Meet the Most Important Living Person
  • Week 2 – You Can Change Your World
  • Week 3 – Clear the Cobwebs From Your Thinking
  • Week 4 – Dare to Explore the Powers of Your Mind
  • Week 5 – And Something More 

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude


Fire Mental Bombshells For Attacking Success

  • Week 6 – You’ve Got a Problem?  Good!
  • Week 7 – Learn To See
  • Week 8 – The Secret of Getting Things Done
  • Week 9 – How to Motivate Yourself
  • Week 10 – How to Motivate Others

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude


Your Key To The Citadel of Wealth

  • Week 11 – Is There a Shortcut To Riches?
  • Week 12 – Attract – Don’t Repel - Wealth
  • Week 13 – If You Don’t Have Money, Use OPM!
  • Week 14 – How to Find Satisfaction in Your Job
  • Week 15 – Your Magnificent Obsession

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude


Get Ready To Succeed!

  • Week 16 – How to raise your energy level
  • Week 17 – You can enjoy good health and live longer
  • Week 18 – Can you attract Happiness
  • Week 19 – Can You Get Rid Of That Guilty Feeling

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude


Action Please!

  • Week 20 – Awaken The Sleeping Giant Within You!
 (and time to re-measure your Success Quotient)

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

What they say...

Inspired, Empowered and fulfilled!

There is a lot you miss in your first months of MKMMA and Training Solutions!  Day has shown amazing support with encouraging comments on my blog and how to 'work' social media.  Pammy's uplifting presence, insight, organization and tech guided us with a heartfelt passion to light the way in our training sessions. Her messages always end with Namaste, Aloha and Peace.  Lori's brilliance in pulling sessions together has made a remarkable difference in my 'getting' the MKMMA. Her passion shone through as she guided me from struggling with my DMP to a major break-through.

shirley koritnik
You'll OWN these valuable Skills 

I am honored to know and learn from these wonderful, talented and very smart women who are excellent teachers, guides and leaders who can help you be a better student of your thoughts. They are masters of the colorcode and they won’t tell you what to think rather they will listen and suggest through questions how to get you to do your own thinking so that you will own the skills for the rest of your life.

Michael PuFFER
The Power of a true mastermind

Having a true mastermind is singularly the most impactful way to apply all the lessons learned throughout the entire Master Key Experience!

Deb waldron

Ready?  Do it now...

please Note:
Private coaching for 6 months has

 limited slots available.
Each coach only works with 5 individuals.  First come, first served basis.