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2023-24 Pay-It-Forward Scholarship Funding

Please Read This Section Carefully First


Make a note whether or not you choose AUTO PIF! Check with your processor if you don't know. Do it now...

The Following Does Not Apply When Using AutoPIF


 "It looks like you already paid" WHEN SUBMITTING YOUR PIF - It's planned protection by the software so you don't 'buy' something twice. Click OK and bypass the warning error message. 


The objective of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance is to provide the premium self-discovery experience for 3000 people by 2025 and 30,000 by 2026. As we, together, fine-tune a unique idea, having current members "pay-it-forward" for future members and expand. Collectively, the current 2023 members decided to set the minimum at $113.50 as promised. Your class decided to create a discount for AutoPIF of 15%.

This is a marvellous Legacy! We are so proud of all of you.

Being in Harmony

The members were informed during the launch videos and on the application for a PIF [pay-it-forward] scholarship that continuing in the course would require being in harmony with the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. This was clearly defined in Week 3 within the statement of cause. The group of new members has made a decision about the minimum, very cool.

How it Works

Since there are 5 "pay-it-forwards" during the 27-week session, each "PIF" covers 5.4 weeks. The 113.50 "PIF", for example, breaks down to $20.92 a week.

ONLY $17.78 if you take advantage of the AutoPIF Discount. 

This ensures a single scholarship for 2024 Class. - Mahalo!

Note: There are 6 Options for the 1st PIF


This states the minimum the current 2022 members determined.


This represents the "average" PIF from last sessions members above minimum.


This represents the average PIF of the top 30 members from last year's session.

Good Things to Know

This "pay-it-forward" idea for the next session will appear as a payment to "Training Solutions, LLC". Training Solutions, LLC considers any and all fees to be training fees decided upon by the payee and not a donation. Training Solutions, LLC is not a 501C3 non-profit, and does not solicit donations nor funds for endowment. - Mahalo!

Voluntary Monthly PIF Options 

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU GET A WARNING ERROR MESSAGE  "It looks like you already paid"  WHEN SUBMITTING YOUR PIF - It's planned  protection from the software so you don't 'buy' something twice. Simply click OK and bypass the warning error message.  - Mahalo!