Blog   Master Key System Week 23; 20 Things Members Know That Others Do Not

Master Key System Week 23; 20 Things Members Know That Others Do Not

March 11, 2018 by Mark J


Sometimes I just sit in awe.  To be in the company of close to 300 kindred spirits who actually “get it.”

Get what?

There’s about a 7 minute video and most people who come across this post will be drifting sometime around the 3rd to 4th minute… if they even make it that far.

No bells, not whistles, no flashy ‘gamification’ to engage the monkey mind victims of our culture who’ve been taught NOT to think.   The “quick fix” know-it-alls.  They’ll never understand the wisdom in the 20 points Mr. Hill makes.


They simply are not willing to “pay-the-price” members of the MasterKeyExperience members have each paid with daily effort for the last six months.   We earn things, yes, even today in the [wink-wink] information age.

As a culture, most people are drowning in information but dying of thrist for meaning… they just don’t “get it” … Tower of Babel for those geared towards convience, instant gratification; by-products of systems that teach people how to take tests and NOT to think!  I so love being around people who are challenging themselves, challenging us and embracing the rigors of thinking for themselves.

The Get It” thing might seem like being a wise-ass or elitist but it is not.  It is sadness for those who have been coerced into the instant gratification addiction

Pay The Price
Pay The Price

that become more smothering of free will every day.   What do the members know?   Knowledge does not apply itself.   Simple.


The ironic thing is people who “drift” or think this is old stuff or, in most cases, think the list is “way to long” and it’s “not what they are looking for or need”, just never understand that it is exactly what they are lookng for and precisely what they need. Knowldege is NOT power and, again, knowledge does not apply itself.

7 minutes and 20 quick point yield the number 1 treasure of the 12 to 13 riches in life, depending on who is counting the chickens.   Truth be told, with this one, the other 11 simply follow…automatically….like clock work.

What I love most about Week 23 in this six month process is the scholars of themselves who have paid the price daily will view this and understand the remarkable power they now have…and how simple it all is.


And, really, if you think you’ve got a great attitude, a PMA, grab the 7 day mental diet and take it….should be easy, right?

What I’d really love is to hear what you believe, from those 20 points,  is what you believe is the most important parts to you….hey, we’re all a little different….what do you have “nailed” and where you need to improve?

keep giving to keep growing                                                                                                                                 believe

mark januszewski

Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience
Mahalo for checking out the Master Key Experience

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