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Unlimited success is within your grasp with a deep-dive into proven success principles, an authentic mastermind alliance and ONE-on-One Mentoring from the best of the best!

You will be able to master habits that guarantee success and achieve your DMP in record time!

Join arms with Mark for 10 months... 

DMP Lacking Passion?

DMP still not singing the song of your heart?

Struggling with developing your plan of action?

Inconsistent executing your plan of action?

You understand MKE habits are life changing... right?

Your Path to Success in 2022

Ideal Mentor & Mastermind 

1-on-1 with Mark?  Without question, there is NO better coach or mentor to help you create the success you desire in ALL areas of your life now.

Ask anyone who’s worked with him personally over the past 20 years in an Elite Mastermind.  They’ll tell you it was THE most important step they took to achieve unprecedented success in their lives. Including...

Best-selling authors like Lori King or Marlo Anderson, network marketers like Dawn Anderson (who catapulted from mediocrity to one of the top earners in the industry after working 1-on-1 with Mark), and every staff member currently partnered with Mark & Davene at Training Solutions, LLC.

mark j.

1-on-1 Coaching with Mark J.

Proven System

Success Through a Positive
Mental Attitude

The most successful, inspirational, self-help action books ever has inspired countless thousands to achieve their highest goals and transform their lives. Once Wattles' study locks in the concept you'll build a plan with this book and Mark.

Get ready! You can, as Andrew Carnegie observes, begin your new life NOW toward any achievement, any riches, any happiness you desire. Move your DMP from paper to reality

Mastermind with a dedicated Elite Team of peers and work with Mark 1-on-1 to ensure your brightest future as you learn and live the 17 Success Principles.


Wallace Wattles Trilogy

Your Elite Team, facilitated with Mark J, begins with a deep-dive into the the Wallace Wattles Trilogy.  During your 10-month Mastermind with Mark, you will study and integrate the proven formula outlined in The Sciences of Getting Rich, Being Well, and Being Great into your own world.  Subby garners single source actionable data.

As you learn to apply what Wattles' calls the “Certain Way”, you will create greater success and experience a higher level of consciousness and serenity in your daily life.  For over a century, Wattles’ proven methods have helped thousands of people achieve wealth, health and educe their greatness.


Gibran’s The Prophet

Together, you’ll also be working through The Prophet, by Khalil Gibran – one of the most beloved classics of our time. This collection of poetic essays are philosophical, spiritual, and, above all, inspirational. The deep impact this material had on Mark and and the Elite Mastermind group last year was profound. This promises to be one of the most rewarding studies you’ll ever experience.

Grab your seat today for 1-on-1 coaching with Mark J.

My 1-on-1 Mastermind with Mark was a valuable investment in my personal growth!

Mark has mastered the art of listening and asking key questions that spark your own self discovery. If you are ready to clarify your life direction, gain peace of mind with a definite plan, and enjoy your progress, I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of working directly with Mark. Your future self will thank you for it!

Jen dilks


What you can look forward to...

Hands on Support

You will receive 1-on-1 coaching from Mark, who will dedicate himself to YOUR plan and purpose. You will also participate and share ideas in your  mastermind study with an intimate group of 4-5 individuals.

Challenging FOCUS

The focus will be on APPLICATION. Learn how to apply the 17 Success Principles in your own life, as well as the Wattles philosophy, so you know how to achieve anything you desire for the rest of your life!  

Something More

Finally, experience the true power of Hill and Stone's Mastermind Principle as you meet privately with Mark and with your Elite team.  Everything you require to fulfill your DMP in record time will be in your hands!

What’s Included?

The Elite Mastermind Program Includes:

  • You get 16 individual Mastermind calls with Mark J [$12,000 value], two appointments per month over 8-10 months!
  • Receive 1-on-1 mentoring, with Mark dedicated to YOUR purpose and plan.
  • Participate in an exclusive 18-session study & application of the principles and proven wealth-generating techniques in the best-selling book, Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude, as well as a deep dive into the Wallace Wattles Trilogy and Gibran’s masterpiece, The Prophet.
  •  Mark will break down your DMP in detail; collating your core motive, [color], 2-word purpose and your passion. Then he'll help you develop a customized plan of action to achieve your goals.
  • You’ll receive hands-on support: an authentic Mastermind Alliance with 4-5 others, in addition to your personal time with Mark.
  • Get access to an exclusive Elite Member’s Area with webinar replays, videos, outlines & other valuable resources.
  • Includes downloadable PDFs of all books, essays and 30-page companion workbook.
  • Focus will be on personal application and implementation to help you achieve your DMP & SMART goals.
  • You’ll learn simple techniques to motivate yourself into consistent, effortless action instantly.
  • Get strategies to implement the 17 Success Principles in your life and maintain permanent PMA.  (This means Mark will ride your butt daily 🙂  - not kidding)

Special Bonus

Personal guidance by Mark to help you utilize Color Code to:

 – Harmonize your DMP & WPOA with your Core Motive –

– Improve your relationships with you –

– Improve all your relationships –

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One time full payment of:


2700 USD

Split Payment

3 equal payments of:


994 USD

More Praise for Mark

5⭐ reviews

Brad Van Lanen

Personal Growth

The opportunity to mastermind with Mark J has been incredible.  The advice, action steps and insight shared as it related to my DMP has been invaluable both personally and professionally.  Mark J’s focus on helping others is 2nd to none.  Choosing to invest in myself via the Wallace Wattles Elite Mastermind has taken both my self-discovery and self-directed thinking to a whole new level.

Claes Wallenberg

Health Professional

Working with Mark J individually and in mastermind groups brought me the fastest, most rewarding development imaginable. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to shorten their learning curve, boost their business and live a happier life of achievement!

Elena Perez

Elena Perez

Network Marketing Success

Mark J is one of the best mentors and coaches I have ever worked with. His approach, techniques, and principles are, the best you can find. From Mark’s mentorship, I learned daily habits still with me. I became a better communicator, business owner, guide, and mentor to my team. I highly recommend working with Mark one on one and applying everything he teaches daily.

Ready to go 'ALL IN' and Manifest your DMP? Do it now...

Private coaching for 10 months has limited slots available. 
Mark only works with 5 individuals.  First come, first served basis.