December 4, 2020

THE MENTAL DIET It’s not easy promising people a “pay-off” that will insure success in any venture they attempt.   For a lot of reasons. 1] It sounds like magic… which triggers doubt. 2] If

November 28, 2020

TIME TO STEP UP It happens everytime… well, almost everytime… virtually every lesson is “my favorite.” But really… lesson 8, focused on the value and insights into imagination … while quietly expressing that nothing will

November 14, 2020

OLD STORY – NEW MEANING? Everything is easy and everything is hard… So easy reading the material in Week 7 of the Master Key System.  So easy sitting and doing with my mind the exercises

November 6, 2020

OPINION OK, how do I even start this? As soon as I start to even think about making a point… … thoughts instantly form to support it; to support my opinion. Aren’t I entitled to

October 31, 2020

IT’S REMARKABLE There is tremendous pain and relief in knowing the choices I am making are predetermined, for real, by what we affectionately call ‘the blueprint.’ Peptides: Naughty or Nice? Coping with the idea that

October 9, 2020

CONTROL FREAKS We are all control freaks.   Until we aren’t anymore. I love the movie, “When Harry Met Sally“.   I can’t help myself but at least it’s a conscious decision.  I simply love