Exclusive MKE Live Event

Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center 

Kansas City, Missouri

June 12th to16th, 2024

"Don't die with the music of your soul unplayed..." - Mark J 

Create a Concert-Worthy Symphony Within!

It's often said our lives resemble a symphony, a melodic ensemble of experiences and moments. We all know, a truly captivating performance requires an orchestra in harmony.

Together, we will explore how to beautifully align your personal traits and characteristics.

Once your metaphorical "instruments" are finely tuned, the melody of your existence will elevate you to a state of pure bliss.

In the Master Key Experience, you've already set the stage for your opus. Through our engaging live sessions, you'll uncover fresh perspectives and proven strategies to draw out your innate brilliance. You'll become not just a player, but a maestro of your life's symphony.

A balanced, harmonious partnership within is what ultimately makes you an effective influencer of your own behaviors.  You’ll develop and take with you a customized, individualized action plan to assure a strong internal marriage to last a lifetime...

Awaken the Giant

How do we Make this Happen?

4 Days, 8 Sessions

You get 8 interactive classroom sessions in 4 days.  More activities away from the classroom. You also get our 30-day follow-up plan to imprint the concepts, enhance your self-discovery from the live sessions and help you forge permanent change afterward. 

"That 30-day follow-up with the daily questions altered my life..."  Jason Houser

The Tools

You’ll leave with tools to increase self-awareness, develop a key behavior that drives success and happiness and improve your effectiveness in personal, business and romantic relationships. We'll identify your authentic needs and wants. During the event you’ll complete the merger with the future you!  And... this merger is more than a wedding. 

You're Getting Married

Most people spend months, even years, laying out the plans for a perfect, memorable wedding. Yet they put little to no thought into planning a successful marriage. It's ironic since the goal is to spend the rest of your life (preferably in harmony) with this person! In these sessions, you’ll discover that the most important relationship in your life is YOU with YOU.  And the one that preempts fulfillment in all other relationships and is the foundation for your success.

the perfect plan

Mastermind Principle Vitalized 

 This is a highly interactive workshop and mastermind. You’ll work in harmony with others as you individually continue to raise your awareness, find your passion, develop and fine tune 
a plan of action for June and July and beyond.

30 Day Follow Up Plan

We’ll set up a 30 day accountability plan and follow up with you. Everybody knows it’s what happens after you leave that will make the difference. Our decision to make this highly limited is based on the 30 day follow up accountability we are committing to in support of your success.

You'll be stunned at how 6 minutes a day for a month will not only make everything stick that you learn, it will open new vistas within your consciousness.  No one has finished this workbook without a quantum leap in consciousness... it's thrilling. 

Compressed Learning

We’ve developed a teaching method over the years called compressed learning. This means you’ll learn more, learn faster and retain more all in less time. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy fun and connecting. We'll have a couple informal masterminding sessions...

Compressed Learning is hands on learning. We show you what to do, then you'll do it with others during the sessions. You'll have hands on support and instruction (it's why it is limited), learning 3 life skills that foster success
100% of the time. 

Mega Bonus #1

For every session, including your follow up plan, you also get a workbook. You'll receive all of our notes, powerpoints in outline form and worksheets. This makes both reviewing and masterminding with an accountability partner a priceless experience.  And it makes learning live so much more fun and effective.

Mega Bonus #2

In addition to Colorcode Training [$279 value], you also get the same chances to work with Mark J and Lori Enrico for 8 months in private mastermind sessions.

Ready for a new Adventure?

Life-long friendships and powerful masterminds are created at our Master Key Experience live events. Watch the short 2 minute video.

Do it now... 

the Adventure Continues

Discover More Treasure

While Og's wisdom remains indisputable, many of us grapple with the daunting task of reigning over our emotions - they often seem to take the reins. Simultaneously, some yearn for an infusion of empathy or patience into their logic-centric approaches.

The reality, however, is that every individual harbors unique strengths, areas for improvement, and blind spots. Harnessing these is the true game-changer.

Take Color Code to a New Level!

In this transformative session,  in addition to improving your communication skills; you're stepping up as a significant influencer - of your own self!  Coupling the dynamic power of the Color Code, Mental Gender, and the Law of Growth, your tailored strategy will make an immediate, profound impact on every sphere of your life, from personal to professional to romantic relationships.

You'll discover how to wield strengths beyond your fundamental motives, guiding you towards achieving a harmonious internal marriage. This will improve pivotal relationships and empower you to live your most fulfilling life. The secret to success lies within you, and this session is your first step on the path to unlocking it.

Strengthen your Mastermind

Enjoy the opportunity to meet your Mastermind partners in person with plenty of time to have meaningful and deep conversations. Supercharge your progress by strengthening your current mastermind and establishing new friendships that could lead to additional masterminds. 

Many members, Guides, and Staff share that some of their most treasured, deepest connections to others evolved from attending  a transformational MKE live event.

Be Part of History

Attend the first ever MKE live event on the US mainland in Kansas City!

Centrally located in the USA, Kansas City is easily accessible by car or plane.  Round trip airfares are relatively inexpensive right now - so flying in from the four corners of the US is reasonable. 

Priceless Connections

Ready for an Incredible MKE Reunion?

Marco Polo and Zoom calls are are okay to interact with people across the globe, but nothing matches the feeling of meeting your fellow MKE members in person!

The camaraderie generated in a room full of self-directed thinkers is priceless! Give yourself the gift of solidifying your authentic connections with other MKE members, Guides, and Staff.

Experience the deep bonds created during fun activities like attending a KC Royals baseball game and exploring one of America's cherished cities while on a Spiritual Treasure Hunt.

 Join us in June 

Kansas City, Missouri - June 12 to 16,  2024