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Week 14 Master Key Master Mind Alliance ~ Insurmoutable Advantage
January 1, 2011
30 SECOND A SNEAK PREVIEW OF 2012? TIMING IS JUST PERFECT We’re really good at organzied planning for the course&#...
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Master Key Week 13 ~ Redecorating & Recommitting
December 31, 2010
D FURNITURE Probably the biggest problem people have in making a change is old furniture.  Old furniture of course repr...
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Master Key Week 12 ~ Out of Kindergarten, On Middle School :::>College Next Month?
December 31, 2010
CRAYONS AND SCISSORS OK, I get that you get it…..we started with things that brought us back to when we were reall...
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Master Key ~ Week 11 ~ Persistence = Manifestation
December 10, 2010
BIGGER THAN WE CAN THINK The effect of setting up authentic DMPs based on our PPNs is obvious at this point to the membe...
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Master Key Week 10 ~ Living Inside the Dream & Having Fun
November 30, 2010
IF WE HATE THE JOURNEY, THE PRIZE SUCKS Hey, let’s be honest.  The profession can be frustrating. Prospects lie c...
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Master Key Week 9 ~ Combinations, Law of Growth & Fink’s Sweet Spot
November 24, 2010
AIN’T IT COOL? The truth will set us free.  Ain’t it cool to know that being pegged as left-brain or right-...
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Master Key Week 8 ~ It’s In You, Let It Loose
November 18, 2010
RIVER OF DREAMS OK,OK….. I get that you may think my idea about using the River of Dreams and some of the verses s...
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Week 7 ~ The Mental Diet & Laws of the Mind
November 12, 2010
MENTAL DIET As soon as you have a negative thought, held for more than 7 seconds…..we gotta start over…..and...
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Week 6 ~ Linking, Shapes, Colors, PPNs…..Confused? Relax
November 4, 2010
COURAGE x DISTANCE There is an old saying……’He can’t see the forest through the trees’ ...
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Master Key Week 5 ~ Press Releases:Linking, Peptides and Pep Talks
October 28, 2010
Ut-Oh, THOUGHTS THAT FIRE TOGETHER WIRE TOGETHER Week 5 is one of those ‘turn weeks’ in the course as The Fa...
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