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“The Master Key Master Mind Alliance is about people like you and me giving an hour a day for self-discovery and improvement to change their lives. Is ‘life-changing’ over stating it? No, not at all.”

Mark Januszewski

The Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience is creating lasting change for people all over the world.


Check out what the Master Key Mastermind members have to say.  You’ll be able to follow MKMMA members for 26 weeks.  You’ll see for yourself how this course manifests miraculous changes in their lives.

As you consider enrolling in this process, like you may have considered other things… I want you to notice something different… total disclosure, week-by-week, from people just like you.

Instead of hype, fear of loss manipulations, we want you to be able to really do some real research.  Let’s face it.  Most of the time when considering something online, there are a couple of 30 second testimonials or maybe a couple dozen 1-2 sentence quotes and pictures… not really much to go on.

Would it be OK with you if we let you have access to every Member … and you can follow as many of their 26 week journey to becoming self-directed thinkers and best of all happier, more productive people.  Really learn what this is about before you commit?

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    One of the best self-discovery courses available. #TheresNothingLikeIt
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    Discover your Bliss and the courage to live it.
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    Thousands of Happy Members share their lives.
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    $1 US Dollar Scholarship Application Fee.


The Master Key System was written in 1912 and really served as the platform for Napoleon Hill.  He used the Master Key as a basis for the interviews he conducted for over 25 years to formulate that astonishing Think and Grow Rich philosophy and writing.

During his 25 year study Hill met W. Clement Stone and it was Stone who really provided the missing piece for Hill.  Stone made Hill rich.

In 1971, I was fresh out of college, and my first job was working for Combined Insurance.  I flew to Chicago for training and W. Clement Stone, owner and billionaire, was my trainer.

Stone had written several books at that point, some with Hill, and he gave us all a copy of “Think and Grow Rich”... which led me to the Master Key System.

We’ve used this system and taught it for years.   This is no ‘buy this, point, click and get rich’ thing.  It requires work, the kind of work that creates change within… and, by extension, change without.


The Master Key Mastermind Experience is a 26 week course and it’s not for sale.  All the previous members applied for and earned a “pay-it-forward scholarship”,  by meeting weekly requirements to maintain their scholarship.

Each recipient receives hands-on help from a Certified Guide to help them successfully meet the challenges of this rigorous experience.  Each Guide completed the course as well as an additional 8 weeks of intensive training so they can “guide” you through your journey.

We start the last week in September and once we are at at capacity, we shut down that “pay-it-forward scholarship” application process.  To make sure you get a chance to apply, let me suggest you hop on the Waiting list

In mid-September the “pay-it-forward scholarship” applications will begin.  In the meantime we’d like to suggest you check out some of the remarkable sagas of our Certified Guides or members.  It’s a really good idea to go back to the week one blog and read through their 26 week trek to self-discovery and happiness.

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