End your Frustration with Unmet Goals and Procrastination

Master Key Experience Block Buster

Master Key Experience

You're Not Alone!

  • Set goals and rarely hit them (and missing)?
  • Make resolutions and fail to keep them?
  • Want change but stay stuck?
  • Rarely feel happy?
  • Know what to do but procrastinate?
  • Really, you are not alone!

What Blocks Us from Achievement?

  • Subconscious programming (by age 7)
  • Low self-worth
  • Addiction to peptides (OMGoodness)
  • Not hearing your heart’s true desire
  • Too many books, speakers, seminars, not enough action

1000s Have Busted Through the Blocks!

  • They're happier
  • Set big goals and met them
  • Healthier in all areas of life
  • Improved ALL relationships
  • Become superb communicators
  • 37% more effective (fact) in all areas

Meet Mark Januszewski

Author/Trainer/7 figure earner in the Network Marketing profession

Mark authored 5 Best Sellers in the metaphysics category including Standing Tall and The 7 Laws of the Mind.  The formula he discovered to bust the 5 limiting blocks will empower you to achieve your success through the Master Key Experience. All done with scholarships. Ready? Let's get started!

Join Us Today and You'll Receive

1. The Master Key Experience ~ $1997 value

  • 26 Weeks
  • Haanel's Master Key System
  • Weekly lessons
  • Weekly workbooks & assignments
  • Weekly sessions live (like college course)
  • Outline for each session so you can pay attention
  • Replays of all materials

2. Hands-On-Support with Certified Guide ($6000 value)

  • A real, live person who is an expert & completed the course
  • Has had 5 months of intensive guide training
  • Works with very few people (under 10)
  • You get the attention and daily help you need
  • No charge, no tipping

3. Digital Solutions Course ($2000 value)

  • You receive a blogging course
  • How to use Social Media (the truth) effectively
  • You'll build an online presence
  • How to generate leads online

The Master Key Experience: The Ultimate powerful self-discovery program. There’s nothing like it. Want Proof? Our members have written over 50,000 (Yes, Fifty Thousand) blog posts describing in detail their adventures & success in the MKE
and the results of this incredible course on their lives.

4. Color Code Profile ($279 value)

  • You receive a Color Code Primary Profile for free
  • Pick goals in line with your core motives
  • Your Guide is trained in Color Code so their communication with you is 2nd to none
  • You are going to learn the same stellar communication skills
  • You instantly improve all your relationships

5. Rapid Learning Course ($1000 value)

  • You receive the potential of learning 30% faster and reading up to 150% faster
  • Pick goals inline with your core motives
  • Retain more of what you read and learn
  • Save time and increase knowledge
  • You are going to e x t e n d your attention span

6. Safe & Private Mastermind Alliance Community (Priceless)

  • You get a closed, safe community of people from all over the globe
  • 1000s of previous members who share their experience, strength, and hope
  • Ongoing support with challenges, lots of daily support from Guides & Staff
  • Constant monitoring of your private member's area

Mostly you get to find and follow YOUR bliss... and learn how to influence your subconscious mind so it makes decisions based on your Heart's desire - effortlessly.

End Unmet Goals and Procrastination 

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Over 4837 members are happier, do better at work, business, and, most importantly, relationships. You can read about their Master Key Experience and the stories are astonishing but... it is really your story that we're hoping to witness as you take the great adventure to discover who you really are, find your heart's desire, and follow your bliss.

One more time about the $1.00 OK? You'll notice when you check out, it is just a buck.

What Are You Waiting For? 

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